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Portable Air Conditioner Services: Speed Up Your Production Processes

7 August 2020

American Spot Cooling - Portable Air Conditione Providence, RI

Portable spot coolers are a profitable business investment. They create improved operating conditions for both personnel and equipment alike. While they speed up production processes, they also preserve finished products from the deteriorating effect of heat. Today we’ll help you understand the basics of how to choose and use portable cooling equipment for a variety of business applications.

First, there are the air-cooled portable air conditioners wherein the hot air is exhausted through ductwork. These air-cooled portables are the most common option of choice because they are installable anywhere and fast. Second, is water-cooled portable air conditioners which are commonly connected to an external water source. It is very efficient to operate but best suited to use in facilities where it is possible to tap into a central cooling tower or chiller system. Finally, evaporative coolers use internal or external water sources to lower temperatures and a fan to push the cooling across space. When correctly set up in the right environment it provides a simple low-cost cooling option for large manufacturing areas.

Portable air conditioners provide fast and effective solutions all year-round. Their applications within industrial plants are practically unlimited. They improve manufacturing speed and quality through the focused cooling of products. As such, once the ambiance is conducive for the working environment, it protects the health and safety of production personnel and it encourages productivity.

For more information regarding portable air conditioner services in Providence, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Rental Portable Generators for Smart Business Contingency Planning

20 May 2020

American Power Rental - Backup portable generators, Providence, RI

Rental portable generators are a common element of any smart and effective business plan to maintain continuous operations. The importance of keeping your business operational during commercial power grid disruption can't be overstated. Commercial power disruptions can occur at precisely the wrong time for you and your business, so it's best to plan for that worst case scenario. Ask any business owner who learned the hard way, and you’ll soon come to understand the value of renting portable generators as both active assets and as part of your contingency readiness plan.

Integrating rental portable generators into your uninterrupted power supply plan can provide complete peace-of-mind that your business operations will always continue, even when those around you shut down during power emergencies. Weather events, infrastructure failures, accidents, and a host of other threats loom to shut down electrical grid power for undetermined periods of time. Incorporating rental portable generators within a smart UPS system ensures you have the power systems in place to keep you and your business operating at full capacity.

When you combine the peace of mind with measurable revenue savings from an effective continuity of operations, you’ll quickly realize that renting power generators is one of the top value investments that you and your firm can make. For more information about portable generator solutions, contact American Spot Cooling and Power Rental.

Rental Commercial-Grade Dehumidifier Services

15 May 2020

American Spot Cooling and Power Rental - Rental LGR Dehumidifier | AmeriCool ADH-130

Humidity threatens various aspects of commercial construction, delays projects, poses health risks, and can even damage infrastructure. Commercial dehumidifiers and dehumidification services empower construction managers to eliminate these threats. The need for professional dehumidification services range from one-off project support to a cornerstone element of a construction company’s business operations. American Spot Cooling delivers upon both types of dehumidification service and everything in between.

Why Opt for A Rental Dehumidifier?

  • Affordable rental fee with huge contributing value; Renting avoids capital outlay and labor cost to purchase and manage the service.
  • No miscellaneous expenditure like warranties, insurance, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Certified technicians will assist you in figuring out the right dehumidifier unit that best suit your space and application.
  • Eliminates the burden of maintaining and repairing the unit.
  • Access to the latest and most effective dehumidification equipment.

Rental dehumidification services offer a speedy and practical solution to remove excess moisture in a particular job site. American Spot Cooling and Power Rental lets you employ the most advanced dehumidifiers unit at a value price.

Commercial Fuel Tank Rentals Provide Job-Specific Containment Options Even in Extreme Weather - Providence, RI

15 November 2016

500 Gallon Rental Fuel Tank Western Global Transcube 20TCG

Businesses in various industries rely on rental fuel tanks for holding and containing flammable fluids. These tanks are strategically manufactured to safely contain, store, move, or transfer fuel; all of which are extremely dangerous when not handled with great care. All rental fuel tanks at American Power Rental are regularly inspected to ensure that they are free from damage and imperfections in order to be safe for use. Fuel tanks for rent provide job-specific containment options for your business.

Rental fuel tanks contain fuel on the job site without running the risks of leakage or evaporative emissions. They come in various sizes with standard safety features, which is why these commercial fuel tanks can deliver solutions for above-ground fuel storage for trucks and equipment.

With commercial fuel tank rentals in place, there will always be fuel available on the job site regardless of fluctuating demand or weather conditions. Fuel tanks are weather-proof meaning they can support operations even in extreme weather conditions.

To find out more about commercial fuel tank rentals, contact American Power Rental.

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