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(833) 921-2062
24/7 365 Day Emergency Service

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Rental Air Cooled Chillers

Get the precise solution for your operation with American Spot Cooling & Power Rental's rental chillers. For both small and large needs choose the appropriate sized unit for as long as you need it- without purchase or overspend.

American Spot Cooling & Power Rental carries rental air cooled chillers ranging from 5 Tons to 400 Tons. Our broad selection of rental chillers allows you to; upgrade permanent chillers, stay up and running during failure, maximize production, and much more.

American Spot Cooling & Power Rental responds 24/7 to any needs for temporary chiller applications. We can set up and have our rental air cooled chillers running within hours to keep your business running smooth without interruptions. These units are also available with their own pumps if needed. Call or email American Spot Cooling & Power Rental today for any of your rental chiller needs.

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