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Things To Consider When Renting Portable Power Distribution Units

27 September 2019 Bookmark and Share

American Power Rental - Portable Power Distribution Units in New York, NY

Rental power distribution equipment serves various industrial and commercial purposes. It extends from generating electricity for industrial plant shutdowns, maintenance job in remote sites like oil fields, to power distribution devices for entertainment and event settings. Because there's a diverse distribution need for rental power distribution products, you need to carefully scrutinize your requirement in order to determine the exact device to apply to your situation. We can help you with that. The following is a list of considerations that will aid the rental company and the customers in determining the right power distribution unit that exactly matches a distinct job or application.

About The Equipment

  • Identify the devices that should be hooked up to the power distribution panel and determine their voltages.
  • Estimate the expected total power load that the panel must uphold.
  • Know if there's a need to step down a 480V or 600V power supply to a lower voltage
  • Determine if the main power load will be three-phase or single-phase. Also, ascertain if the customer requires units that can manage both or switch from one to the other.
  • Determine the number of outlets and configurations required (C19, C13, NEMA 5-20R, etc.)
  • Assess whether the power distribution box require power filtration when generator is used as primary source in a certain application. Power filtration provides protection to audio devices that are too sensitive to vibrations.

Device-Specific Features

There are certain attributes that broaden the flexibility of the device, for rental and other uses. Here is a list of its main features:

Portable Transformers

  • Portable transformer must be able to step up/step down different configurations (for instance, from 600V or 480V to 120V).
  • It must have main and secondary breakers.

Standard 50A Distribution Boxes

  • Boxes must be classified for indoor or outdoor use (Nema 3R are designed for industrial setting or those with harsh environment conditions).
  • A different 20A 1P branch circuit breaker is needed to protect each 20A 125V GFCI duplex receptacle.
  • Receptacles must be NEMA 5-20R GFCI Duplex Receptacles appropriate for wet or humid sites.
  • Receptacles must be locking or GFCI protected.

Portable Distribution Panels

  • Rental portable distribution panels have varieties of enclosures. The most flexible are those with sturdy aluminum enclosures. However, for events use, bright yellow and other colored panels are commonly preferred.
  • NEMA Type 3R Weatherproof boxes are required for outdoor PPDs.
  • A different 20A 1P branch circuit breaker must protect each 20A 125V GFCI duplex receptacle individually.
  • The receptacles must be locking or GFCI protected.

For more information about rental power distribution panels and boxes, contact American Power Rental.

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