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Safety Tips When Using Rental Generators

9 June 2019 Bookmark and Share

American Power Rental - rent generators in New York, NY

American Power Rental carries a full line of portable generators from 20KW to 2000KW. Our inventory includes motion picture grade low-noise Crawfords. Although each and every generator within our inventory is specifically designed to federal safety standards, there are some safety tips that we want our customers to keep in mind while using our rental generator units.

  • Generators produce carbon monoxide. Avoid running it indoors or an enclosed area. Station it outside your facility when it is operating.
  • Although these units must run and supply power for your facility during harsh weather conditions, make sure that they are not directly exposed to rain or snow. Cover them with canopies or place them on areas where water cannot reach them.
  • Under any circumstance, do not touch a generator with wet hands.
  • Use extension cords that are grounded and rated for the voltage of the generator unit.
  • Cool first the engine when refueling.
  • Never store spare fuel close to the generator.
  • Avoid running the generator near combustible or flammable materials.
  • Do not station generator near open windows or doors. Carbon monoxide produce by the engine may enter your facility and pose hazard to those inside.
  • Ensure carbon monoxide detectors are accurately working before turning on the generator.
  • Station generator away from the work area as possible. This will help minimize fire, carbon monoxide, and shock hazards.

For more information on how to rent and operate rental portable generators in New York, NY, contact American Power Rental.

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