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Rental Load Banks Testing

23 April 2019 Bookmark and Share

American Power Rental - load bank rentals in New York, NY

Scheduled load bank testing of backup generators must be regularly accomplished. You don’t miss backup power generation until it’s required for scheduled outages or more often for non-panned emergencies. Allowing your critical back-up power systems to go dormant for extended periods without periodic maintenance runs and performance testing is a prescription for business operations disaster.

Like most mechanical devices, generator units are prone to develop issues when they sit idle for extended periods of time. It is best to perform load bank testing regularly to ensure that these critical business support systems are ready to operate at their maximum capacity when needed. Unfortunately, load bank units are expensive items that may not be practical for most business to expend precious capital against. Load bank rentals in New York, NY are the economical solution for most companies owning standby generators. Simply turn to us for cost-efficient load bank rentals for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

For prompt and economical load bank rentals, contact American Power Rental.

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