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Rental Cables For Site Power Generation Support Needs

27 May 2019 Bookmark and Share

American Power Rental - Rental Cables New York, NY

Generator cables are the core support accessory for portable power generation which need more careful consideration than they often get. No matter how reliable a generator set is, the wrong cables present a danger to both workers and equipment. When you rent a portable generator, make sure to include rental cables for multiple reasons. Of course you must ensure that the cables are compatible with the generator unit itself, but you also need to ensure that you don’t overload personally owned cables that might only appear to be sufficient for the load.

Rental cables in New York, NY are available in different sizes and amp capacities. They come in sets and in single cord with cam-type connectors. When you need to provide power to several areas in your building, you'll need multiple cables. Our rental cables are guaranteed durable, flexible and safe to use. They are made in industrial grade to cater commercial and heavy duty generator applications.

In order to determine what generator cables to use for your application, contact American Power Rental. We can assist you in choosing the generator set and cables that are appropriate for your specific requirement. But our rental cables can also be rented alone if that is what you need.

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