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Portable Power Distribution Panels For NY Construction Sites

18 April 2019 Bookmark and Share

American Power Rental rent generators in New York, NY

Construction sites employ various form of heavy equipment. Ready and reliable power is often unavailable at new sites which drive reliance on portable power generation services. When using temporary power sources, portable power distribution panels and boxes should be professionally implemented for the safety of both site crew and equipment.

In construction sites large and small, rental distribution boxes play a vital role in safely regulating the flow of electricity through a distribution boards. The box or panel ensures orderly flow of current and prevents overloading of circuitry which can lead to a host of dangerous situations. American Power Rental's portable power distribution boxes are equipped with solid cases that provide protection to interior components from the elements. Wiring and other components are mounted within the interior to reduce potential damage during any type of shifting that would cause wear to it. Lesser quality distribution boxes pose a threat to both crew and equipment.

American Power Rental offers a variety of options in rental portable distribution boxes and panels. We also deliver upon custom-configuration requests for unique applications. Contact American Power Rental to help with your rental needs today!

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