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New York Industrial Generator Rentals Blog

POWER GENERATORS: Dealing To Survive Power Outages in Factories and Refineries

21 August 2020

800Kva 640kW Rental Generator | MultiQuip WhisperWatt

We all know that power disruptions can occur at any time and not just during normal business hours. Across the greater New York area, large-scale business operations like refineries and factories author, manage, and practice their power strategic management plans so that they are prepared when power contingencies strike. Very often, those strategic plans include portable generator solutions from American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Rental generators are a fundamentally important aspect of every emergency management plan. During power interruptions, our generators are either automatically or physically energized to power up life-safety items and that includes lights, fire protection, security, and other emergency-related equipment. We deliver transfer switch solutions that will bring up each of these groups of equipment in a preset order specific to the situation. The process of repowering the plant is different and on a case-by- case basis in every site. The plan’s specifics will depend on the facility's needs and depending on the order of which the personnel will be needed at that very instant while the operation is ongoing. Renting a portable generator will enable you to use different generators that will best match different situations.

The sudden halt of business operations during a power outage will result not only in costs of lost opportunity but can threaten personnel and machinery alike. Therefore, partnering with a rental power professional such as Mobile Air and Power Rentals is simply a smart business decision. We exist to protect your business with real emergency power strategies and solutions. Contact Mobile Air & Power Rentals today.

PORTABLE GENERATOR: Significance of Generators

19 August 2020

25Kva - 20kW Rental Generator | TecnoGen - New York, NY

Power outages here in New York can happen anytime and for all kinds of reasons. Everyone experiences power failure at some point. The question is how much comfort and/or lost revenue will you suffer when unprepared. Business owners find their production processes grind to a halt when not prepared with an electrical contingency management plan. Some owners subject themselves not only to inconvenience but some also subject themselves in the New York summer to very real health risks. So business owners and homeowners alike need a power contingency management plan that includes portable power generation.

The importance of generators is self-evident in many commercial environments such as hotels, assisted living facilities, medical, and other industries where the comfort and safety of the occupants is non-negotiable. In commercial establishments, retailers must ensure that their patrons, employees, and their products are safe during any type of power failure. There are countless businesses here in New York that depend on our portable power generation services as an absolute critical element of their business plan. We can help you be as ready for the next power disaster as they are.

Let us help you improve your residential or commercial comfort via our highly affordable rental portable generator services. For information on how to do this, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

The Multiple Benefits of Portable Generators

24 July 2020

American Power Rental - Rental Portable Generator

Portable power generators are a perfect power source for commercial, industrial and construction industries. They facilitate uninterrupted commercial operations in the event of power disruptions that can be a recurring thing here in NYC. You and your business can save on operations costs and limit costly work interruptions by incorporating portable generators within your business operations plan.

Portable generators are normally installed at facilities where any loss of utility power will result in an unacceptable delay. For emergency backup power needs, they are designed to start automatically upon electrical utility failure and deliver uninterrupted power for sustained business operations. Of course, portable generators are an essential support element for business operations in remote areas where power grid services are either unattainable or unreasonably far to reach.

The key to establishing a power continuity plan is to team up with power professionals to conduct a comprehensive requirements analysis, so that you can be guaranteed to fully power your operation in the event of an emergency, or to power a subsection of your operation that is off the grid. Our specialty is delivering power analyses and solutions that ensure your business stays running 24/7 guaranteed in spite of sometimes questionable NYC electrical utility continuity.

When you want guaranteed electrical continuity, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Rental Power Generator Service: Keeping Your Business Productive

13 April 2020

American Power Rental - rent generators in New York, NY

Unstable public utility power service takes its toll on profitability. Those who have calculated the lost man-hour labor cost, lost product cost, and a host of other costs associated with unscheduled and un-planned for outages know the value of rental power generation services. The reasons for renting portable generations are both strategic and reactive in nature. We just covered the strategic readiness reasons to rent backup power generation capability, but for decades now the greater New York City-area businesses have turned to us for such reasons as scheduled power outages, fire, and other disasters, and to provide the short-term extra power required for plant expansion. Our portable power generator are quiet and powerful enough to solve virtually any company’s industrial need.

Being a years-long trusted NYC generator rental power provider, our history proves an ability to meet and exceed both the power and demand of our NYC customers. We are much more than equipment providers, we are your consultant who considers you as much of a partner than a client. Let’s discuss our role as power consultants.

Safety, of course, is the top priority. Ventilation, accessibility, and numerous other things factor into both the generator location and the distribution system engineering plan. One of the most important considerations, therefore, is where to locate your rental power equipment. Noise and ensuring the shortest cable run possible are factors that must be considered.

Whether your power generation need is emergency readiness or for an immediate and sustained power requirement, we’re here for you. For more information on our comprehensive service plans, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Rental Negative Air Machines for Improved Indoor Air Quality - New York, NY

6 April 2020

American Power Rental - Rental Negative Air Machine Novair 2100

Negative air machines or "air scrubbers" are compact air filtering devices that effectively eliminate detrimental airborne contaminants such as pathogens, allergens, mold spores, and chemicals from the air. These machines are important in environments that require particularly clean air. Such environments include manufacturing clean rooms, hospitals, health centers and nursing homes. Negative machines are also employed in construction sites and commercial properties for applications including mold remediation, water extraction and sewage removal.

American Spot Cooling & Power Rental offers negative air rental solutions across the greater NY area. We carry negative air machine in different sizes and filtration capacities. These lightweight and portable negative air machines and air scrubbers produce up to 2000 CFM of filtered air movement to efficiently improve indoor air quality. Developed to improve IAQ, HEPA filters effectively remove contaminants such as bacteria, allergens, mold and sub-micron sized dust. HEPA filters capture 0.3 microns and larger at a 99.97% rate.

We offer full service air quality solutions to include delivery and set up at your job site. Contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental for additional details.

Rental HVAC Improves Respiratory Health and Helps Prevent Disease

29 March 2020

American Power Rental - Rental HVAC, New York, NY

As the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic is spreading, the state of emergency is changing every aspect of American personal and business life. With due attention being focused on the spread of Coronavirus, there are proactive measures that can and should be taken. Having an HVAC system capable of filtering and scrubbing the air will help avert the spread of the virus.

It is very important to know that Coronavirus is not the only airborne threat out there. The quality of indoor air affects health in countless ways. Indoor air quality when left untreated is much worse than outdoor air. Inside air can recirculate dust, mold, mildew, and yes, dangerous and deadly virus. Unclean inside air causes colds to stay longer and allergies to be more severe. It is from this respiratory disease that the virus will stick or easily transfer. Renting a portable air conditioner for your home or business improves air quality by constantly exchanging the indoor air with fresh outdoor air that is also filtered for the best quality possible. More and more businesses are adding a rented HVAC system into their facility and commercial spaces to control polluted air.

In times like these, when people are so sensitive and everyone is concerned about the hazardous virus, a reliable HVAC system will provide the best support and full protection. Quality maintenance, good hygiene and proven best practices such as improved indoor air quality, focusing on source control for contamination and maintaining a clean place are the keys to successfully directing current health issues.

Contact American Power Rental if you need a mobile turnkey solution for your facility.

Power and Climate Control For Emergency Tented Healthcare Facilities

23 March 2020

American Power Rental rent generators in New York, NY

With the increasing number of COVID-19 confirmed cases, there's an in dire need for temporary healthcare sites to accommodate incoming patients. Amidst this crisis, know that American Spot Cooling & Power Rental can assist in the set-up of an effective healthcare facility extensions.

One of the primary needs of a tented health center is power. This is where American Spot Cooling & Power Rental team can help. We are ready and equipped to provide you with the right size portable generators that will deliver upon whatever electrical requirement necessary to power up and sustain essential medical devices, HVAC units, and lighting inside your tented facility. Our rental generators are safe to use and complete with all necessary accessories. We can even secure you with fuel tanks as extra fuel storage for long term needs.

Aside from generators, we also carry other necessary equipment for the tented facility such as rental negative air machines/air scrubbers, rental heaters, chillers and dehumidifiers in different sizes and capacity. We will deliver and maintain all this equipment to you on a priority basis.

We deliver portable ready-to-run products across the country. Contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental today! We are YOUR resource for temporary climate control and power!

Rental Portable Generators Help Small Businesses Thrive

13 March 2020

American Power Rental rent generators in New York, NY

More small businesses owners today employ rental portable generators in their business plans than ever before. This is due to cut-throat competition and the fast-moving realm of commercial business unable to tolerate workflow interruptions for extended periods. Portable generators are now becoming a primary component of an emergency action plan that involves unpredicted power cut-off.

Sound contingency planning means having a dependable back-up power source. Small businesses in particular rely upon rental portable generators to keep their operations moving. This offers an excellent solution for providing primary, augmentative, or emergency power without the capital cost of acquisition, storage, and maintenance of owned assets.

Rental portable generators help small businesses prosper by ensuring non-interrupted business continuity during power emergencies that seem to be all too common these days. Contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental for more information on rental portable generators for small businesses.

Portable Electric Heaters Services

9 March 2020

When it comes to spot heating your business, your home, or your special event, the benefits of choosing American Spot Cooling & Power Rental’s portable electric heaters services are hard to argue. It starts with American Spot Cooling & Power Rental being NYC’s most trusted rental power, power distribution, heating, and cooling service provider for over a decade now. But today, let’s just briefly cover the benefits of renting electrical heating services for any and every one of your spot heating needs.

  1. Portable Electric heaters are flexible and versatile. Since it does not requires pipe work such no restrictions on building layout or design or any planning issues related with positioning of pipes. Electric heaters since it is portable it will be installed anywhere in the room, giving you no restraint in your design.
  2. Portable Electric heaters are safe and reliable. Whatever type of heating you chooses, safety is always the topmost consideration. Because it does not burn fuel inside to generate heat, there are no related safety risks such as carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions. And very reliable as there are no radiators to leak or burst then there is less risk of damage to properties.
  3. Portable Electric heaters go for green environment. They are energy efficient that is converting every bit of the input energy to heat. It reduces environmental impact compared to other fuel types. And lastly it contributes to a safe, healthy indoor environment.

When you need rental portable electric heaters for climate control of any commercial or private heating space, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Portable Generator Gets Your Business Disaster-Ready

29 February 2020

American Power Rental rent generators in New York, NY

Are you getting through winter without power interruptions shutting down your business operations and revenue flow? If yes, that likely is a result of good planning, maybe some luck with a reasonably mild winter, and/or sound execution of your business power contingency management plan. But as winter gives way to spring and summer, hail and thunderstorms are the next likely threat to you and your business. Staying proactive will save our business from unnecessary loss and downtime. Having American Spot Cooling & Power Rental in your corner for rental generator service will ensure your business stay unaffected by even the most violent weather season.

Backup portable generator rentals can serve as both your primary and backup power solution. Weather is not your only power threat here in NYC. In fact, an argument can be made that the aging power infrastructure here is even a bigger threat than severe weather. Keeping your business disaster-ready is one of those things that can keep you ahead of the competition.

American Spot Cooling & Power Rental has served NYC business owners for well over a decade. Our portable and fixed generator solutions are proven dependable and are subject to strict and thorough testing and evaluation. Do what smart business owners across NYC do, they prepare for the worst and know that the worst case never happens when protected by American Spot Cooling & Power Rental power solutions.

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