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Emergency Spot Heating and Power Generation Services for Extreme Winters

8 October 2020

Mobile Air & Power Rentals - 15KW Rental Electric Heater | Fostoria FES-15243E

American Spot Cooling & Power Rental delivers far beyond spot cooling services in New York, NY with emergency and strategic rental generators, heating systems, dehumidifiers, and all the accompanying equipment. Because the upcoming winter is expected to be particularly harsh and to create a tough environment for business operations, there will be a significant demand for emergency power generation, dehumidifiers, and rental heating throughout the greater New York City area. Start your contingency planning now so your business is not left out in the cold.

If the Farmer's Almanac is correct about our upcoming 2020-21 winter, the demand for rental heating solutions and rental generators in NYC will make it difficult to rent this equipment at the last minute during the peak winter season. Those business owners who plan ahead will realize the maximum value of rental power and heating solutions. We deploy portable rental generators for virtually every planned or emergency power production situation. We are here to rapidly respond to keep your business operational needs when existing site services go down. Our reputation for quality support is something that has sustained our power rental business in New York.

Our inventory of rental generators and rental heating systems available for deployment in NYC is unmatched. When winter strikes hard, be sure to choose a company that is positioned to respond rapidly to both emergency and strategic rental heating and power production needs regardless of scope. To find out more about portable commercial heaters and generators, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental. There is no solution too large or small for us.

Rental Cooling Towers For Emergency and Strategically Planned Cooling Needs

15 May 2020

American Spot Cooling and Power Rental - 10 Ton Rental Cooling Tower | Cooling Tower Systems T210

Cooling Towers are high capacity HVAC support elements that exchange heat very effectively for large-scale cooling applications. After condenser water absorbs heat from an integrated cooling system, the water travels to a cooling tower. There, the water is brought into direct contact with air to lower the water temperature, before it is sent back to absorb more heat from the system.

Due to the heavy mechanical demands of these units, they tend to fail when not professionally managed. Thus there is strong rationale and value in renting cooler tower solutions.

For years we’ve served the greater New York City area and beyond with temporary rental cooling tower solutions. American Spot Cooling delivers, maintains, and operates cooling towers that range from 10 to 750 ton units. These units are available to you for as short or long a period as required by your unique business operation. You can count on our rapid response time to analyze your requirements and deliver a solution that perfectly and economically satisfies your needs.

For any and all large scale plant and facility cooling service needs, contact American Spot Cooling and Power Rental.

Power Outage Leaves LaGuardia in the Dark

7 January 2019

American Spot Cooling rent generators in Atlanta, GA

A spectacular light show caused by an electrical emergency in Queens created moments of panic for some at LaGuardia Airport Thursday night.

Airline passengers were left in the dark inside the transit hub’s terminals, but why? Runways were also temporarily shuttered following the Con Edison voltage monitor malfunction which illuminated the New York skyline with an eerie blue-green hue.

The 13 minute power outage delayed some 15 flights from taking off for up to an hour and rerouted nine planes to other airports.

It left many wondering how an airport the size of LaGuardia, in a city the size of New York, shut down from a mere power outage. Shouldn’t there be an uninterrupted source of power on backup to keep the airport running right away?

“A power outage of this nature could happen at any airport,” LaGuardia General Manager Lysa Scully said.

But thousands of people were taken off guard over the holiday.

Nearby, Rikers Island prison reported no sustained power outage thanks to its backup system.

“LaGuardia has backup power, but it’s basically emergency backup power and not really a backup system that would allow the LaGuardia Airport to operate safely,” Cuomo said.

The runways were closed for 13 minutes as a precaution to make sure everything was safe.

“It’s very concerning,” she admitted regarding the temporary terminal outages. “We don’t want people in the dark.”

LaGuardia went through a rebuilding, but no backup power system was installed. So what’s the plan going forward to prevent what happened last week from happening again?

“Having LaGuardia backup generators that allowed LaGuardia to function is something that we’re going to further explore,” the governor said.

For more information on backup power, contact American Spot Cooling.

Source: CBS New York

Rental Air Conditioners for Hospitals Provide Comfort and Infection Control

6 December 2018

American Spot Cooling Portable Patio Coolers

In any healthcare facility, especially hospitals, clean and efficient cooling is an essential element to infection control and overall quality health care. The well-being of patients, staff, and the temperature of life saving equipment can be compromised if the air conditioning system fails to deliver cool and clean air. In order to deliver high quality conditioned air, in-house HVAC systems must be maintained and eventually replaced over-time. Many New York hospitals wisely choose to rent portable air conditioners during system maintenance or during unplanned outages.

The biggest concern hospital facility directors have is making sure the equipment being used is clean and efficient. This is because there are infection control procedures that need to be followed in order to decrease the risk of air born illness and infection. Fortunately, American Spot Cooling is experienced in providing hospital administrators with rental air conditioners of all sizes and capacities to keep Hartford hospitals functioning at peak efficiency.

Infection control procedures have three main components that rental air conditioners must meet for use within a hospital setting. Once, all rental equipment must be sanitized before use; if equipment isn't sanitized, infection can spread through unclean air. Two, hepa-filtration must be used; by using hepa-filtration air particles that may be harmful to patients and staff are trapped instead of being circulated. Three, rental equipment must be well maintained and quality checked before delivery.

For more information about rental air conditioners in New York, NY, contact American Spot Cooling.

Emergency Power and Spot Cooling Rental (New York)

4 July 2018

American Spot Cooling rent generators in New York, NY

As we approach fall, we urge all Boston business owners to remember that the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is an ongoing event and that the formation of tropical cyclones in the Northern Hemisphere remain a viable threat. The hurricane season officially began on June 1, 2018, and will not end until November 30, 2018. It is always wise for Boston business owners to periodically review their disaster preparation plans and to prepare for the worse.  Now is also the time to strategically plan your rental power generation and rental spot heating contingency plans for the upcoming fall and winter.  

When natural disaster strikes, businesses need a pre-planned and rapid response source of emergency power generation.  American Spot Cooling here in New York serves that business need.  Our rental generators are trusted to serve Boston commercial refrigeration, data centers, office space heating and cooling, construction lighting, and a host of other commercial services.  

 For more details about rental power, spot cooling, and spot heating contingency planning and delivery services throughout the greater Boston area, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rental HVAC Cooling and Power For Long Island Summer School and Orientations

25 June 2018

American Sot Cooling - 125Kva 100kW Rental Generator MultiQuip WhisperWatt

Many schools in Long Island are faced with challenges when it comes to HVAC and power needs for summer school sessions and orientations. School systems have a tight budget, so making large purchases is hard to do. However, rental HVAC and power solutions offer administrators cost saving solutions while maintaining a consistent and comfortable learning environment.  Whether it's a power outage, scheduled maintenance to an existing HVAC system, need for spot cooling summer school classes or orientations, school adminstrators can rely on rental solutions from American Spot Cooling. 

Contingency planning at schools to include HVAC, spot cooling, power, and temperature controls should always be in place. This allows learning to continue during planned or unplanned outages. Portable generator rentals in Long Island can be used if there is an unplanned outage or during system maintenance during school hours. American Spot Cooling also provides air conditioners for rent when schools need them. Long Island summers deliver sustained hot days and nights for weeks at a time sometimes leaving the in-house cooling system unable to keep up.  Our rental spot cooling systems in Long Island are designed to supplement existing systems to keep classrooms cool and comfortable. Rental air conditioners are the perfect solution for Long Island schools because they can be be strategically located wherever cooling is needed.

To find out more about rental spot cooling and power rental for Long Island schools, contact Long Island’s American Spot Cooling today.

Rental HVAC When Your Main System Goes Down for Maintenance

18 June 2018

American Spot Cooling Rental HVAC for Syracuse NY

In any Syracuse business activity, there comes a time when existing HVAC systems must be taken down for routine scheduled maintenance. Many Syracuse businesses such as healthcare facilities and hospitals, the essential well-being of staff and customers mandates uninterrupted HVAC services. In order to avoid system failure, the in-house system must be maintained and often replaced over-time. Operating without air conditioning is often not an option which is why many Syracuse business owners choose to rent portable air conditioners during both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities.   

The biggest concern business owners with non-functional HVAC face is making sure their business’ machinery can run clean, efficient, and uninterrupted. American Spot Cooling is experienced in providing rental air conditioners to Syracuse business owners to keep their business operations functioning safely and at peak efficiency during both programmed scheduled HVAC maintenance during instances of catastrophic failure. 

For more information about rental air conditioners in Syracuse, contact your Syracuse American Spot Cooling agent today

Chiller Rental for Plant Shutdowns

12 June 2018

American Spot Cooling Portable HVAC for Houston, TX

Uninterrupted cooling is vital to industrial plants uninterrupted production and storage of goods. However, there are cases when an industrial plant’s chiller must be brought down for extended maintenance or they simply catch plant managers off guard via catastrophic failure. In either case American Spot Cooling’s rental chillers in Providence serve as an immediate solution to deliver temporary or sustained continuity of business operations.

American Spot Cooling offers a full line of rental portable chillers complete with the necessary accessories such as cables, hoses and fittings for quick set-up and installation. There are various models and cooling capacity options, so plant managers can custom scale their rental chiller to the exact need. We promptly respond to and prioritize emergency cases and urgent requests and so we guarantee reliability and full on-site operations and maintenance for the duration of the rental.

Portable chiller rentals are practical and cost-effective. Industrial plants and factory plant managers can build our services into their continuity of operations plan and know that we are one call away for rapid response. Contact American Spot Cooling to find out more about portable rental chillers in Providence.

Emergency HVAC Cooling Services

11 June 2018

American Spot Cooling - Rental Spot Cooling 24/7 Guarantee to New York Business Owners

Today's discussion touches on the subject of 24/7emergency response to your rental spot cooling needs.  We want to help you expect and plan for the unexpected. If you are a faithful reader of our blog you've read about the wide variety of commercial spot cooling services that we provide to New York area business owners. It is the extreme rare case where we get emergency calls from existing customers. Emergency calls into us here at New York's American Spot Cooling are essentially 100% related to New York-area business owners suffering sudden equipment failure of their permanent HVAC equipment.  HVAC failure threatens the ability to continue business operations whether it be due to threat of ruined perishable product, inability to cure drywall, concrete, or other trades, all who operate within environmental constraints.  

From the day you contact us, we strive to provide you with the information you need to find the right equipment for your needs. From delivery and installation, to providing maintenance and service throughout the term of your contract, American Spot Cooling’s technical support specialists are available to help!

HVAC and Power Hurricane Planning

4 June 2018

American Spot Cooling rent dehumidifiers in Albany, NY

Recent history teaches us that hurricanes can and will devastate areas in and around Albany. After a hurricane and the resulting water and wind damage is not the time to build your business contingency operations plan for emergency HVAC and power restoration. We encourage you to call and team with us to build your contingency plans and to also discuss any temporary HVAC and/or power needs that you might currently have.

Hurricane recovery programs should include power generation to get essential equipment running again. Additionally, rental dehumidifiers in Albany, NY are imperative for eliminating water and humidity and to prevent mold once the water recedes. Dehumidifiers restore air quality by removing moisture from the air and regulating humidity. Less humidity is necessary because: 1) The area is less susceptible to molds and bacteria; 2) it reduces unwanted odor, 3) Decreases ambient temperatures. After a hurricane, high quality rental dehumidifiers help regulate the air and return the quality to normal and healthy levels.

When disaster (or even lesser contingency outages occur), businesses need to return to full operations in the absolute shortest time possible. Buildings, contents, and materials need to be cooled and/or dried as soon as possible. Dehumidifiers and the power to run them are essential immediately. To begin the recovery process, emergency rental services provide heavy-duty portable generators to cope with the extended power interruptions as a result of the wind and rain damage.

To find out more about HVAC and power hurricane contingency management planning and to discuss any immediate HVAC or power need in Albany, contact American Spot Cooling.

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