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Load Bank Testing: Is Your Stand-by Generator Ready to Deliver?

8 May 2020

American Power Rental - Montpelier, VT

Countless Montpelier-area businesses depend on on-site emergency power services to sustain their business operations. Critical commercial services such as hospitals, financial institutions, computer data centers, and manufacturing plants simply cannot afford a single minute of unscheduled electrical denial of service. These industries invest heavily in standby power generation capability but we find it amazing how common it is for these businesses to suffer from emergency power service failure during emergency power outages. That threat to your business can be eliminated via American Power Rental’s maintenance and load bank testing services.

It is common for our testing backup power generation and distribution readiness inspection services to reveal critical vulnerabilities within commercial backup power system infrastructure. Talk to any business owner who suffered downtime and the associated loss of revenue (or physical consequence) due to poorly maintained standby power systems, and you’ll discover that cost far exceeded the simple and affordable business solution to have the systems professionally maintained. Our certified team of electrical engineers design a maintenance test and evaluation plan that will get your power generation system optimized without impact on your normal business operation. And we do this and value pricing that keep Montpelier business owners returning to us for decades now

When you need to restore confidence in your emergency power production systems to include rental load bank testing services, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Rental Load Banks for Site Generator Test and Evaluation

30 April 2020

100kW Rental Portable Load Bank - MoseBoch

Commercial on-site power production and distribution can (and should be) considered a foundationally important aspect of daily business operations. Very few things negatively impact business operations than unscheduled power outages. Those who do not maintain a strict test and evaluation program for their on-site power production plan are destined to suffer costly power interruption at best, catastrophic safety mishaps at worst. Load bank testing is a fundamental part of any power test and evaluation plan and we’re here to tell you today that American Spot Cooling & Power Rental specializes in this highly important and technical element of your business operation.

Load bank testing is essential for both primary power generation as well as backup power generation. Some might argue it’s even more important for the latter because primary power generation systems can produce observable irregularities that drive need for immediate attention. Back-up generators are far too often ignored until an unscheduled outage occurs. And far too often, those ignored back-up generators fail to deliver at that critical moment.

We’ll ensure that your load bank testing service is accomplished when you first install the generator set and then as a scheduled preventative maintenance service thereafter.

Advantages of Renting Load Banks:

  • Load bank rental companies have a team of technicians who will transport, install, and remove the machines.
  • Rental suppliers will send trained personnel to conduct the test for you so that you will yield accurate results.
  • You will no longer need to fund and train an employee to manage this program
  • The storage and protection of the machine is no longer a concern.
  • If there's a change in your requirements, your supplier will keep on providing you with the appropriate unit for the job.
  • This option also offers practical financial option for customers concerning investment expenditures, taxes and other miscellaneous fees.

When you seek a partner to keep your business operating uninterrupted, safely, and at a very affordable operations cost, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Portable Air Conditioner Rentals Deliver Cool Air Anywhere - MA, RI, CT, ME, NH, VT

12 October 2015

Maintaining the appropriate indoor temperature and air quality in server rooms can be challenging in the winter months because your in-house HVAC system is now set to heating. If your business faces cooling problems in the server room, you can get the right solution easily given the wide array of portable air conditioners for rent.

Air conditioner rentals also include computer cooling systems that can deliver cool air anywhere. The ever-growing LAN room in your building contains heat-sensitive equipment that are vital to your business operations. This is why you cannot afford hot spots which can result in equipment overheating and malfunctioning.

In order to protect high-powered equipment and important data in your server room, rent portable air conditioners . You can have a cooling solution can be strategically engineered and tailor-fit to the unique air conditioning requirements of your business. The portability of these portable commercial air conditioners makes for quick installation and problem resolution of any temperature control problems.

To find out more about portable air conditioners for cooling server rooms, contact American Power Rental.

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