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Rental Heaters

American Spot Cooling & Power Rental also does heat! From small-scale projects to demanding heating requirements, ASC has the solution for all of your industrial heater rental needs.

There are many different ways to heat the air. To meet the requirements and specifications of unique companies, our portable heaters for rent focus on security and efficiency, enabling safe industrial heating in many different types of environments. American Spot Cooling & Power Rental 's industrial heater rentals have been used in a number of applications including; concrete curing, tent heating, equipment preheating, industrial painting, pest control, restoration, dehumidification, mining areas, oil fields, general construction, and more.

For industries where combustion flames and exhaust are not an issues, American Spot Cooling & Power Rental offers Indirect Fired Heaters (IDF) and Induction Heating Systems (IHS) from 200,000 to 1.5 million BTU in propane/natural gas or oil/diesel.

For situations where flames and exhaust are not safe ASC offers Electric Heater Rentals that provide clean, safe heat. We have multiple sizes ranging in 10KW to 150KW with voltages ranging from 230V single phase to 480V three phase.

No matter what your heating needs American Spot Cooling & Power Rental has the solution and is ready to roll on a moments notice- 24/7, to keep your world warm.

We can assist in sizing a heater to fit your needs- so call us today and ask us about our rental heaters!

Rental Heaters Equipment:

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