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Hartford Industrial Generator Rentals CT Blog

Rental Industrial Cooling Towers and Maintenance Services

6 August 2020

Mobile Air & Power Rentals -500 Ton Rental Cooling Tower | Tower Tech TTMT500

Cooling towers are essential elements of many Hartford-area commercial HVAC operations. This blog is to inform all Hartford area plant managers that ASCAPR's rental cooling towers and cooling tower maintenance services are services you can trust.

You have two options for cooling tower systems. The first is an air-cooling system and the second is a water-cooling system. In the air-cooling system, the heat is radiated and conducted away by the stream of air coming from the atmosphere. To have efficient cooling by air, fins around the cylinder and cylinder head increase the contact area. The water-cooling system assists much like the cooling systems of a combustion engine. It takes away the excessive heat generated in the engine and saves it from overheating. Water tower efficiency and life expectancy is improved via water treatment alternatives such as water modeling, filtration, and softening. These systems ensure the tower system operates perfectly and achieves the needed cooling requirement. And for a smooth flow of the air, automatic components like fans, motors, and belts need to be inspected, cleaned, and adjusted.

Routine maintenance of the cooling towers is of utmost importance to maximize the efficiency and life expectancy of your water tower assets. When existing cooling towers are due for servicing or when an unexpected unit breakdown happens, our rental cooling tower team is ready to respond.

When it comes time to address your cooling tower requirements, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental. We offer rental cooling towers available in a variety of sizes, shape, and capacity.

Portable Generators: Make Your Day Complete During Power Outages

31 July 2020

Mobile Air & Power Rentals - Portable Generator Rentals

During power outages, there is nothing to save your day except a backup power generation plan and the ability to quickly execute it. Our commercial generator solutions are powered by natural gas or propane and can start automatically during power outages. A standby generator is permanently connected to your electrical system and starts immediately when your utility power system fails. Portable generator solutions for emergency backup are popular as well, but there are often associated sacrifices like the inability to power the central heating and cooling system.

Power outages are inevitable and having a fixed or portable generator solution on site will serve you in countless ways. We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss options, pros and cons, and the highly affordable cost to get started. Contact American Spot Cooling Power & Rental.

Rental Portable Generator to Power Outdoor Music Events

21 May 2018

American Power Rental - 125Kva 100kW Rental Generator MultiQuip WhisperWatt

Large outdoor events such as music festivals and open air concerts require portable generators to keep the event going smoothly. The equipment can serve as a supplemental power to supply additional equipment or to completely power the entire event. Organizers rely on portable generators rentals in Hartford, CT to ensure the continuous flow of the outdoor performance.

Whenportable generators are strategically stationed they can generate power to multiple locations using the proper cables. They also operate silently which is necessary for musical events and concerts. Depending on your required energy consumption, you can select from various models that can meet your needs. Also, they only need minimal installation so set up and operatioin is easy.

When you rent portable generators, it is now possible to hold outdoor events just about anywhere. In need of high quality portable generator for your next outdoor musical event, contact American Power Rental.

Generator Rentals can Keep Business Running During Power Failures

17 May 2018

American Power Rental backup portable generators in New York, NY

Unexpected power failures can hamper crucial business operations and can put numerous transactions on hold. Most companies can't afford to lose power for any amount of time because it can often result in irreversible setbacks to the business. Thus, the demand for backup portable generators in businesses and commercial settings are increasing.

High-quality rental generators provide affordable temporary power solutions for businesses for crucial operations. They keep business up and running when power suddenly shuts down for commercial consumers. Portable generator rentals in Hartford, CT are a perfect option for businesses that want to keep capital expenditures down.

American Power Rental carries an impressive fleet of 20kW to 100kW rental generators. These generator sets are trailer mounted and regularly maintained and inspected to ensure they are delivered to you in superior condition. Contact us today!

Portable Rental Transformers for Business and Commercial Use

7 May 2018

American Power Rental - Portable rental transformers in Hartford, CT

Power transformers are utilized to relocate power from one circuit to another between the generator and the distribution primary circuits. It is essential to distribution systems in order to interconnect the changing voltage. Many businesses require this equipment, especially when using multi-circuit systems.

Portable rental transformers in Hartford, CT are the perfect option for any business application that wants to keep their power transformer expenses down. American Power Rental offers a complete line of NEMA 3R weatherproof transformers. We also offer custom power transformers that are configured for non-complicated step-up and step-down voltages. Our equipment regularly undergoes power transformer testing and commissioning prior to use and dispatch so you are guaranteed that it will function with high-performance during operation.

Our technical crew can help you select the appropriate transformer for your business application. The team is always on standby to promptly respond to any emergency situation 24/7. Contact American Power Rental for rental power transformers for business and commercial use.

Rental HVAC for Hartford Hospitals Provides Infection Control

18 April 2018

American Spot Cooling Portable HVAC for Miami

In any healthcare facility, but especially in hospitals, clean and efficient cooling is an essential element of infection control and overall quality health care.  The well-being of patients, staff, and the temperature of life saving equipment can be compromised if the air conditioning system fails to deliver cooled and clean air. In order to deliver high quality conditioned air, in-house HVAC systems must be maintained and eventually replaced over-time. Many Hartford hospitals wisely choose to rent portable air conditioners during system maintenance or during unplanned outages.   

The biggest concern hospital facility directors have is making sure the equipment being used is clean and efficient. This is because there are infection control procedures that need to be followed in order to decrease the risk of air born illness and infection. Fortunately, American Spot Cooling is experienced in providing Harford hospital administrators with rental air conditioners of all sizes and capacities to keep Hartford hospitals functioning at peak efficiency. 

Infection control procedures have three main components that rental air conditioners must meet for use within a hospital setting. The first being that all rental equipment must be sanitized before use; if equipment isn't sanitized, infection can spread through unclean air. Secondly, hepa-filtration must be used; by using hepa-filtration air particles that may be harmful to patients and staff are trapped instead of being circulated. Finally, rental equipment must be well maintained and quality checked before delivery.  

For more information about rental air conditioners in Hartford, contact your Hartford-area American Spot Cooling agent today

Portable Generator Rentals for Open Air or Drive-In Cinemas

27 February 2018

American Power Rental - rent generators in Hartford, CT

The warm weather is on the way and Spring and Summer are the seasons for outdoor movie screenings. Open-air theaters, outdoor film festivals, and drive-in cinemas require power to operate projectors, scaffolded stages, inflatable movie screens, and of course sound systems. Portable Generator Rentals are the perfect power solution for running all of this movie equipment.

Portable Generators are exceptionally reliable for uninterrupted outdoor film screening. With different sizes and power capacities, you can be sure to find a unit that can  power the equipment needed. In addition, with portable generators it is possible to setup your screening area anywhere.

When you rent portable generators in Hartford, CT, setting up an open-air big screening is easy because these generators are portable, and easy to operate. In addition, our technicians are on standby for quick troubleshooting.

At American Power Rental we can guarantee that our portable generators are maintained and in perfect working condition. They undergo quality checks prior to delivery in order to provide smooth and uninterrupted service. Contact American Power Rental for your next outdoor movie event.

Temporary Rental Commercial Power Generation (Hartford,CT)

16 January 2018

American Power Rental - 125Kva 100kW Rental Generator MultiQuip WhisperWatt

The causes for the demand for portable rental generators here in Hartford are numerous. The harsh Hartford winter is hard on power generation and heating and air conditioning equipment.  We deploy portable rental generators for virtually any emergency power production situation.  We are here to rapidly respond to keep your construction business operational when existing site services go down. Our reputation for quality of support is something that has sustained our Hartford power rental business for years.  

We serve Hartford with renal portable heaters as well.  These heaters are perfect for new construction and for site remodeling where construction is underway in open air environments.  Rental heating and power generation are often a superior alternative to those of you who wish to avoid the high capital expenditure associated with procuring new heating and power production equipment.  

Our inventory of rental generators and rental cooling systems deployable to Hartford is huge.  Again, we are positioned to rapidly respond to both your emergency and strategic needs for rental heating and power production regardless scope.  There is no solution too large or small for us to rapidly respond to. To find out more about portable commercial heaters here in Hartford, contact us here at American Power Rental today.

A Power Contingency Plan Should Include Reliable Generator Rentals - MA, RI, CT, ME, NH, VT

27 December 2016

Any unexpected event that has adverse effects to the financial health, professional image, or market share of a company is considered a contingency. There are many forms, one being unexpected power disruption. Loss of power can disrupt business operations and cause companies to lose data and revenue if they are unprepared. It is important to create contingency plans for this type of event and to include the option for renting backup portable generators.

When companies rent portable generators in Hartford, CT, they will be provided with a wide array of generators in various sizes and power capacities. With temporary power solutions, you can rent the right generator for any emergency power need unique to your business.

Generator rentals are affordable for back-up power when electricity unexpectedly gets knocked out. With these high quality portable generators in place, you will have a peace of mind knowing that you have a contingency plan that outlines back-up power through generator rentals that are reliable even for extended use.

To find out more about portable generators for back-up contingency plans, contact American Power Rental.

Long-Term Generator Rentals for The Winter - MA, RI, CT, ME, NH, VT

13 October 2016

1400Amp Rental Generator Crawford

Portable generator rentals come in various sizes and power capacities for any commercial application. Rental generators maintain systems and operations during power outages due to winter storms. Every winter New England, experiences major storms that cause downed trees and electric poles, interrupting power for days and sometimes even weeks. With these generators in place, owners can keep businesses up and running.

Both planned and unplanned outages can occur during the winter. It is best that businesses are always prepared with a contingency plan for emergency backup power. American Power Rental is equipped to provide backup portable generators to supply power for all lengths of use, including just a few hours to long-term continuous 24/7 operation. Our expert technicians can handle any necessary installation in order to ensure that your business has power all winter long.

When businesses rent generators in Hartford, CT for their emergency backup plan, operations remain running even through a winter storm. When the power goes out, an automatic backup generator can immediately kick in to restore lights, computers, heat and other systems.

To find out more about portable generator rentals, contact American Power Rental.

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