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Rental Air Handlers for Industrial/Commercial HVAC Systems

30 July 2020

Mobile Air & Power Rentals - Rental Industrial Air Handler

We specialize in heating and cooling solutions for the industrial and commercial markets. Today we’ll address Air Handling Units.

The Air Handling Unit (AHU) is the foundation of any HVAC system as it ascertains that the conditioned or heated air is evenly distributed throughout the building. It functions by pulling the untreated air towards the HVAC unit over an inflow vent, filters it, and then, moves the treated air into the ducts that bring it to an area as to where it will be cooled or heated. From that point, the air is then let go through outflow vents which are attached to ductwork and then distributed all over the interior space of a facility.

The right air handler gives the function of a commercial HVAC system a boost. Firstly, air handling units can help ensure correct air temperature and airflow all over the building. In addition, it can help improve the indoor air quality by reducing pollutants in the air, minimizing the sound emitted by your HVAC system, and by maximizing the HVAC's systems energy efficiency to lower your monthly energy charge.

We can show you how renting an AHU saves the business owner in operations costs. There are reasons to rent (as opposed to buying) air handling units and we can help you calculate the cost benefit of any air handling route that you are considering. American Spot Cooling & Power Rental offers rental air handlers in various models and capacities.

Contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental to learn how rental HVAC solutions can significantly reduce your business operations costs.

Generator Rentals Keep Business Running During a Power Outage

23 January 2019

American Spot Cooling - Generator Rentals in Hartford, CT

For companies, a power outage can be catastrophic to sales goals. They disrupt operations and can cause damage to equipment. Worse, they almost always result in decreased profits. All business operations rely on electric power. Fortunately, there are backup portable generators that can be used for safe and effective temporary power solutions.

During unexpected events or planned maintenance generator rentals will keep business running during an outage. Companies have the option to rent backup generators for contingency usage.

Power interruptions are an inconvenience when business managers are caught off-guard. For all types of businesses, the best way to deal with an unexpected power outage is to rent generators in Hartford, CT. Closing during an outage is not an option for companies with a large customer base so it is imperative to have portable generators in place.

To find out more about portable generator rentals, contact American Spot Cooling.

Commercial Fuel Tank Rentals Are Safer for Storing All Types of Fuel

15 January 2019

American Spot Cooling - Commercial Fuel Tank Rentals

All types of businesses rely on fuel tanks for holding and containing flammable fluids. Fuel tanks are strategically manufactured to safely contain, store, move, or transfer fuel. Every type of fuel, whether it is natural gas, propane, heating oil, or gasoline are extremely dangerous when it is not stored with great care and in the proper type of tank or vessel.

Rental fuel tanks must be regularly inspected to ensure that they are free from damage, rust, and other imperfections in order to be safe for storing fuel. Rental tanks provide job-specific containment options for your business.

Rental fuel tanks store fuel on the job site without the risk of leaks or evaporative emissions. They are available in various sizes with all of the standard safety features. Commercial fuel tanks are able to deliver solutions for above-ground fuel storage for both trucks and equipment.

With commercial fuel tank rentals, fuel will always be available on-site, regardless of the fluctuating demand, prices, or weather conditions. Fuel tanks are weather-proof so they can support operations even in extreme weather conditions.

To find out more about commercial fuel tank rentals, contact American Spot Cooling.

Temporary Portable Generators for Scheduled Outage or After Hours Emergencies

19 December 2018

American Power Rental - 125Kva 100kW Rental Generator MultiQuip WhisperWatt

Looking for temporary emergency portable generators in Hartford, CT? Look no further. American Spot Cooling provides a complete solution. Based in Central MA, we are here to service your temporary generator power needs whether it’s a scheduled outage, planned special event, or an after hours emergency.

Generator Rentals are our business along with temporary electrical cable and portable electrical distribution panels and related specialty products. We can fully supply and service your planned outage or emergency need for temporary power anytime, day or night.

With over 50 years of experience in this business, we’ve seen just about every conceivable application relating to temporary power. We tap into that experience every day 24/7 to quickly respond, deliver equipment and get you back up and running ASAP!

For more information on power generation equipment and backup portable generators, contact American Spot Cooling.

Contingency Plan for Power Should Include Reliable Generator Rentals

29 November 2018

American Power Rental - 125Kva 100kW Rental Generator MultiQuip WhisperWatt

A contingency is an unexpected event that has a negative affect on the financial health, professional image, or market share of a company. One form of a contingency is an unexpected power outage. When unprepared, loss of power can disrupt business operations and cause companies to lose data and revenue. Contingency plans must be designed to include renting backup portable generators for this type of event.

For expansive options in generators of various sizes and power capacities, it is better for companies to rent portable generators in Hartford, CT rather than buy. This way businesses can choose the size and output needed for the task. With temporary power solutions, you can rent the right generator for the emergency power need that is unique to your business.

Generator rentals are affordable back-up power. With high quality portable generators, managers and operators will have a peace of mind knowing that they have a contingency plan which outlines a back-up power plan that is reliable even for extended time.

To find out more about portable generators for contingency plans, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rental HVAC Solutions for any Emergency

20 June 2018

American Spot Cooling Emergency rental services in Hartford, CT

American Spot Cooling’s emergency rental services in Hartford include the temporary cooling and power solutions that businesses need in order to stay up and running during emergency situations. Our rapid response power and cooling rental solutions deliver quick relief to business owners who suffer unplanned and unforeseen outages.

We deliver the ability for you to rapidly return to full business operations by providing rapid response heavy-duty portable generators, chillers, and spot coolers. By trusting American Spot Cooling’s renting generators, businesses easily recover from even the largest unexpected power interruption.

Additionally, rental HVAC systems often play a vital role in keeping Hartford business from shutting down due to heat-related equipment failure. Our rental cooling equipment such as our 1.5 ton portable air conditioners can be same-day delivered during an emergency for short or long-term service needs. When you don’t need the entire plant cooled during an emergency, we excel in engineering spot cooling solutions to minimize the fiscal damage of your emergency.

To find out more about emergency rental services in Hartford, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rental Air Conditioners for Summer Classes

5 June 2018

American Spot Cooling rent portable air conditioners for Hartford, CT Classrooms

Maintaining the proper environment for Hartford schools and classrooms requires strategic rental heating, cooling, and ventilation decisions. Too often, HVAC failure within Hartford schools makes life for both student and staff miserable. At best the learning environment is weakened due to heat stress. At worst, schools can become a threat to health for those subject to heat fatigue and heat stress. Wise school administrators plan for the worst case by consulting us here at American Spot Cooling so that a rapid emergency HVAC and power restoration plan is in place and ready for immediate execution.

When delivering rental air conditioning services to Hartford schools , American Spot Cooling engineers work along with the school administrators to design a rental cooling system that meets the challenges of the school’s architecture and the various activities that go on within it. Of course, we don't just cool Hartford schools, we heat them as well. While the need for emergency heat services is a long way away, the point is to be smart and strategically plan for emergency HVAC needs.

Contact American Spot Cooling for any warehouse climate control or rental portable generator needs throughout the greater Hartford, CT area.

Rental HVAC for Hartford Hospitals Support Infection Control

18 April 2018

American Spot Cooling Portable HVAC for Miami

In any healthcare facility, but especially in hospitals, clean and efficient cooling is an essential element of infection control and overall quality health care.  The well-being of patients, staff, and the temperature of life saving equipment can be compromised if the air conditioning system fails to deliver cooled and clean air. In order to deliver high quality conditioned air, in-house HVAC systems must be maintained and eventually replaced over-time. Many Hartford hospitals wisely choose to rent portable air conditioners during system maintenance or during unplanned outages.   

The biggest concern hospital facility directors have is making sure the equipment being used is clean and efficient. This is because there are infection control procedures that need to be followed in order to decrease the risk of air born illness and infection. Fortunately, American Spot Cooling is experienced in providing Harford hospital administrators with rental air conditioners of all sizes and capacities to keep Hartford hospitals functioning at peak efficiency. 

Infection control procedures have three main components that rental air conditioners must meet for use within a hospital setting. The first being that all rental equipment must be sanitized before use; if equipment isn't sanitized, infection can spread through unclean air. Secondly, hepa-filtration must be used; by using hepa-filtration air particles that may be harmful to patients and staff are trapped instead of being circulated. Finally, rental equipment must be well maintained and quality checked before delivery.  

For more information about rental air conditioners in Hartford, contact your Hartford-area American Spot Cooling agent today! 

Rental Cooling Services for Events of Any Size

4 April 2018

American Spot Cooling - Rental Spot Coolers for Hartford, CT Events

The unpredictable nature of Hartford weather introduces constant challenges for outdoor event planners.  If you’re planning an upcoming outdoor event of any size, consider preparing for the inevitability of needing both rental air conditioning and power rental for your Hartford event.  When planning an outdoor event, you must plan for all contingencies. Hartford weather is hot and humid, guests need to be comfortable. Rental generators allow you to operate those air conditioners without the concern of inadequate power supplies.  American Spot Cooling in Hartford has you covered, setting your mind at ease regardless of what mother nature doles out the date of the event. 

There is a vast variety of rental air conditioners available to meet your event planning needs; from a small intimate gathering to large corporate events or weddings. These generators and air conditioners are portable, so they can be easily set up where they are needed most. Additionally, they operate silently so the equipment won't disturb your guests. 

Contact American Spot Cooling for any temporary climate control or rental generator needs in Hartford CT.

Rental HVAC and Power Solutions for Hartford Construction Sites

21 March 2018

American Spot Cooling - rent portable heaters in Atlanta, GA

Connecticut temperatures in early spring fluctuates daily. When you are running a construction site in Hartford, Stamford, New Haven, Bridgeport, and other areas across Connecticut, you need rental cooling and power solutions to keep your project running on-time and within budget. Fortunately American Spot Cooling is your one stop shop for Connecticut construction site spot cooling, heat, and power rentals

Portable heater rentals are perfect for spring construction projects because they can be used in a variety of applications, including concrete curing. Concrete curing needs specific temperatures to cure properly. The right temperatures encourage the proper rate of water evaporation once the concrete has been poured. However, temperatures across CT can drop very quickly as the sun sets. This sudden drop can affect the integrity of the curing process and the finished product. To ensure that concrete cures properly and safely during cold spring nights, construction managers can rent portable heaters for their construction projects.

The warmer spring days in Connecticut bring other problems. For example, warm days can be humid which may not be great for painting and staining. Portable air conditioner rentals are the perfect solution for days that are too humid. 

Every construction site needs power, and lots of it. In fact, portable power is a commodity in construction. Rental power equipment is the perfect solution for construction sites in order to keep all employees productive and to keep the project running on-time. Portable generators are easily moved so they can be relocated around construction sites, wherever power is needed. At American Spot Cooling we have all the rental power accessories you'll need to keep your power safe and sufficient.

For more information on rental heat, cooling and power for Hartford, Stamford, New Haven, and/or Bridgeport construction projects, contact American Spot Cooling.

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