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Generator Rentals

Generator RentalsThere are countless reasons to rent a generator, whether it's for an emergency outage, supplemental power solution, planned maintenance, or any other application. Whether you know you will need a generator ahead of time or an emergency makes that decision for you, it's often wise to rent a generator instead of purchasing one. Once you've decided to go for a rental generator, however, choosing the right partner can mean the difference between a satisfactory solution and one that complicates your situation instead of simplifying it. Here's why American Spot Cooling & Power Rental has a fleet of rental power that stands above the competition.

Reliability: units you can count on to meet your needs

A rental power solution is only useful as long as it's properly working. When you rent a unit from ASCAPR, you're also buying peace of mind knowing that each piece of equipment is properly maintained and stored between jobs. Our technicians follow an extensive procedure for preventative maintenance, ensuring that each and every portable generator is ready to go on a moment's notice.

Versatility: a rental generator for any application

Sometimes all the stars will align when choosing the perfect rental partner, except for one major drawback: a lack of the exact equipment you need for your application. With American Spot Cooling & Power Rental's extensive fleet of rental portable generators, there's no such thing as a job that we can't handle. Our generators provide up to 1 megawatt of capacity, so even the largest needs can be satisfied by our rental power solutions. And since each unit has the ruggedness to withstand some of the most extreme conditions, our fleet is versatile enough to be used for any application.

Accessibility: generators that work with your budget

One of the best reasons to rent a generator instead of purchasing one is simply budgetary constraints. Purchasing a permanent unit can be expensive at first, and even more expensive once you factor the costs of long-term maintenance and storage for a unit that you may never use. Not to mention, sometimes a rental generator is still prohibitively expensive for the period you need it. With a rental power solution from ASCAPR, you can get the power you need without breaking your operational budget.

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