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Safety Guides When Choosing The Best Reliable Portable Generator

27 July 2020

American Power Rental rent generators in New York, NY

When renting portable generators for industrial establishments, it's important to follow the basic rule of thumb set out for safety applications. The best approach is to work out exactly how much power you will need to jointly and fully power the buildings and outlying facilities needing power. Far too many people fail to fully compute power load requirements and thus create a dangerous and unreliable power state.

Portable generators are safe equipment. With our late model technologies, all include a number of safety features that increase overall safety, convenience, and user-friendliness. We provide low noise producing equipment that contributes to both the mental and physical health of all those who work near the equipment. Our power distribution services enable you to locate your portable power production equipment away from your employees and those that you serve.

For more tips on portable generators, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

PORTABLE GENERATOR: Reliable Energy Supply for Business Purposes

9 April 2020

American Power Rental - portable generators

Rental portable generators are routinely incorporated in world-wide business operations for a host of reasons. As you might expect, a business contingency of operations planning is one of the leading reasons. Businesses who suffer primary power disruption without a backup power contingency plan suffer cascading negative consequences that business owners realize is significantly more costly than investing in comparatively low-cost rental power contingency readiness.

Power outages regarding commercial utility service providers are inevitable. They will occur at the worst possible time. The Saturday night storm that takes down an entire grid can take hours (or days) to correct. Predictably, most business owners immediately enter the arena to compete with high-demand rental portable generator resources. If that is you, you’ve lost certainty in your business’ ability to sustain operations.

Whether you need contingency power generation to sustain an entire plant, or merely a single building’s HVAC, lighting, computers, and other equipment, American Spot Cooling & Power Rental has the solution for you to remain operational and profitable. For more information regarding portable generator rental, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

HEPA FILTERS: A Reliable Tool To Improve Air Quality And Help Thwart Coronavirus Transmission

31 March 2020

American Power Rental Rental Negative Air Machine with HEPA Filter, Boston, MA

As everyone is addressing the Coronavirus outbreak, there is one readily available tool to improve the air quality and reduces the risk of Coronavirus transmission. HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters have been highly praised as a way to reduce the impact of viruses. The benefit of HEPA filter is ensuring and regulating ventilation, filtration and humidity which are all activities that that reduces the laundry list of respiratory threats to include the Coronavirus. This makes HEPA filter part of the coronavirus protocol for filtering air especially from isolation rooms.

HEPA filters are an important part of a healthier workplace. This is true whether you are a business owner with office and manufacturing space to control, to the largest hospital with its own laundry list of airborne health threats. HEPA filters are used where high air quality is prioritized and/or where the business operation is considered a high risk due to the ongoing pandemic.

High-quality HEPA filters guarantees cleaner and safer air within both residential and commercial spaces. It is very effective in preventing the emission of contaminates and impurities back into the air that spread the virus. It instills peace of mind to everyone by eliminating the impurities and allergens in the home, offices and hospitals. HEPA filters in addition to negative air machines are highly desirable for use in both temporary and existing healthcare facilities to assist in ventilating the environment.

For more tips on HEPA filters, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Rental Negative Air Machines and Air Scrubbers with HEPA Filters

27 March 2020

American Power Rental Rental Negative Air Machine Mobile Air Bulldog - Boston, MA

Clean air is crucial in any work setting, particularly in healthcare facilities. With the rising number of patient admissions due to COVID-19, keeping the air clean inside medical buildings has never been more critical. Compromised indoor facilitates the spread of different viruses and bacteria and becomes a clear and present threat to patients and care providers alike.

Using negative air machines or air scrubbers is a solution to this threat. Negative air solutions use ducting to get rid of contaminated air from a sealed area. The filtered air is exhausted outside of the containment area helping to limit the spread of contaminants to other areas inside a structure. Air scrubbers remove pollutants from the air within a given area. These machines draw air in from the surrounding environment and pass it through a series of filters to remove contaminants.

Rental negative air machine and air scrubbers in Boston, MA are equipped with HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filters. This component filters out microbes and other microscopic particles while it purifies the air. With its efficient filters, it can catch particles as ultrathin as 0.3 microns and below. Thereby, it can manage to catch a SARS-Cov2 virus which has an approximate size of 0.125 micron. This is an excellent device to be used in healthcare settings where aerosol transmissions are highly predisposed.

Now is the time for you to introduce these portable air purifiers into your operating space for the safety of all who enter. Contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental to make it happen.

HEPA Filters Can Capture Coronavirus

16 March 2020

American Power Rental - HEPA Filters Can Capture Coronavirus

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration efficiently aids in capturing mold spores, dust, allergens, and other microscopic particles from the air which includes viruses such as the coronavirus.

The SARS-Cov2 has an approximate size of 0.125 microns or 125 nanometers in diameter. HEPA filters has a particle size range of 0.01 micron or 10 nanometers and above. Thus, the virus falls squarely within the size range. NASA studies have confirmed that HEPA filters are in fact the most efficient filter of capturing super micro particles below 0.3 micron. HEPA filters aid in reducing virus spread by capturing airborne virus sized particles. Although no air purifier can completely protect you from a virus, HEPA filters in addition to negative air machines are highly desirable for use in both temporary and existing healthcare facilities to assist in ventilating the environment.

So if you make the wise decision to rent negative air machines with HEPA filters for your facility, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental. We carry a full stock of rental air scrubbers and negative air machines with HEPA filters across the country. We have the ability to provide mobile turnkey solutions for both short and long term needs, even in an emergency.

Portable Electric Heaters Are Safe, Affordable and Efficient Business Solutions

6 March 2020

Portable rental heater rental services are rapidly replacing their gas and oil heating alternatives. The reasons for this are very simple. Safety and affordability.

Physics is the primary reason that electric heater rentals are more affordable than gas and oil. Portable electric heaters are independently wired and placed within the space requiring spot heating service. Portable heating service consumers are much less likely to move gas and oil heating equipment for safety reasons. The unfortunate consequence of this is the fact that the energy consuming heating assets are not delivering heat in an optimized manner. In short, they are more expensive to operate.

Portable electric heaters are also the less hazardous spot heating option as briefly mentioned above. There are number of heating options available to you. One options of portable is radiant heaters, the familiar heaters with the orange glow. Other options include ceramic heaters and convection heaters that distribute heat via fans. Finally, there is the most popular portable electric heater, the combined radiant and convection heater with heat fans.

You have numerous rental heating solution options. Most likely you need a consult with a spot heating professional to calculate the very best solution and very best value for your spot heating need. We’re ready to do that now. Contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Power Generator Rental: Provides Reliable Uninterrupted Power Supply - Boston, MA

26 February 2020

American Power Rental backup portable generators in Boston, MA

Power generator rentals are an essential element of Boston-area business’ primary and back-up power generation programs. American Spot Cooling & Power Rental’s service support is an economical path for Boston business owners to ensure continuity of operations during times of public utility service unreliability. For years now, Boston business owners have discovered a much higher return on investment by renting power solutions versus the cost of purchasing, housing, and maintaining power resources.

American Power Rental delivers so much more than generator hardware. We are a full-service power rental company and have served Boston-area businesses for years. We provide power production requirements analysis, power distribution, uninterrupted power supply strategy consultation, implementation, and much, much more.

We’re here to serve your business’ operational power support needs as well as contingency management planning and execution. Smart generator rental support by proven power professionals will make a direct impact on improved profitability. Call and let us show you how. Contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Portal Portable Electric Heaters – Saves Business’ Big on Ops Cost

21 February 2020

American Power Rental - 45KW Rental Electric Heater Fostoria FES-4548-3

Boston-area business owners have long known that renting augmentative heating solutions is vastly superior to buying. The severe New England weather forces a significant percentage of Boston business to implement spot heating solutions to protect and support both staff and equipment. Studies show that the capital expenditures regarding seasonal equipment is best rented when all things are considered. We offer a wide range of rental portable electric heaters to effectively and economically keep your business running at peak efficiency.

We’d like to help you compare and contrast renting heating solutions vs the upfront cost, maintenance, and storage of the capital expenditure involved in buying them. We are a full service power, spot cooling, and spot heating firm that has been supporting Boston-area business for decades. For more information on how to save your business money during your harsh winter operations, contact American Power Rental.

Rental Portable Electric Heaters Reduce Businesses Ops Cost

30 January 2020

American Power Rental - 10KW Rental Electric Heater

Many Boston business owners know that seasonal portable electric heating rentals are a significantly better value than purchasing, storing, and maintaining heaters as capital assets. Portable electric heaters are ideal for heating both office and warehouse spaces as they are easily moved to address shifting heating requirements. Rental heaters help business owners to significantly cut energy expenses by shutting down (or limiting) central heat to unused or underutilized workspace.

We can help you calculate the exact electric heater rental plan to optimize your winter environmental control. Lets get started today in lowering your business' operations cost. Contact American Power Rental.

Portable Generators: Ideal Power Solutions for Small Business

23 January 2020

American Power Rental - backup portable generators

Business owners increasingly seek rental portable generators to address both strategic and sudden power generation needs. Rental power solutions offer an ideal solution to short-term needs for construction sites, power outage contingencies, substitute power source for scheduled plant maintenance, and countless other power production needs.

American Power Rental’s portable generators in Boston, MA are perfect solutions for Boston business operators who know that purchasing expensive power generation resources for one-time (or seldom use) just does not pass the cost/benefit test. Most business owners who attempt to self-serve their power contingencies learn the hard way that there is much more to solving their power needs than simply acquiring the generator(s) themselves. They soon find additional needs like procuring fuel tanks, electric distribution products, transformers, and other necessary accessories that deliver their end-to-end power supply requirements. .

When power outages come in short notice, you can rely on American Power Rental for expedient and professional response to your temporary power needs. When you partner with us, you are guaranteed an affordable, safe, and rapidly implemented solution. We’ve served Boston-area business for decades. Call American Power Rental to get started.

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