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Businesses That Benefit from Rental Negative Air Machines

7 May 2020

American Spot Cooling Baton Rogue, LA  - Rental Negative Air Machine Novair 2100

Negative air machines are portable filtration systems equipped with HEPA-filters which effectively trap microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns. Negative air machines mitigate the spread of contaminants by eliminating contaminated air from a confined environment and exhausting the filtered air out of the structure. The following businesses are proven to benefit from such portable filtration technologies:


Some dishes involve ingredients with strong odors like fish and spices. Also, your cooking method could also contribute to the smoke-filled stench coming from your restaurant's kitchen. In order to minimize these distasteful smells, restaurant owners could benefit from renting a negative air machine to counter fumes and foul odors.

Construction Sites

Construction dust can cause serious implications to the health of those who are regularly exposed to these air particles. Rental air scrubbers will make construction sites a cleaner and safer space for construction workers and those who are inside the vicinity by purifying the air.

Factories and Production Lines

Different chemicals are used in manufacturing plants and some of these are released into the air. Negative air machines come in handy in keeping the air inside the job site clean and safe.

Healthcare Settings

Having clean and safe air is critical in the healthcare setting to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. Clean air also aids in the fast recovery of confined patients and help preserve the well-being of the health workers.

When it comes time to more effectively protect your customers and your staff, renting a negative air machine or an air scrubber is a great place to start. Contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental to rent a negative air machine or air scrubber.

Contingency Plans Must Include Back-Up Power

14 January 2019

American Spot Cooling rent generators in Atlanta, GA

Companies that do not prepare for emergencies will suffer losses as a consequence of not being prepared. It is imperative to include back-up power generation in contingency planning. Owners and operators cannot control when a power outage will occur, but they can control how they address these types of situations. Having reliable backup portable generators in place will change how your business responds to power interruptions and the affects these interruptions will have on the bottom line.

By choosing to include rental generators in Baton Rouge, LA to contingency plans, companies will remain up-and-running during an outage. Rental generators are available at a much more affordable price when compared to purchasing. They are guaranteed high quality and are regularly serviced, maintained, and load tested when not in use. This means that when rental generators are deployed, end users can be confident of reliable and continuous power.

Portable generator rentals are available in a wide array of sizes and power outputs. Regardless of the uniqueness of the company needs, the right portable generator can be rented to fit the specific power requirements. When power is interrupted, immediate temporary power solutions can be in-place to prevent delays in operations.

To find out more about portable generators for rent, contact American Spot Cooling.

Reliable Rental Generators Keep Movie Sets Moving

2 January 2019

American Power Rental - 125Kva 100kW Rental Generator MultiQuip WhisperWatt

Reliable electric power is imperative on movie sets. With all of the various equipment that needs power all the time, a movie set can not afford to lose power or to have insufficient or inadequate power. Audio/visual equipment, lights, special effects, and HVAC all rely on a constant and continuous power supply. Without adequate electricity, these sets will experience delays, technical difficulties, and ultimately, waste time and money. In order to prevent this, the right rental generators need to be in place.

Directors and producers will benefit by being prepared with the best and most effective contingency equipment to include backup portable generators. Portable generators provide reliable supplemental power to temporarily and powerfully supply electricity to movie sets, regardless of the location of the shoot. Movie sets have strict timelines, having backup power generation equipment on-site is convenient and prevents down time.

Because they are portable, they can be strategically placed wherever needed. By choosing to rent generators in Baton Rouge, LA, producers can address the issues in other areas. Portable generators work efficiently and quietly and monitors and microphones, lighting, and heating and air conditioning, as well as special effects equipment can operate continuously to provide uninterrupted service.

To find out more about generator rentals for movie sets, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Generator Rentals for a Flawless Outdoor Wedding

10 December 2018

American Spot Cooling rent generators in New York, NY

Event organizers have all types of venue options for weddings now that there are reliable rental generators for weddings available. These generators ensure a smooth and flawless event which ensures that everyone, including the bride and groom, has a wonderful time.

Event organizers no longer need to worry about having enough power when creating and coordinating an outdoor wedding. Where it used to be difficult to access the electricity needed to power the lights, sounds system, and kitchen equipment, organizers can now rent generators in Baton Rouge, LA. They are available in a wide range of sizes and power capacities so they can bring power to all types of equipment. With portable and quiet generators in place, accessing the right amount of electricity to power all types of equipment is absolutely possible for a technically flawless outdoor wedding.

Backup portable generators can be used to power an outdoor wedding of any size. To find out more about rental generators for wedding, contact American Spot Cooling.

Backup Portable Generators For Your Business

28 November 2018

American Power Rental - 125Kva 100kW Rental Generator MultiQuip WhisperWatt

Backup portable generators are imperative to business because they keep it up and running even during power outages. Every business owner and manager wants to stay open-for-business when the competition needs to close due to lack of power in the area.

Power interruptions are inconvenient and most often they occur without notice. Businesses can be prepared and eliminate the inconvenience when back-up portable generators are in-place. But ensuring that business will be ready for a power outage does not necessarily entail purchasing standby generators that are only seldom used. In fact, renting is an ideal option. When you rent generators in Baton Rouge, LA, businesses can take advantage of the temporary power solutions that they deliver.

Portable generator rentals come in a wide array of sizes and power-generating capacities. No matter how unique the power requirements of your business, the right generators can be rented to cater to every need.

To find out more about portable generator rentals, contact American Spot Cooling.

Emergency Power and Spot Cooling Rental (Baton Rogue)

3 July 2018

American Spot Cooling rent generators in Baton Rogue, LA

As we approach fall, we urge all Boston business owners to remember that the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is an ongoing event and that the formation of tropical cyclones in the Northern Hemisphere remain a viable threat. The hurricane season officially began on June 1, 2018, and will not end until November 30, 2018. It is always wise for Boston business owners to periodically review their disaster preparation plans and to prepare for the worse.  Now is also the time to strategically plan your rental power generation and rental spot heating contingency plans for the upcoming fall and winter.  

When natural disaster strikes, businesses need a pre-planned and rapid response source of emergency power generation.  American Spot Cooling here in Baton Rogue serves that business need.  Our rental generators are trusted to serve Boston commercial refrigeration, data centers, office space heating and cooling, construction lighting, and a host of other commercial services.  

 For more details about rental power, spot cooling, and spot heating contingency planning and delivery services throughout the greater Boston area, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rental Air Conditioning for Lafayette Weddings

21 June 2018

American Spot Cooling rents portable air conditioners Lafayette, LA

We’d like you to know that we offer a wide range of high quality portable air conditioner rentals for your special Lafayette wedding. These portable conditioners are strategically chosen and delivered to guarantee the perfect temperature at your most special event.

By choosing to rent your portable air conditioning service from us here in Lafayette, you and your event planners can rest easy knowing that the temperature within your venue will be kept at the exact target temperature regardless of the weather. We guarantee that your party and your guests will be kept comfortable for the duration of the event.

American Spot cooling’s rental portable air conditioners provide temperature control solutions and are historically proven effective throughout even the harshest Lafayette summers. Our systems are available in a wide variety of sizes and our engineers are experienced, willing, and able to consult you on the exact unit required to serve your unique wedding venue. Our systems offer flexibility as they are equipped with wheels so should the focus area of your venue change, extra cooling can be delivered to that exact spot.

To find out more about portable air conditioner rentals for your Lafayette wedding, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rental HVAC When Existing Systems Can’t Keep Up

7 June 2018

American Spot Cooling Portable Patio Coolers

It is common for existing Baton Rouge HVAC equipment to under-deliver during times of extreme heat or cold. The causes of an HVAC system to not be able to keep up with heating and/or cooling demand vary, but the most common causes are old systems near the end of their lifecycle or simply a system that was poorly selected for the demands of the space being served. In the situation where your HVAC system is simply not delivering sufficient cooling service, portable rental HVAC systems like American Spot Cooling’s rapidly delivered portable air conditioners will solve your problem in a hurry.

Baton Rouge business owners rent portable air conditioners from American Spot Cooling for their high quality and reliability. Although small in size, our rental HVAC systems delivery the cooling capacity necessary to cool your entire business operation or very target sub-sets of your business suffering from underperforming HVAC service delivery.

Whether you need portable air conditioners for office space, warehouse, or any other type of Baton Rouge business, American Spot Cooling has the solution for your need. These portable air conditioner rentals come in a wide array of models with many different sizes and cooling capacities to fit the specific needs of any operation.

To find out more about the applications and advantages of portable air conditioner rental in Baton Rouge, contact American Spot Cooling.

Air Conditioner Rentals for Baton Rouge Shipyards

25 April 2018

American Spot Cooling Portable Dehumidifiers for New York Shipyards

Baton Rouge ship building and maintenance yards face many heat and humidity challenges throughout the life cycle of the project.  Shipbuilding and maintenance is a precise industry with most elements of ship construction and maintenance requiring adherence to very specific temperature and humidity specifications. Heat and humidity levels within the ship building working space can have dramatic effect on the quality of construction services. 

Out-of-spec heat and humidity tolerance can be be driven by factors that include wet trades, severe weather conditions, high temperatures or other factors. Regardless of the cause, high heat and humidity levels can create major problems for the ship building contractor. Baton Rouge shipyards need rental dehumidifiers and rental spot coolers that efficiently and rapidly reduce on-site heat and humidity levels which accelerate the drying process and help you stay on track with project deadlines.

Ship floors and plaster will need to be dry before finishing trades can start their work, otherwise the process will be ruined. Expensive wooden or resin floors need to be laid on surfaces that are dry, but if the relative humidity is too high this process can be hampered or insufficient. By using rental dehumidifiers in Baton Rouge the process will be accelerated without the risk of cracking of damage to the structure.

Many shipbuilders use heaters to dry their ship construction work space but this often proves inappropriate or ineffective. Applying heat directly to walls and floors will only dry the surface and this will often lead to cracking. Direct fired LPG heaters will add more moisture to the air than they remove. Using rental dehumidifiers at Baton Rouge shipyards will accelerate the natural drying process in a controlled manner and provide significant fuel cost savings.

American Spot Cooling in Baton Rouge provides tailored solutions to meet any requirements.  Engineers will visit your site to take humidity and temperature readings and  use those measurements to recommend the most cost-effective drying package to suit the specific requirements.  These units are delivered immediately, guaranteeing a rapid response to any problems.

Contact American Spot Cooling to discuss your equipment needs.

Rental Air Conditioning for Baton Rouge Warehouses

11 April 2018

American Spot Cooling rent portable air conditioners for Baton Rouge warehouses, LA

Maintaining the proper industrial environment for Baton Rouge warehouses requires strategic rental heating, cooling, and ventilation decisions.  From the outside, if you don’t look too closely, warehouses are the most basic of buildings: essentially four walls, some loading dock doors, and few if any interior walls that cut into storage space. It’s what is stored in the warehouses and how the buildings are used that set each of them apart. Some need to maintain low interior temperatures for products requiring cold storage. With other warehouses, humidity is the issue. In a warehouse that serves as a distribution center, ventilation with outside air is important to expel vehicle exhaust. If saving energy is a top priority, recycling inside air is the best plan.

When delivering rental air conditioning services in Baton Rogue, LA warehouse operations, American Spot Cooling engineers work along with the warehouse operations manager to design a rental cooling system that meets the challenges of the building’s architecture, the products stored within it, and the activities in the warehouse. Of course, we don't just cool Baton Rouge warehouses, we heat them as well, but thank goodness the need for hear is rapidly diminishing as spring weather finally begins to settle in.  

Contact American Spot Cooling for any warehouse climate control or rental portable generator needs in Baton Rouge.

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