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Rental Air-Cooled Chillers and Cooling Towers for Behavioral and Operational Changes in School Campuses - Atlanta, GA

23 June 2014 Bookmark and Share

During unplanned interruptions or school-wide disasters, rental chillers and cooling towers in Atlanta GA can provide the essential ventilation to be able to continue making the classrooms conducive for all learning activities. They also allow schools to maintain the required cooling for certain areas while their existing air conditioning system are being replaced or are under maintenance.

Although portable air conditioners are very popular, they can use more energy and generate heat. For these reasons, some air conditioning systems use water as part of the cooling process like in chillers and cooling towers.

Rental air-cooled chillers in Atlanta, GA provide a wide range of cooling options for a cost-effective and energy-efficient air conditioning in schools. They are designed and built to provide emergency, temporary, and supplemental cooling in any spot of the school, university or day care campus. Rental chillers can fit infinite size requirements and specific applications in a classroom or a whole campus building.

Cooling towers use the process of evaporation in water to reject heat from the system. That is why they are generally classified under the HVAC systems that are safe to be used in schools. These HVAC towers are used in central air conditioning systems as heat exchangers. They use water and air to transfer heat from AC systems to the outdoor environment or remove heat from the condense water leaving a rental chiller.

The use of chillers and cooling towers for rent can cause a constructive change both in behavior and operations in school campuses. They can help in energy management system particularly in cutting down on peak energy loads. It means cutting the energy cost but still be able to sustain and maintain the adequate indoor air quality in the classroom as well as other areas that need proper ventilation. This creates an environment that is conducive for learning without spending too much. For more options on area air conditioning, contact the American Spot Cooling.

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