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Three Key Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners In Commercial Settings

30 April 2020

American Spot Cooling - Portable Air Conditioner Rentals - Houston, TX

There are a number of instances where it is operationally preferable to use portable air conditioners as both an alternate or an augmenting force for your business’ central HVAC systems. Portable air conditioners are more versatile and energy-efficient than ever before. This often makes them the smart solution over upgrading or replacing central HVAC systems.

The following are three key benefits of using a portable air conditioner:

Supplemental Cooling

Sometimes the Central AC system is not sufficient enough to provide even cooling to your building. It's possible that there are areas where it can't entirely reach and cover. Portable air conditioners are a perfect supplemental cooling alternative for it can be rolled near the hot spots and directly cool the area. Moreover, it's ideal when you only need to cool one specific room or a room that is rarely used. You can save more energy when you are able to cool that particular area only instead of cooling the entire building.


Portable air conditioners have a dehumidification feature. A portable air conditioner with dehumidifier has the ability to control humidity without the need to cool the area. By reducing the humidity, the area will feel a lot more cooler. It's an ideal equipment to solve moisture problems in very humid locations. Increased humidity can make the weather feel a lot hotter since moisture-filled air prevents the skin from effectively flushing out sweat. In an environment with high humidity, it's difficult to naturally cool off because you won't sweat, and dry air won't evaporate. Rather, excess moisture builds up on your skin leaving you feeling sticky and uncomfortable. For this reason, it's important to keep the working environment cooler and keep humidity levels to a minimum to make these areas comfortable for performing work.

Appearance and Environmental Deterioration

Portable air conditioners can be removed and stored when they are not in use. This positively contributes to the overall ergonomic effect of your site, but more importantly, they can be stored outside of the caustic effects of sun, salt (in coastal and/or tidal areas), and airborne dirt.

To learn more advantages of portable air conditioner, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Reliable Rental Power Distribution in Any Setting

5 February 2019

American Spot Cooling - Rental Power Distribution in Atlanta, GA

The impact of insufficient electric power can have many undesirable effects. It can disrupt daily activities and cause a loss of productivity in businesses across all industries. These scenarios can be avoided with reliable equipment that can provide constant, continuous, and uninterrupted supply of power. This is where portable rental power distribution panels and boxes come into play.

By choosing portable rental power distribution panels and boxes in Atlanta, GA, businesses can have access to power for continuous and reliable electricity distribution. They are also portable so there is no need for complex installation.

Rental power distribution panels and boxes can be used conveniently in any setting. They can be customized based on the specific needs the particular application. They are also relatively small and easy to move around so too not use much space in any unique operation site.

To find out more about power distribution panels and boxes for rent, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rental Generators for Movie Sets Must be Portable and Reliable - Atlanta, GA

17 January 2019

American Spot Cooling rent generators in Atlanta, GA

Reliable electric power is a must on a movie set. With all of the various equipment that needs electricity at all times, a movie set can not afford to lose power or have an insufficient power. The audio and visual equipment, lights, special effects, and HVAC all rely on a constant and continuous power supply. Without adequate electricity, movie sets can experience delays, technical difficulties, and ultimately, this wastes time and money. In order to prevent this, generator rentals need to be available immediately.

Movie sets must be prepared with the best and most reliable contingency equipment to include portable generators. Backup generators provide reliable supplemental power to temporarily and powerfully supply electricity to sets, regardless of the location of the shoot. Movie sets are time conscious, having backup equipment within reach saves time.

Because they are portable, they can be strategically and easily placed. By renting generators in Atlanta, GA, the directors attention can be focused on what is important, the shoot. Portable generators work efficiently and quietly which is another requirement of movie sets. Audio and visual equipment such as monitors and microphones, lighting such as spotlights and industrial lights, and heating and air conditioning systems can operate continuously for uninterrupted service.

To find out more about generator rentals for movie sets, contact American Spot Cooling.

Generator Rentals for Outdoor or Indoor Events

1 January 2019

American Spot Cooling rent generators in Atlanta, GA

American Power Rental has been providing temporary power solutions for many different settings and situations. Carrying a full line of generator rentals that range from 20KW up to 2000KW, any event even with specific need can be equipped with power generating equipment to ensure that the event runs smoothly. Whether the event is indoor or out, the generators at American Spot Cooling are specifically designed for rental purposes and can be used easily and conveniently in any environment.

Athletic tournaments, state fairs, college orientations, staged events, weddings and a myriad of other types of events need generator rentals to assure uninterrupted power. With events that demands stable and continuous power, it is very important to have backup portable generators that can serve as supplemental power.

Event organizers rent generators in Atlanta, GA when planning an event to be assured that there will be uninterrupted and reliable power. Regardless of if it is a small event or large-scaled show, our top priority is to provide supplemental rental portable generators to keep all your equipment up and running.

To find out more about generators for rent, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Air Conditioner Rentals For Unbeatable Value, Reliability, and Performance

17 December 2018

American Spot Cooling - 125Kva 100kW Rental Generator MultiQuip WhisperWatt

With a large variety of compact sizes and trust-worthy brands, you are sure to find the perfect commercial portable air conditioners for rent to cool the necessary area, regardless of the size of the space. These air conditioners are strategically built to the highest standards in the industry in order to offer unbeatable value, reliability, and performance. They are available from 1 to 5 tons so small and large companies can make use of them for a fraction of the price of purchasing.

When businesses rent portable air conditioners in Atlanta, GA, they are guaranteed units that are reliable, efficient and in perfect working condition. Scheduled maintenance is conducted regularly when not in use so this equipment can be relied upon to be safe and effective cooling solutions. When put in place, hot spots can be cooled easily because these units can be easily moved to where the cooling is needed most.

These rental air conditioner options are available with a wide operating range so they are a great temperature control solution for any application.

To find out more about portable air conditioner rentals, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Air Conditioners Deliver Cool Air Anywhere

11 December 2018

American Spot Cooling - 5 Ton Rental Air Conditioner - MovinCool

Maintaining the appropriate indoor temperature and air quality in server rooms can be challenging, especially during the winter when the in-house HVAC system is set for heat. If your business faces server room cooling issues, get the right solution with the wide array of portable air conditioners for cooling all size spaces.

Portable air conditioners, or spot coolers, can deliver cool air anywhere it is needed. Server rooms often develop hot spots, and those hot spots need immediate cooling to prevent damage to critical equipment. The ever-growing LAN room contains heat-sensitive equipment that is vital to continuous and seamless business operations. This is why businesses cannot afford hot spots which will result in equipment overheating and malfunction.

In order to protect high-powered, critical, and expensive equipment and data, portable air conditioners should be put-in-place for a practical, inexpensive, and immediate solution. This equipment provides cooling solutions that are strategically engineered and tailor-fit to the unique air conditioning requirements of your business. The portability of these commercial air conditioners makes for quick installation and resolution of any temperature control problems.

To find out more about portable air conditioners for cooling server rooms, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rental Heating Systems for Indoor or Outdoor Commercial Use

4 December 2018

American Spot Cooling - Portable Heater Rental Houston, TX

Many businesses in Atlanta may have cause to rent backup heaters. During the winter months, some heating systems cannot keep up or are able to heat sufficiently during below average outdoor temperatures. A colder than normal winter can be hard on heating and air conditioning equipment. At American Spot Cooling, we deploy portable rental heaters for virtually any emergency situation. We rapidly respond to keep your business, whether it be an outdoor construction site indoor operation with insufficient heating, operational when existing services are not adequate. Our reputation for quality support is something that has sustained our power rental business for years.

We serve the Atlanta area and beyond with rental portable heaters. These heating systems are perfect for new construction, for site remodeling where construction is underway in open air environments, and for indoor spaces that don't get enough heat from existing systems. Rental heating is often a superior alternative to those business owners and operators that wish to avoid the high capital expenditure associated with procuring new heating equipment.

Our inventory of rental heating systems is huge. We are positioned to rapidly respond to both your emergency and strategic needs for rental heating regardless of scope. There is no solution too large or small. To find out more about portable heaters, contact American Spot Cooling today.

Rental HVAC and Power When Hurricane Disaster Strikes

28 June 2018

American Spot Cooling rent HVAC, power, dehumidifiers in Hammand LA

Louisianans are routinely tormented by both the threat and by actual storms and business owners across the state now have active manage HVAC, power, and dehumidification contingency plans. After a flood is not the time that companies need to begin to think about getting back in business. Long before tomorrow’s threat is the time to act. The economic repercussions from floods can be felt often for years. It is important for businesses to get back to full pre-storm operations as quickly as possible. This can be done with a recovery program that includes rental HVAC, power generation and dehumidifying solutions.

Hurricane recovery programs should include power generation to get essential equipment running again. Additionally, rental dehumidifiers in Hammand are imperative for evacuating water and humidity to prevent the onset of mold and mildew problems. Dehumidifiers restore air quality by removing moisture from the air and regulating humidity. Less humidity is necessary because: 1) The area is less susceptible to molds and bacteria; 2) it reduces unwanted odor, 3) decreases ambient temperatures. After a hurricane, high quality rental dehumidifiers regulate air temperature and humidity and ensure the return to normal and healthy air quality levels.

Every day of post-storm business closure has dreadful effect on profitability. Buildings, contents, and materials must be dried as soon as possible. Dehumidifiers and the power to run them often become scarce resources in the immediate aftermath of a storm. To begin the recovery process, emergency rental services provide heavy-duty portable generators to cope with the extended power interruptions as a result of the wind and rain damage.

To find out more about emergency HVAC, power and dehumidification services in Hammand contact Hammand’s American Spot Cooling.

Chiller Rental for Plant Shutdowns

27 June 2018

American Spot Cooling Portable HVAC for Columbus, GA

Uninterrupted cooling is absolutely vital to industrial plants uninterrupted production and storage of goods. However, there are cases when an industrial plant’s chiller must be brought down for extended maintenance or they simply catch plant managers off guard via catastrophic failure. In either case American Spot Cooling’s rental chillers in Columbus serve as an immediate solution to deliver temporary or sustained continuity of business operations.

American Spot Cooling offers a full line of rental portable chillers complete with the necessary accessories such as cables, hoses and fittings for quick set-up and installation. There are various models and cooling capacity options, so Columbus plant managers can custom scale their rental chiller to the exact need. We promptly respond to and prioritize emergency cases and urgent requests and so we guarantee reliability and full on-site operations and maintenance for the duration of the rental.

Portable chiller rentals are practical and cost-effective. Columbus-area industrial plants and factory managers can build our services into their continuity of operations plan and know that we are one call away for rapid response. Contact American Spot Cooling to find out more about portable rental chillers in Columbus.

Rental Air Conditioners for Savannah Tent Events

20 June 2018

American Spot Cooling - 5 Ton Rental Air Conditioner - MovinCool

Summer is here and now is the time to start planning your outdoor tent event. Included in the planning process should be the consideration of portable air conditioner rentals. Outdoor events in Savannah should include portable cooling to ensure all guests are comfortable. Air conditioner rentals from American Spot Cooling deliver exceptional temporary cooling service and help to ensure complete event success.

Every outdoor tent event has unique cooling requirements. The variables that define the necessary cooling capacity include (of course) outside temperature, the volume of space to be cooled, the number of attendees, and the heat producing equipment such as sound systems, lights, and other AV equipment. Our portable air conditioners come in varied compact sizes and cooling capacities to perfectly condition any Savannah outdoor tent event.

When you rent portable air conditioners in Savannah from American Spot Cooling, the equipment will be safe, efficient, effective, and guaranteed to deliver as promised. Our equipment is very easy to adjust on the spot (yes, summer tent events can get too cold), offers easy-to-use controls, and include noise cancellation and low-emissions.

To find out more about portable air conditioner rentals in Savannah, contact American Spot Cooling.

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