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Rental Generators are Your Protection Against Storm Related Power Outages

27 August 2020

American Power Rental - Rental Generator in Chicago, IL

Wind-related power outages are a common occurrence here in Chicago and simply something   commercial property owners  must actively consider and prepare for. American Spot Cooling & Power Rental specializes in helping business owners do just that.

For businesses, power outages introduce serious problems.  For commercial enterprises, every minute of down-time produces increased costs, loss of revenue, and lost opportunities. Chicago’s power grid is susceptible to the brutal weather patterns that we have come to expect here. But, Chicago business owners do not have to accept the associated costs of going without power.

Having reliable backup power is an essential element in contingency planning for both  business customers across Chicago. The surprisingly low cost of rental generators makes the cost/benefit analysis easy to consider. Being prepared with an emergency power plan is smart and is now affordable. The biggest obstacle to having back-up power is the fact that many don’t realize how affordable being prepared can be.

Protect your business from power loss. Contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental and we’ll show you how.

400 Ton Rental Air-Cooled Chillers Sustain Chicago Businesses

22 May 2020

American Spot Coolin & Power Rental - Rental Air Cooled Chiller

Industrial air-cooled chillers work hand in hand with an air handler system to actively absorb heat from warm water through a vapor-compression refrigerant cycle. They are commonly employed to provide supplemental, temporary or emergency cooling for large establishments or high-volume applications like mall buildings, hotels, schools, oil refineries, factories, warehouses, hospitals and medical centers. When an on-site chiller fails or is brought down for maintenance, rental chillers are employed to sustain essential operations. We're prepared to supply Chicago-area businesses with the large-scale chiller services they may need.

American Spot Cooling and Power Rental's Trane RTAC400 Ton Rental Air Cooled Chiller is a hermetic rotary refrigeration machine that provides chilled water for either commercial or industrial water cooling systems. These air-cooled chillers are engineered for lower life cycle costs and reliability through design simplicity. Their energy efficiencies exceed ASHRAE 90.1 standards and the Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 schools. All rotary refrigeration units have single inlet & outlet evaporator water connections.

Product Features

  • Helirotor™ compressor is direct drive, low speed (3600 rpm). The only moving parts are the rotors and load/unload mechanisms for high reliability and efficiency.
  • Two independent rotary refrigerant circuits.
  • Tracer™ Chiller Controller and the Adaptive Control™microprocessor provide all unit control and safety functions through a proactive control strategy.

For more information about our rental chillers, rental air handlers, and other rental equipment, contact American Spot Cooling and Power Rental.

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