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American Spot Cooling & Power Rental Case Studies

American Spot Cooling & Power Rental Gives a Little Boost to Some Produce in Need

7 July 2020

Whether you have noticed or not, the produce that is sold both whole and processed at grocery stores is typically the best that is available to American consumers. Between sorting out quality fruit and vegetables at harvest, transportation, and more, there is much that goes on to ensure that shoppers have access to fresh and delicious produce. One facility in Texas, which processes and cuts up to 75,000 pounds of fruit and vegetables a day, is very much a part of the journey from farm to home. So when their current refrigeration system failed to keep their produce coolers at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, they looked to American Spot Cooling & Power Rental for supplemental cooling.

A representative visited the facility and engineered a solution based on the qualities of the building and the preexisting equipment, as well as the conditions that needed to be met. A mechanical contractor was hired to install the equipment, and four of their technicians spent three days on the install. A single 125-ton air-cooled chiller, one 50 kVA generator, and a few air handlers were used to bring the produce down to 40 degrees. Any temperature higher than that would risk the produce losing its freshness and even beginning to break down before it hit store shelves.

The rental generator and chiller is expected to be in use until December, essentially until the milder temperatures of fall reduce the strain on the facility’s cooling system. Until then workers can cut strawberries and pineapples in peace, knowing they won’t give their consumers a fermented surprise.

Large or Small, American Spot Cooling & Power Rental Responds Quickly to Any Job

30 June 2020

Although American Spot Cooling & Power Rental is equipped to serve some of the largest projects possible when it comes to rental cooling, not every job is so big. In fact, some only require a single unit to get the job done. At one ATM kiosk for a large bank, the air conditioning system for the small room had broken down, making use of the ATM quite uncomfortable for the bank’s customers. The bank tasked their heating and cooling contractor with repairing the system, but also needed some form of air conditioning by the next day. The contractor then contacted American Spot Cooling & Power Rental, who was able to provide and install a rental air conditioner within a day of the first call.

Three technicians, including only one ASCAPR employee, installed a single 1-ton air conditioning unit in a matter of hours. Although the job was performed quickly per the customer’s requirements, it was not necessarily simple. The unit had to be installed in a very small space, and the door of the kiosk could not be propped open due to security concerns. This meant that ducting had to be situated somewhere beside the doorway, which in turn required cutting a hole through the side of the kiosk itself.

Although the unit was installed quickly and conveniently for the customer, it is not leaving nearly as soon as it came. In fact, it is likely to be in use for the entirety of the summer, during which a representative will make monthly checks and replacements of the air filter. Regardless of the duration, customers will rest easy knowing they can make important withdrawals in cool comfort.

Summer: A Beautiful Time of the Year — Until Your AC Goes Out

22 June 2020

Working inside an office during the summer can be painful for those who enjoy being outdoors in beautiful weather. When the office’s air conditioning system breaks down, however, staying inside is torture for everybody involved. One office suite in Georgia faced such misfortune when its two rooftop units failed in late May, just as summer temperatures were beginning to creep in. The building management still had time to replace the units before Georgia heat would really kick in, but they encountered yet another obstacle: the replacement units were a special order item, and would take a month to be delivered. Knowing it would be impossible to replace the permanent system in time, they had contacted American Spot Cooling & Power Rental to provide a temporary cooling solution for the office.

The two units that had failed were each rated at 25 tons. When a representative arrived to assess the job, he designed a solution with two similarly rated rental air conditioners as well as a power distribution system for the equipment. This consisted of a step-up transformer and power cable to deliver the power from the roof of the building. Two technicians installed the rental cooling and power distribution in half a day, running 150 feet of ducting up to the three story building’s roof, and running 150 feet of cable from the roof down to the units stationed in the parking lot. With the equipment installed, the office was able to remain comfortable for the month it took to deliver and install the replacement units.

By Sebastian Kopacz

In the Face of Texas Heat, There's No Room for Inadequate Cooling Systems

17 June 2020

When it comes to high summer temperatures, it is only a matter of time before buildings with poor air conditioning begin to feel less like a shelter from the elements and more like a furnace. In many instances where high indoor temperatures threaten the basic safety and comfort of a building’s occupants, workers unions often have to step in and threaten to strike or to clear out a building entirely. This was the case with one government building in Texas, which was cleared out due to complaints from the employees’ union. Until the building received adequate cooling, it could not yet be occupied again. In turn, the property owner that leased the building decided to add more chillers to the cooling system. The contractor they hired discovered that the preexisting chiller was in bad shape and needed fixing, requiring a lengthy renovation for the property owner. Thankfully, they knew just who to call for a rental cooling solution in the meantime.

Once the team of three installers arrived at the government building, the job ahead of them was clear: install a 100-ton chiller as well as the power cable, hoses, and other equipment needed to support the unit. However, it was not exactly going to be easy: with the rental chiller stationed on the ground and the permanent chiller located on the rooftop, the only way they could tie into the cooling system was to pipe the chilled water supply up the side of the three-story building. Aside from the chilled water hoses, the only other thing needed to complete the temporary cooling solution was to connect the chiller to power. Thankfully, a power source was located on the same side of the building as the chiller, and the team finished the entire installation within six hours. With the solution installed, it is expected to remain in place for at least a month and a half after the date of installation.

Thanks to Mobile Air & Power Rentals’ ability to provide reliable equipment and customized rental solutions, the government building was made suitable for occupation while the permanent chiller system received a renovation.

By Sebastian Kopacz

Why We're a Restoration Contractor’s Best Friend in the Face of an Emergency

8 May 2020

Mobile Air & Power Rentals’ Success in Boston

Sometimes you can see disaster coming from a mile away, but often it’ll show up at your doorstep uninvited. One night in Boston, an over-pressurized water main broke, causing severe flooding throughout one of the city’s streets. Once the water had dissipated, crews scrambled to fix the pipe and restoration professionals began assessing damaged buildings. As it turned out, damage had reached one above-ground building and one below-ground building, leaving about five feet of water damage. The restoration contractor knew that moisture had to be drawn out within 72 hours to stop the growth of mold, so they needed a swift and responsive partner to provide a rental dehumidification solution. Thankfully for them, Mobile Air & Power Rentals was ready to get the job done quickly.

Knowing that time was precious, a sales representative arrived at the site within an hour to design a solution that would include rental heaters and rental dehumidifiers to draw moisture out of the buildings. Working through the night, the MAPR sales team designed a solution and drafted a proposal for the customer. The next day it was approved by the customer. The solution called for heat, dehumidification, and all the accompanying power and accessories to support the job. Delivery of the equipment started three hours after the proposal was approved, and technicians began their installation immediately. The equipment was completely installed by the next day, less than 72 hours after the flooding incident.

It took teamwork, determination, and perseverance to effectively handle this emergency. Thanks to the abilities of Mobile Air & Power Rentals’ sales and operations teams, the restoration contractor was able to it the ground running.

By Sebastian Kopacz

How ASCAPR Brought the POWER to SuperFest 2020

1 May 2020

Each year in the United States, the Super Bowl is without a doubt the most watched television broadcast. The event is so widely enjoyed that the Super Bowl has become a sort of unofficial holiday. This year in Miami Gardens, celebrations extended beyond the official event itself, with two separate events being held at the same venue space during Super Bowl weekend.

From Thursday to Saturday night, one event showcased Miami’s rich culture by hosting a festival with musical performances, art, food, and more. On Sunday, the same event area featured a pregame tailgate party, where notable chefs, active NFL players, celebrities, and other guests celebrated before the big game. Thanks to American Spot Cooling & Power Rentals’ ability to provide reliable rental solutions, we had the fortune of providing power for both events.

The first event required quite a good deal of equipment: between tents, food trailers, the main stage, and several smaller stages, the ASCAPR install team had plenty of work ahead of them. Each area needed power and power distribution, and separate feeds were required for lighting and audio equipment. Three technicians and a sales representative spent four days installing a total of 1,470-kVA of power, tons of power cable, and plenty of panels. The install was straightforward, although the team had to be flexible and responsive to the customer’s changing needs.

Once the rental generators were installed, the party was ready to get started on Thursday. In order to maintain proper function of the rental equipment, operators remained on site for the duration of the event. Then came Saturday night, which marked the end of the first event and a countdown to the next one. Before the pregame tailgate began, installers had to tear down the rental power setup and once again install another. This time, it required only  670-kVA of power and the accompanying power distribution equipment.

The installation was finished in time for the tailgate, and an operator kept it running during the event. By Monday evening, everything was broken down and on its way back to our facilities. With a dedicated and flexible team, American Spot Cooling & Power Rental provided the sideline support that let Miami Gardens score a weekend of Super Bowl celebrations.

By Sebastian Kopacz

Mobile Air & Power Rental Chills Out with a Methane Manufacturer in Preparation for Some Summer Heat

13 April 2020

It goes without saying that methane is a crucial and versatile chemical used all across the country. It’s used for heating homes, generating electricity, fertilizing soil, and a host of other applications. Manufacturers of methane gas must continue their operations to provide a consistent supply of the substance, which means that any potential disruption must be dealt with immediately.

One manufacturer in Arizona had purchased a new chiller a few years back, only to find that it was beginning to fail and might completely break down before the end of the summer. The chiller was used for process cooling, and without it they faced a potential halt in production that could spell disaster for their operations. After researching the merits of buying vs. renting a chiller, the manufacturer decided that they needed a reliable partner to provide a rental chiller and to handle everything else through a full turnkey solution. When they contacted Mobile Air & Power Rentals, we were more than prepared to design, install, and service the solution they needed.

Once the facility and its cooling needs had been assessed, a sales representative designed a solution that called for a 440-ton air-cooled chiller. The chiller was promptly delivered to the site, and a manager and two technicians installed the rental chiller and its ancillary equipment in less than a day. However, in addition to commissioning and startup of the equipment, the manufacturer also required a certain amount of glycol in the chiller’s water to keep the temperature even lower than usual for their process cooling. This required extra care and setup to prevent any spillage of glycol into the surrounding environment, but it was no challenge for MAPR’s experienced technicians.

The timing of the installation couldn’t have been better — by the time the rental unit was installed, the manufacturer’s permanent chiller had just broken down. Having saved their operations, the rental chiller is set to stay at the facility until the end of the season, when outside temperatures will begin to cool. The chiller will receive monthly service, although the plant’s proximity to a rather dusty farm and Arizona’s monsoon season may warrant more frequent service than usual. With the chiller installed and a service plan in place, Mobile Air & Power Rental demonstrated once again its ability to provide turnkey solutions for any situation, regardless of the circumstances.

By Sebastian Kopacz

Mobile Air & Power Rentals Demonstrates Its Versatility With Heat and Power Equipment to Fight the Winter

28 February 2020

When a contractor begins the construction of a new building, there is almost no problem that can’t be overcome by its determination to finish on time. A common issue during winter construction is cold weather, which can hinder worker productivity, safety, and even certain processes like concrete curing.

One general contractor in Baltimore faced the limitations of a harsh winter and wanted to provide heating to its job site, but there was a significant drawback preventing it from doing so: there was no 460-volt electricity supply to power heaters large enough for the site. The contractor needed more than just a company that could rent out heating equipment, it required a partner that was ready to provide everything necessary to keep construction on track. The company contacted Mobile Air & Power Rentals, who was more than willing to take on the challenge. For Mobile Air & Power Rentals, this was our first chance to showcase our new versatility since the acquisition of American Equipment Group, or AEG.

The particular needs of this contractor called for a joint venture between American Power Rental (a division of AEG) and Mobile Air & Power Rentals. Mobile provided the necessary heating equipment for the job, and American Power Rental provided the generators to power the equipment. Two technicians and two sales representatives from both divisions spent a day installing equipment for the site. Mobile Air & Power Rentals provided four direct fire heaters, two rated at one million BTU and the other two at four and a half million BTU. To power these heaters, APR brought in two 45-kVA and two 70-kVA rental generators.

With all of the equipment installed, the construction site was ready to face the worst of winter in Baltimore. The contractor used the rental heating and power solution for about five weeks, with technicians servicing the generators once during that time. Thanks to Mobile Air & Power Rentals’ ability to accommodate any circumstances, this Baltimore construction site had the turnkey service it needed to finish the project on time.

By Sebastian Kopacz

To New Levels and Beyond: American Spot Cooling Innovates a Solution for Drying Hemp Biomass

20 January 2020

American Spot Cooling

As medicinal and recreational cannabis becomes legalized in more and more states, the overall popularity of cannabis, as well as related business opportunities, continues to grow. One such opportunity within the cannabis industry is the sale of biomass, or harvested organic material. Whether for use as fibre, fuel, or for CBD extraction, hemp biomass is proving to be an increasingly robust business venture for those who grow, process, and utilize the product.

That said, the endeavor is not without its difficulties. One business in the Gulf region, which processes harvested hemp in preparation for use as biomass, needed a temporary drying solution for the warehouse where their hemp is hung and dried. Normally their hemp is naturally dried on its own, but a busy season made it necessary to accelerate the drying process. Knowing that it was critical to choose a partner who could design and install an innovative solution like no other, the business called on American Spot Cooling to help them out.

Although the hemp biomass sold from this processing plant can be used for numerous applications, its quality needed to be suitable for CBD extraction. This means drying the product to a specific moisture content that produces the most oil during the extraction process. As of right now, most leaders in the rental equipment industry are scrambling to find the standard for hemp drying solutions, but American Spot Cooling is known to think outside the box and find the right solution, which is why we got the call. One of our drying specialists designed a unique solution for the warehouse that was powered by our rental generators. Once the rental HVAC equipment was prepared and loaded onto trucks, two installers punched in the coordinates of the plant and set out to install ASC’s industry-leading drying solution.

After a day of installation, the warehouse was equipped with the right combination of machines to provide ideal atmospheric conditions for producing the desired moisture content in the biomass. The processing plant used the rental drying solution for about a month and a half, long enough to prove that ASC's design had worked just the way it was planned.

By Sebastian Kopacz

Surgery Patients Are Open to Suggestions When It Comes to Keeping the Operating Room Cool

10 January 2020

American Spot CoolingAt any hospital, an operating room must meet certain temperature and humidity conditions for the sake of patient health and safety. Keeping the space cool and dry limits the growth of bacteria and thus the possibility of an infection. These requirements are a problem for many older hospitals, whose dated cooling systems struggle to keep up with the demand. One hospital in Oklahoma was not meeting the necessary conditions for their operating room, and was at risk of shutting the room down if proper temperature and humidity could not be restored soon enough. They decided to hire an engineering firm to install new HVAC equipment in the hospital, who had, in turn, called American Spot Cooling to implement temporary cooling in the meantime.

By using psychrometrics and airflow calculations to better understand how temperature, humidity, and air flow affect each other in the operating room, an ASC sales representative engineered a solution for the hospital. The plans were approved by the firm, and equipment was delivered within a week. A member of the American Spot Cooling management team then went to assist a mechanical contractor in a semi-permanent installation of the site. 

To provide the necessary temperature and humidity control, two 30-ton air conditioners, a 1,500 CFM desiccant dehumidifier, and a variable frequency drive was installed on the hospital roof. The units were brought up to the roof via crane, connected to hard ducting, and wired into the hospital’s automation system. Permanent equipment was installed in November. Until then, the rental air conditioners and rental dehumidifier served the strict condition requirements of the operating room for just over a year in total.

By Sebastian Kopacz

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