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Rental Dehumidifiers: Essential Commercial Restoration Equipment

24 September 2020

Mobile Air & Power Rentals - Rental LGR Dehumidifier | AmeriCool ADH-130

Water damage caused by flooding is not restricted to named storms hitting the southern states. Commercial water damage can be caused by any number of disasters including damaged or frozen pipes, fire, damaged sprinkler systems, or a host of other disasters. As a result, dehumidification services are a critical element to business recovery and restoration.

Whether you're a contractor in need of dehumidification equipment for a customer's home or a large industrial company requiring large-scale dehumidification services, there is an efficient and affordable plan ready for immediate response.

Rest assured, American Spot Cooling & Power Rental does not just provide equipment. We’ll guide you through contingency planning, delivery, refueling, pick-up and technician response. We deliver state of the art rental dehumidification equipment in Buffalo, NY, but it is our reputation for exceptional service that we take the greatest pride in.

When disaster strikes, trust American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Back-up and Primary Generator Rental Service

30 June 2020

American Spot Cooling and Power Rental - 45kVA Generator

Whenever the power goes out in your business in Buffalo, you have two choices: close down until power is restored or turn to permanent or rental backup power generation. We suppy Buffalo-area business owners with affordable portable diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and propane generator rentals for both primary and back-up power sources. We take pride in assisting you every step of the way from requirements analysis and equipment delivery to set up and operational support.

Before you invest in rental power generation, make sure your service provider offers nearby and rapid response support services. Not all power generation companies are positioned to rapidly respond. Our state-of-the-art power system technology is clean, quiet, and efficient, but it's our customer service that sets us apart from all others. It’s what makes us a long-standing leader and the preferred power supplier to Buffalo-area business owners.

If you are a business owner in need of rental power generation, please note that using a portable generator to power your business without a transfer switch is dangerous. If you’re not sure about whether or not your building is equipped with a transfer switch (or are uncertain about the characteristics of an existing switch) contact us, we can help you figure it out. The improper introduction of temporary power into the building's power systems can damage equipment, introduce the risk of electrocution, and even damage the electric grid for which you can be held financially liable. We offer rental automatic transfer switch services that will keep you and your business safe.

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