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Do Not Assume Your Standby Power Systems Are Ready, Test Them

16 October 2020

American Spot Cooling rent generators in New York, NY

Winter weather poses unique seasonal power challenges to many businesses. The brutal Milwaukee winter introduces additional electrical draw just to keep business operations properly heated. Sometimes that additional power draw exceeds capacity and causes your standby power generation systems to kick in. Of course, unscheduled utility power interruptions are inevitable, so many business operators plan for this with on-site power generation capabilities.

The question is if you need your power or emergency power augmented, is your standby power generation system ready to go? American Spot Cooling & Power Rental is your Milwaukee expert in assessing and servicing your standby power system needs and readiness.

To ensure that generators run properly when the need arises, regular load bank testing must be conducted. Business owners and operators across Milwaukee need periodic maintenance and testing services that guarantee the best possible power supply whenever emergency or augmented power needs arise. If you are not equipped with on-site emergency power generation services you’ll find our generator rental services to be the most satisfying and valued power support service available.

We provide temporary cooling, heating, dehumidification, and power solutions for almost any business application across the greater Milwaukee area. Contact Mobile Air and Power Rentals for services you can trust.

PORTABLE POWER GENERATOR: Keeping You Powered Rain Or Shine

15 July 2020

Mobile Air & Power Rentals backup portable generators in Milwaukee, WI

Portable generators can be utilized year-round, in fair or inclement weather. They must be operated outdoors given the carbon monoxide produced by their combustion engines. Today we remind you that you need to take special action during periods of inclement weather to protect your personal or rental portable generator.

Your business' need for portable power is not limited to blue sky days. When rainy weather sets in or is forecasted, you need to protect your generator from the elements. Any tent-like cover that provides for adequate ventilation of exhaust while simultaneously protecting the asset from direct exposure to rain is an adequate solution. For those of you who experience routine (if not daily) pop-up storms, then consider a permanent cover that custom fits the model and size of the generator. Certainly, if your portable generator is configured as a permanent backup system, it is essential to build a permanent generator cover.

There are some generators marketed as “all-weather machines," however rest assured that regular and recurring exposure to rain will shorten the unit's life cycle. A custom protective cover will more than pay for itself over time.

For more information regarding portable generator services, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

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