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American Power Rental Miami FL Blog

Site Rental Power Design and Implementation Services

5 June 2020

American Power Rental - backup portable generators

Ask any of your fellow business owners about how critical it is to manage your plant’s power production, and some might have horror stories to share. Many have learned the hard way that site power is not a “thumb in the air” subject. Fluctuating demand on any job site threatens the ability to continue business uninterrupted. Here at American Spot Cooling we not only provide affordable rental generator services across the greater Miami area, but as certified electrical professionals, we’ll ensure you get things done the right way.

When a business is served with strategically planned rental generator service, that owner can rest easy that the business power support system is sized right, maintained, and operated professionally. The equipment will be placed strategically on the site so that you can be served with safe and effective power distribution services. We'll gladly conduct an analysis to determine horsepower, voltage, amperage, and power distribution layout.

Our Miami-based rental generator services will help you avoid power problems that plague far too many Miami business owners. To get started, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

1,000 Gallon Rental Fuel Tanks For Miami Business Operations

22 May 2020

American Spot Cooling and Power Rental - Rental Fuel Tanks

Large fuel tank rentals are a crucial element of Miami-area construction, as well as a ready fuel source for large-scale plant power generation. Business owners who do not have a permanent need for onsite fuel storage routinely turn to us here at American Spot Cooling and Power Rental for their rental tank needs.

American Spot Cooling and Power Rental's TransCube Global 40TCG is a transportable & versatile fuel storage deployment solution for larger diesel-powered equipment. With 1,000 gallons of operations or back-up fuel, your ability to bulk purchase and store fuel saves significant operations costs associated with the frequent fuel resupply of smaller fuel storage tanks.

Product Features:

  • Transportable - The TransCube is DOT approved to allow handling while the tank is full and features full load-lifting eyes, forklift pockets and internal baffles.
  • Environmentally Safe - The TransCube is UL 142 approved, double-walled and 110% contained to eliminate the need for spill pans.
  • Accessible - Access manway enables easy maintenance and inspection of inner tank. Removable inner tank allows for servicing and cleaning.
  • Secure - Lockable equipment cabinet locks and secures fuel equipment and fuel ports to run up to 3 pieces of diesel-powered equipment and pump fuel all while the cabinet is locked.
  • Stackable - Easily stackable (2)-high if full of fuel and (3)-high if empty to reduce storage space requirements.

When the need arises for large-scale fuel containment at your operations site, American Spot Cooling’s transportable fuel storage tanks should be your first choice. Contact American Spot Cooling and Power Rental to learn more.

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