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American Power Rental Grand Rapids MI Blog

Rental Portable Heaters Keep Classrooms Warm During Winter

15 October 2020

inidrect fired heater

School districts in colder climates often need supplemental spot cooling and heating services as the result of outdated systems, school class sizes, drafty windows, building expansion or reuse, and the need for portable classroom space. In particular, this is a recurring winter challenge for school administrators in Grand Rapids, MI. School administrators need to provide affordable rental portable heaters to the area's schools as well as to administrative offices.

There are many ways to heat the air. To meet the requirements and specifications of unique spaces and applications, portable heaters for rent need to focus on security and efficiency, enabling safe industrial heating in varied environments. Portable heaters are safe, quiet, and efficient, and can be utilized in diverse settings. They come in various sizes and capacities allowing administrators to solve temporary heating requirements from small classrooms to large auditoriums and gyms. They are also easily moved from one place to another as heating needs arise.

To find out more about portable electric heaters for schools in Grand Rapids, MI, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Back-Up and Primary Rental Generator Services

9 October 2020

American Power Rental - rent generators in Grand Rapids, MI

When the power goes out in your business in Grand Rapids, MI you have two choices: close down until the power is restored, or choose backup power generation, either permanent or rental. At American Spot Cooling & Power Rental, we supply Grand Rapids business owners with affordable portable diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and propane generator rentals for both primary and back-up power sources. We take pride in assisting you every step of the way, from requirements analysis and equipment delivery, to set up and operational support.

Before you invest in rental generators, make sure your service provider offers rapid response support. Not all power generation rental companies are positioned to respond immediately, but we are. Our state-of-the-art power system technology is clean, quiet, and efficient, but it is our customer service that sets us apart from the competition. It is what makes us a long-standing leader and the preferred power supplier to Grand Rapids, MI business owners.

If your business is in need of rental power, understand that using a portable generator with a transfer switch to power your business is the best solution and offers the most protection. A transfer switch will properly introduce temporary power into the building's power system and prevent damage to equipment while maintaining seamless power to your systems. Contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental for any rental power generation and automatic transfer switch rentals.

Portable Power Generator: Great For Power And Quietness

10 July 2020

Mobile Air & Power Rentals - Portable Generator

A rental portable generator is the ideal tool for temporary business use, special projects, or any scenario where your need for power generation is short-term in nature.

Generators, like most mechanical devices, prefer to run rather than to sit idle.  One of the most often repeated stories in the power business is that business owners who have a portable generator in storage that has not been thought about (much less operated) for extended periods of time.  That device is at high risk for failure when you need it the most.

Generator noise is a primary consideration as well. If your business is located in an area with prolonged electrical outages from storms or other natural disasters, you’ve tried desperately to operate silently while the neighboring establishment's generator floods the community with unwanted noise. We offer rental ultra-quiet generators that are perfect for temporary business power needs. Our small, top-rated quiet generators produce up to 150 kW of continuous, stable, and clean power. It is very remarkable and useful to sensitive equipment and machines. More-so, it runs for 24 hours on just 102 gallons of fuel, which is very economical and super-efficient. They deliver enough power to keep your essential equipment running during blackouts. They provide the best features to run quietly, dependably and to provide reliable high-performance in a business setting.

For information regarding any and all things related to portable power generation and distribution systems, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

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