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American Power Rental Detroit MI Blog

How Rental Portable Electric Heater Improve Profitability

16 November 2020

Mobile Air & Power Rentals - 45KW Rental Electric Heater Fostoria FES-4548-3

Frigid temperatures and the threat of snow will be the forecast of the day until spring. Despite cold temperatures, business must go on. For construction contractors out there, the cold slows down profitability in various ways. We will point out the most common ways and invite you to call us to discuss how American Spot Cooling & Power Rental’s portable electric heater rental service can positively affect your bottom line.

Rental heating services:

  • Improves worker productivity: The productivity of construction workers is a concern during winter considering that they are exposed outdoors to extreme cold weather. Freezing temperatures can drastically affect the muscles, eventually losing function, mobility, and coordination. Extremities can go numb and can become less responsive. The workers rely on their strength and mobility in order to complete the job. Providing them sufficient warmth at work enables them to carry out the work at full strength.
  • Lessens cold injury cases and the susceptibility to the flu: since freezing temperatures affect the the flexibility of muscles, cold subjects your workers to the risk of injury. The shock absorption capability of the body from impact is impaired as well, still due to weakened muscle flexibility.
  • Enhance Mental Alertness: Working in a very cold environment for long hours can impair mental alertness. In a worksite where hazards are high and involve the constant use of heavy machinery, a focused mind is required. Accidents are common in works sites with harsh environments. Addressing temperature related concerns can help lessen work hazards.
  • Improves workers' morale: Providing your workers extra warmth and comfort while they are working on a complex job will help boost your workers' morale. This results in an improved overall work environment.

If you need to rent portable electric heaters for a winter construction project, contact Mobile Air & Power Rentals. We have a complete line of rental portable electric heater units ready for dispatch.

Portable Generator Solutions That are Custom Designed

9 September 2020

American Power Rental - rent generators in Detroit, MI

We are the leader in Detroit for power generation rental services. In today's post we’d like to introduce you to the various power production assets that we stock and are ready to deploy in response to your needs for emergency outages, supplemental power, planned system maintenance, or any other power production need.

We offer numerous generator rental packages that are custom designed to meet the needs of any type of business or industry. We deliver solutions that are flexible and designed for precise electrical capacity, with maximized fuel efficiency. We’ll meet your delivery and deployment time-frame at a very competitive price.

Your portable generator solution will be created after an individualized consult to help you define your exact need. In many cases, the power demands fluctuate. We’ll design a “load-on-demand” installation plan where the generators automatically turn on and off to meet your site’s load demand. This allows you to save fuel and reduce noise, emissions, and costs.

With American Spot Cooling & Power Rental in Detroit, you get years of experience providing reliable, versatile, and fast response to emergency or non-emergency power augmentation needs.

American Spot Cooling & Power Rental is a Division of Mobile Air & Power Rentals and has earned the trust of Detroit-area business owners.

Power Generator Rental Agreement Guidance

12 June 2020

Mobile Air & Power Rentals, Detroit, MI - Portable Generator

Not all rental power companies are the same. You really need to pay attention to the agreement that you sign. Today we’re going to educate you on some things to look for.

It is important to know and understand the details of any rental power generator agreement that you enter. The specific terms and conditions agreed between the rental company and you, the consumer, is extremely important. It gives both parties a clear understanding of what the customers will follow during the rental period and limit the liability in the event that the generator rented fails. This works in your favor because it is extremely rare for our power generation assets to fail, and our stellar reputation for rapid response to any and all issues has gone uninterrupted for years now. We attribute this to heavy investment in operations and maintenance, and to our attention to detail,  something that very few others do.

We take the time to review your lease agreement in detail with you. We are happy and proud to do this because we point out exactly how you are protected and are guaranteed service that you will conclude is exceptional, fairly priced, and operationally perfect. Our best recommendation is to demand that any rental power agreement that you sign is jointly reviewed by you and your service provider before you sign it. They should be happy to do this.

For more information regarding on generator rental in and around the greater Detroit area, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Rental Power Generator Services

29 May 2020

American Power Rental - Rental Power Generator ServicesAny business relies on the continuity of its operations. Every business owner needs a plan, ready to execute, for when natural disaster strikes or the local power grid goes down without warning. We're committed to helping you author and execute that plan. Whether you need onsite rental power services for your immediate Detroit business need or are looking for full-time backup power generation capability, American Spot Cooling & Power Rental is your trusted source for rental power solutions.

Rental power generation services are not only a cost saving business investment, they are a profit-generating business decision. The cost of unscheduled business downtime from a power failure, even if only for hours, far exceeds the value of our customer's investment in their contingency power management plan. Rental power solutions exempt you from the comparatively large capital outlay to purchase equipment and the labor cost to maintain and operate your equipment. We do that for you as part of your service plan. We’ll gladly design and execute your power distribution system as well.

We hope that you’re not finding us because of a power emergency, but rest assured that if you are, we are ready to respond immediately. What we really hope is that you, a business operations manager, are looking to strategically eliminate risk to your business. We wish you only success and can promise that you’re about to team with the most trusted power professionals in the greater Detroit area.

For more on how to get started, contact American Power Rental Detroit today.

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