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American Power Rental Cleveland OH Blog

Rental Electrical Spider Box Service

12 June 2020

Mobile Air & Power Rentals - Spider Box

Mobile Air & Power Rentals’ electrical spider box services provide a rapid response, safe, and reliable portable power distribution capability across the greater Cleveland area. We offer 250 VAC, single-phase power distribution services. No matter where temporary power solution you require, our spider boxes empower you to distribute clean electricity to power equipment, lighting systems, sound, and every other electrical system imaginable.

Mobile Air & Power Rentals carries 400 Amp, 3 Phase Rental Cam-Type Spider Box, all immediately available for rent. This spider box is fed by a generator (ours or yours) which splits off five separate sets of 5 wire Cam-type receptacles. It allows multiple areas on a construction site or multiple film shots to be set up and used as needed over the course of a day. The runs are not used simultaneously and there is no overcurrent risk.

Product Features

  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) top, bottom and sides provide superior impact, weather and shock resistance
  • Compact for convenient portability
  • Expedient means of distributing 400 Amp, 3 Phase Cam-type cable runs

For any and all power distribution needs in and around the greater Cleveland area, contact Mobile Air & Power Rentals.

Immediate and Back-Up Power Generation Services

10 June 2020

American Power Rental backup portable generators in Boston, MA

Often, our first-time power generator customers here at American Spot Cooling & Power Rental are confused about what their exact power generation requirements are and how to order them. We can quickly set those concerns aside thanks to our ability to conduct a thorough requirements analysis and by following up with a totally affordable power generation and power distribution support plan.

Our systems are designed to run continuously. They provide clean and steady power and can run for days without any operational service requirements. When the units do need service, we are ready and able to provide you with fuel, lubricant and maintenance service as well.

We provide solutions for both your immediate and/or standby power generation needs. Our standby portable generators are designed with auto-detect circuity that kick starts the generator the moment it detects a loss of power. You will suffer zero outage as the changeover is instantaneous.

We can design an immediate or back-up power generation and distribution plan for you no matter how large or small your requirement is. Contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental to learn more.

Rental Power Generator Services

27 May 2020

American Power Rental - backup portable generators in Cleveland, OH

Any business relies on the continuity of its operations. Every business owner needs a plan, ready to execute, for when natural disaster strikes or the local power grid goes down without warning. We're committed to helping you author and execute that plan. Whether you need onsite rental power services for your immediate Cleveland business need or looking for full-time backup power generation capability, American Spot Cooling & Power Rental is your trusted source for rental power solutions.

Rental power generation services are not only a cost saving business investment, they are a profit-generating business decision. The cost of unscheduled business downtime from a power failure, even if only for hours, far exceeds the value of our customer's investment in their contingency power management plan. Rental power solutions exempt you from the comparatively large capital outlay to purchase equipment and the labor cost to maintain and operate your equipment. We do that for you as part of your service plan. We’ll gladly design and execute your power distribution system as well.

We hope that you’re not finding us because of a power emergency, but rest assured that if you are, we are ready to respond immediately. What we really hope is that you, a business operations manager, are looking to strategically eliminate risk to your business. We wish you only success and can promise that you’re about to team with the most trusted power professionals in the greater Cleveland area.

For more on how to get started, contact American Power Rental.

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