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Portable Commercial Generators Provide Power During Outages

21 September 2020

American Power Rental backup portable generators in Boston, MA

Unexpected power outages in manufacturing facilities cause production delays, product damage, and data loss. This is where emergency portable generators come into play. Proper contingency planning can allow for a generator of the correct size and output to immediately supply enough power to keep operations running until electricity is restored. Having a portable commercial generator in-place allows manufacturing to continue and business to weather the storm.

Portable emergency generator rentals are a smart and cost-effective choice. Reliable back-up power keeps equipment and servers running during power loss, allowing you to meet deadlines regardless of weather. Choosing the right generator is a must. Consideration of power needs, equipment to be served, and manufacturing schedules is essential. Generators are sized according to the number of watts delivered. Therefore, renting from a reputable company who can help business operators choose the right equipment is also a necessary part of the contingency plan.

Businesses that suffer from power loss during a storm and that do not have a reliable contingency plan in-place will suffer more from production delays and data loss. Both delay and loss can very seriously impact the bottom line by year-end. These negative consequences can often be significantly more costly than investing in a rental power contingency plan.

For more information on portable commercial generators for contingency planning, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

Properly Grounding Rental Portable Generator

26 June 2020

Mobile Air & Power Rentals rent generators in Cincinnati, OH

Power generation is an inherently dangerous process. Safety is and always will be your number one priority. Grounding your portable rental generators is of paramount importance. Whether your rent your portable power generation from us or not, we want you to be informed so that you and all people who work for and around you are properly protected. We hope you find the blog post both informative and actionable.

The grounding method you choice depends on the specific generator and how it is used. If your portable generator is being used to provide electric power to a structure via connection through a transfer switch to a building, office, home, it must be connected to a grounding electrode system or to a driven ground rod. The transfer switch will be approved for use and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions by a qualified electrician. Grounding a generator is referring to the frame of the generator which serves as the electrical circuit and a properly installed grounding rod that acts as the reference ground. Generally, it is grounding which relates to the connection of an electrical circuit to the ground. For others, a copper rod is installed to ground a portable generator.

If the generator is not grounded, consider it an undeniable safety risk. Anyone who comes in contact with the metal frame is at risk. Notify the operations manager and avoid direct contact until the grounding deficiency is resolved.

For more information about affordable portable generator rentals and the safe way to operate them, contact Mobile Air & Power Rentals.

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