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Happy Fourth of July

3 July 2017

American Spot Cooling Happy Fourth of July

We are very lucky to be born in America, with rich culture and traditions. We are even luckier for those who have made sacrifices to give us the independence we celebrate.

On Independence Day our country commemorates those whose sacrifices have made this country and our freedom possible. As citizens of the United States of America, it is important to take a step back and cherish our lives and the country in which we live.

May our country always flourish and be free. From all of us at American Spot Cooling we wish you a very safe, happy and blessed Fourth of July.

Chiller Rentals for Hotels Provide Comfort and a Five Star Experience

15 June 2017

American Spot Cooling - portable chillers in New Orleans, LA

In the hospitality industry, the comfort of guests is key during their stay. Comfort can be measured in different aspects including the amenities, customer service, dining, and the overall atmosphere of the hotel. The challenge begins at the moment the guests step into the hotel foyer. When guests are greeted with a cool, well-regulated indoor climate, then subconsciously form a positive initial impression about the hotel where they will be staying. Hotels can ensure this is always achieved through portable chillers which can be deployed for temporary cooling demands.

Portable chiller rentals are the perfect options for hotels that suffer from unplanned shutdowns. Chiller rentals are an efficient option when temporary cooling demands are needed. Hotels have existing chillers, but having supplemental units available are essential for ensuring a foolproof cooling contingency plan for emergency situations. If the main chillers malfunction, portable chiller rentals can serve as the stopgap until the permanent units are repaired.

In addition, choosing to rent portable chillers in New Orleans, LA allows hotels to increase or boost the efficiency of their existing chillers. A hotel can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with constant cooling. Guests will receive the comfort they expect, and hotels can exceed expectations through the use of efficient and reliable chillers.

To find out more about portable chiller rentals, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Air Conditioner Rentals for Restaurants Increases Staff Productivity

1 June 2017

American Spot Cooling portable air conditioners in New Orleans, LA

Having a cool, air conditioned environment in the restaurant kitchen and staff space is imperative for the health and productivity of the staff as well as for food safety and sanitation. The lack of well-regulated temperature control can result in decreased employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Because a restaurant kitchen can generate serious heat, air conditioner rentals are the perfect temporary solution.

By choosing to rent portable air conditioners in New Orleans, LA, the distinct air conditioning needs of any restaurant can be met with an immediate solution. Through portable air conditioners, multiple distinct areas of the restaurant that have special air-conditioning needs can be served because they can be conveniently placed anywhere. Portable air conditioners can be placed in the kitchen to mitigate heat from the ovens and stoves, or they can be placed in the main dining area if the central system cannot keep up.

Restaurant kitchens all have heat generating cooking and dish-washing equipment in an enclosed area. To make the restaurant kitchen more bearable this summer portable air conditioners can be strategically placed where high heat is present. Because extreme temperatures can inconvenience the staff and their performance, providing cool air makes work more productive. With a staff that is happy and healthy, restaurants can provide the highest quality food and service to their guests.

To find out more about portable air conditioner rentals, contact American Spot Cooling.

Reliable and Affordable Chiller Rentals for Plants

25 May 2017

American Spot Cooling portable chillers

Chillers are the main components of systems that are used for cooling and dehumidifying in many different commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Because they regulate the temperature in many types of industrial settings, businesses cannot afford chillers malfunctions for extended periods of time. However, these situations are often unavoidable, therefore portable chillers can be rented to provide temporary and effective cooling for products, employees and machinery in manufacturing plants and other industrial settings.

Manufacturing plants produce commodities and must always ensure that supply meets demand. Portable chillers rentals ensure uninterrupted cooling for manufacturing floors when the main cooling systems shuts down or is scheduled for repair and maintenance. In factories, production facilities, or industrial plants, these portable chillers can be strategically placed in any type of setting.

By choosing to rent portable chillers in New Orleans, LA, business owners have a wide range of chiller sizes and capacities from which to choose. Rental chillers range from 5 tons to 400 tons which can be used to upgrade permanent chillers and increase production. During emergency situations such as chiller equipment failures, businesses can always rent backup portable chillers for uninterrupted and smooth production.

To find out more about portable chiller rentals, contact American Spot Cooling.

Reliable Dehumidifier Rentals for Hurricane Relief – New Orleans, LA

18 May 2017

American Spot Cooling - portable generators

Hurricanes are unpredictable. They come in and leave with devastating effects. Heavy rains and overflowing drainage systems caused by broken pipes or rising water levels are the common results. The flooding is expensive and the water damage can be extensive. After the hurricane, drying must happen immediately to prevent more damage from happening. With the help of rental dehumidifiers, businesses can start the drying process immediately with the right drying equipment.

Through the use of desiccant dehumidifier rentals, an effective solution to the expensive costs of the damage done by hurricanes can be used immediately. Since they quickly and effectively remove moisture from the air, desiccant humidifiers allow the air and the surrounding building to dry. The after-effects of hurricanes is that water damage and humidity cause even more damage even after the water recedes. Microbes, mildew, fungi, bacteria and viruses thrive in an environment where humidity is too extreme.

With the use of rental dehumidifiers in New Orleans, LA, there is a powerful solution to damage that hurricanes cause. Worry about even more water damage is reduced. Residences and businesses need a reliable dehumidifier, these reliable dehumidifiers for rent can be strategically placed in specific location to regulate humidity and control moisture after a hurricane. Through the use of reliable dehumidifiers, it follows that the health risks is reduced with less chance for bacteria and mold to thrive. With the devastating effects brought about by uncontrollable weather events, it is best to be prepared. Renting efficient and cost-effective equipment can help in both preparation and relief operations.

To find out more about the benefits of using rental dehumidifiers, contact American Spot Cooling.

Special Event Generator Rentals

27 April 2017

American Spot Cooling rent generators in New Orleans, LA

Special events are often held at a venue where it can be difficult to access power or where there is limited or no power. But event organizers need not worry because they can rent generators in New Orleans, LA to ensure safe and sustainable power during special events, regardless of the venue location. This allows organizers to focus on other important details that make an event a success.

Portable generators for rent offer convenience to event organizers. With all types of equipment requiring power, portable generators allow any location to become a viable venue. At American Spot Cooling, these generators for rent are more convenient than purchasing, and are offered at favorable rental rates.

More and more event organizers are relying on portable generators for special events. They are easily set-up and moved and are quiet while in operation. With these in place, there will be enough power to run audio-visual equipment, HVAC systems, lighting and sound systems and kitchen equipment to make an event even more successful and special.

For more details about portable generator rentals for special events, contact American Spot Cooling.

Generator Rentals for Special Events – New York, NY

26 April 2017

American Spot Cooling - portable generators

Special events of all sizes and styles can benefit from portable generators when back-up or supplemental power is needed. With American Spot Cooling the complete fleet of generator rentals can make any special event a success.

Portable generators for rent are an event organizers’ best friend. They can provide safe, effective, and reliable back-up or supplemental power for all types of equipment. While portable generator rentals are often used to provide immediate solutions during an unexpected power outage, they can also be used to provide supplemental power or at a venue where power is difficult to access due to location constraints. With portable generators every location can be an event venue.

By choosing to rent generators in New York, NY, event organizers have peace of mind knowing that there will be reliable and uninterrupted power to last the entire event regardless of the venue. This makes it possible to focus on the other details. To find out more about portable generator rentals, contact American Spot Cooling.

Increase Plant Productivity with Industrial Cooling Systems – New Orleans, LA

6 April 2017

American Spot Cooling - 25 Ton Rental Air Cooled Chiller Trane CGAF25

The performance of industrial air conditioning units can affect the productivity in large industrial plants. These units can be configured to create an individualized cooling solution that caters to the large space and the most stringent requirements of industrial plants.

The rental industrial cooling systems in New Orleans, LA offer game-changing solutions for significant improvements in cooling. The expert technicians at American Spot Cooling can help manufacturers analyze their cooling systems and identify potential for improvement in plant productivity and energy efficiency.

Inefficient cooling in large industrial plants can affect production processes which can then impact the bottom line. Excessive heat can damage high-powered equipment and cause delays in critical operations. Heat can also have an adverse effect on machine operators and on the quality production. In today's competitive market this is a growing concern in numerous industries. Fortunately, there are industrial cooling systems that can create a custom solution for plant cooling.

To find out more about industrial cooling systems, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rental Cooling Towers and Chillers For the Perfect Cooling Configuration – New Orleans, LA

23 March 2017

American Spot Cooling - 500 Ton Rental Cooling Tower Tower Tech TTMT500

Rental cooling towers and portable chillers are the perfect temperature control solution for any company that needs immediate relief from excessive heat. They can be used for high-volume applications in extreme environmental conditions and come in various sizes for all types of requirements. Companies are able rent more than one portable chiller to create a backup cooling system to meet the specific cooling needs of any application. With these in place, it is possible to develop a comprehensive contingency plan to drastically reduce the time and cost associated with rental cooling.

The rental cooling towers in New Orleans, LA can be used along with portable chillers in order to improve thermodynamic effectiveness. Chillers remove excessive heat through a process known as vapor-compression, while cooling towers are often used for comfort cooling, cold storage, emergency response, food processing, process cooling, and supplemental cooling.

The fleet of cooling towers and portable chillers for rent at American Spot Cooling are high quality with unmatched reliability.

To find out more about rental cooling towers and portable chiller rentals, contact American Spot Cooling.

Make Sure Your Outdoor Event This Summer Has Portable Rental Cooling Solutions – New Orleans, LA

16 February 2017

American Spot Cooling - 5 Ton Rental Air Conditioner - MovinCool

Summer is just around the corner, and now is the time to start planning your outdoor events. Included in the planning process should be the consideration of portable air conditioner rentals. Outdoor events that are held outdoors in New Orleans this summer need portable cooling to ensure all guests are comfortable. Air conditioner rentals deliver temporary cooling making sure your event is a huge success.

Every outdoor event has unique cooling requirements to be considered when choosing rental cooling equipment. There are many factors to consider such as the amount of space to be cooled, the amount of people, electronic equipment including; sound systems, lights, and other AV equipment, as well as budget. However, portable air conditioners for rent come in varied compact sizes and cooling capacities to complement any summer outdoor event and budget.

When you rent portable air conditioners in New Orleans, LA, the equipment will be safe, efficient, and effective for cooling outdoor venues. Along with the easy-to-use controls, you will also benefit from the noise cancellation features and low-emissions. Your venue will only be filled with cool air to keep guests comfortable.

To find out more about portable air conditioner rentals, contact American Spot Cooling.

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