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Happy Halloween from American Spot Cooling

31 October 2017

Happy Halloween from American Spot Cooling

Halloween is such an exciting time of year. Kids get dressed up and even adults are allowed to act like children! The streets become a parade of fun and treats and tricks and spooks abound. The neighborhood is full of life and excitement.

This celebration is not just enjoyed by kids. Workstations and office space are filled with spooky decor like jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs, spiders and witches. Halloween is a once-in-a-year chance to get crazy and creative while we usher in the upcoming holiday season.

From all of us at American Spot Cooling, we wish you a spooky and fun Halloween!

Rental Dehumidifiers for Restoration after Sustaining Water Damage

26 October 2017

American Spot Cooling rent dehumidifiers in Baton Rouge, LA

Water damage can be a very challenging problem for companies to face. Water degrades the structural integrity of the property and the longer it is not addressed, the higher the costs of maintenance and repair. That is why when excessive water plagues a business, rental dehumidifiers for restorations should be put-in-place immediately. With them in place, restoration work can begin more quickly, getting everything back to normal sooner.

By choosing to rent dehumidifiers in Lafayette, LA after suffering damage from water, companies can remove water from the air and structure faster, eliminating further damage. Dehumidifiers for restoration are available in various sizes and capacities so you can rent one that best fits the requirements. These rental dehumidifiers undergo regular maintenance for utmost reliability when in use.

There are all types of causes of water damage, but there is only one foolproof solution to eliminating water and getting business back on track. With the right desiccant dehumidifiers in place, the affected area will be dried faster to prevent further damage. For more details about rental dehumidifiers for restoration, contact American Spot Cooling.

Happy Boss’ Day

16 October 2017

American Spot Cooling - Happy Boss’ Day

Happy Boss' Day. Leading and managing a company has a unique set of challenges. Bosses have to think about how business will flourish and grow. Bosses have to plan and strategize for customer engagement initiatives as well as understand employee needs and infrastructure demands.

As we celebrate the National Boss Day, we salute and give thanks for the efforts of all bosses out there. We know that holding the top position is no easy feat and entails a lot of sacrifice, even giving up personal time and rest. And, for continuously dedicating time and resources to the path of success.

May this day serve as recognition of the hard work bosses have given for their company. And may this annual observance serve as a constant reminder of the importance of building good relationships and rapport between boss and employees, to continue working hand-in-hand to provide the best products and services to customers.

From all of us at American Spot Cooling, Happy Boss’ Day!

Rental Electric Heaters for Warehouses

11 October 2017

American Spot Cooling - portable electric heater in New Orleans, LA

For businesses that make use of warehouses, ensuring quality storage is both a business goal as well as a challenge. Temperature fluctuations and building envelopes can make maintaining the proper internal temperature challenging. Equipment like portable electric heater rentals is a mean of addressing this difficulty.

Warehouses store various types of goods and materials. It is important that goods are held in an environment that will maintain the product integrity. To accomplish this, there cannot be severe temperature fluctuations in warehouses. This is where the challenge lies. In winter, temperatures can suddenly drop which can affect the quality or condition of the materials held within. By choosing rental electric heaters for warehouses, businesses can provide the heat needed to prevent freezing while in storage.

Having portable electric heaters in New Orleans, LA saves companies from business loss as a result of damaged materials or spoiled goods. Rental electric heaters are readily available for warehouses for an immediate source of heat during cold weather. To find out more, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rental Power Services After a Natural Disaster

21 September 2017

American Spot Cooling rent generators in New Orleans, LA

Every business needs electricity. However, when there is no power after a natural disaster, businesses can make use of generators for rent until the power is restored.

Businesses need a back-up power source. Rental generators keep businesses running, or at the very least, they can keep the most imperative systems like refrigeration, data centers, and theft prevention systems running even when the main power is unavailable.

However, back-up power is also critical for industries and services that are involved in post-disaster relief efforts. With rental power services for disaster aftermath shelters, emergency services, grocery stores and other businesses in affected areas can help relief efforts without interruption.

After a natural disaster, the best thing a business can do to help their community is to resume doing business. Rental generators are a necessity for businesses so that there will is power in order to start doing business again. For more details on rental power services, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rental Dehumidifiers for Restoration After a Hurricane

14 September 2017

American Spot Cooling - Rental Dehumidifiers for Restoration After a Hurricane

Hurricane season has reached it's peak; the south has been devastated by two in the last month. Hurricanes are hellish, resulting in business and residential damage. Restoration efforts are important and need to begin immediate to prevent further damage, and in order to resume and business operations. To that end, rental dehumidifiers can help speed up the restoration process.

After a hurricane strikes, air quality is also affected. The environment becomes humid and with all types of airborne allergens.. As part of the restoration process, rental dehumidifiers in New Orleans, LA are available to help remove moisture and restore air quality to healthy levels. Dehumidifiers work by pulling the unwanted moisture out of the air to more quickly dry structures and their contents. The benefits of dehumidifiers go beyond comfort, they also purify the air and prevent mold and rot. This damage can also result in foul odors.

Commercial Dehumidifiers are available in different types, sizes and capacities. The most familiar is the desiccant dehumidifier. This type is the most common for water remediation because it does not use a compressor, but rather, it uses an absorbing material to do the work. Desiccant dehumidifiers are considered more efficient when it comes to restoration work and services because they are more stable and are not affected by environmental temperatures. Additionally, when compared to the compressor type dehumidifiers, the desiccant dehumidifiers work more quietly and are more environmentally-friendly because they do not emit greenhouse gases.

To find out more about rental dehumidifiers for restoration after a hurricane, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rental Power Services Will Help Keep Operations Up and Running

24 August 2017

American Spot Cooling Emergency rental services in New Orleans, LA

Every businesses today relies on electric power. When power outages strike, it is important that your business stays operational when the competition cannot. When a power outage strikes the area, business owners can rely on rental power services to help keep operations up and running.

Some businesses think that owning back up power generators and all the related businesses is the better option. But, renting generators in New Orleans, LA is often more practical because it eliminates the additional expense. By renting, businesses allow eliminate the maintenance and storage fees as well as the possible need to eventually upgrade the equipment.

Power loss translates to profit loss because output is delayed. This is reason enough to opt for rental power services. In New Orleans, power outages are not uncommon and network downtime can often last for days. In order to keep businesses up and running during downtime, owners can rent high quality portable generators and the related power generation equipment like cables and boxes at reasonable prices. Rental generators provide foolproof temporary power solutions in the absence of the electric power.

For more details, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rental Air Conditioners for Schools Help Keep Students Focused

10 August 2017

American Spot Cooling portable air conditioners in Atlanta, GA

Fortunately for schools in New Orleans, there are a wide range of portable air conditioners for rent which can address heat-related issues in the classroom. When the central air conditioner fails or cannot keep up with demand, rental air conditioners for schools will help keep students focused.

When the central air conditioning system fails in schools, productivity suffers on both sides of the classroom. Without proper cooling and ventilation in the classroom, students will have difficulty listening and participating. In these scenarios administrators can rent portable air conditioners in New Orleans, LA when the in-house air conditioning system needs repair or when supplemental cooling is needed.

Schools operate on a strict budget. Purchasing a new HVAC is often not an option, and purchasing new portable air conditioners to address temporary cooling issues doesn't make sense either. In these cases, rental portable air conditioners are the best solution and provide safe and effective temperature control solutions that ensure that the indoor temperature and air quality in the classroom is at the appropriate levels. Rental air conditioners provide the cooled air needed to keep the students focused and teachers effective.

To find out more about portable air conditioners for schools, contact American Spot Cooling.

Cooling Tower Rentals for Hospitals

20 July 2017

Rental cooling towers in New Orleans, LA - American Spot Cooling

During emergencies or during HVAC maintenance, or for supplemental cooling, American Spot Cooling has a wide array of rental cooling towers for hospitals. With these high quality and high performing towers in place, it will not be difficult to keep a hospital cooled without heat-related issues interfering it.

These powerful cooling towers are some of the most innovative cooling equipment in the industry and they can even cater to large-scale applications such as hospitals. Additionally, the rental cooling towers for hospitals can be configured to the specific cooling needs of the healthcare facility. They can also cool the entire facility during retrofit, renovation, or replacement of existing towers.

The available rental cooling towers in New Orleans, LA address the cooling needs of hospitals during emergency situations, maintenance or when supplemental cooling is needed. These rental towers can maintain the temporary cooling needs of a facility with minimal downtime.

To find out more about rental cooling towers, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Air Conditioner Rentals for Office Cooling

13 July 2017

American Spot Cooling rent portable air conditioners in New Orleans, LA

High quality portable air conditioner rentals for office cooling are used because of the portability, efficiency, and other benefits to renting instead of buying. These air conditioners come in a wide array of sizes and configuration so that companies have comprehensive options allowing operators to choose units that fit the cooling requirements.

By choosing to rent portable air conditioners in New Orleans, LA, companies can keep offices cool and productive for employees and keep office equipment from overheating. These portable air conditioner rentals for office cooling are reliable and dependable. They are favored because their compact sizes allow users to move them and direct cooled air to the specific area.

The portable air conditioners are available to keep indoor air quality and office temperature at appropriate levels. Companies can rent portable air conditioners whenever needed during an unforeseen emergency or during schedule maintenance.

To find out more about other applications of portable air conditioner rentals, contact American Spot Cooling.

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