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Uses for Rental Generators in Boston and Atlanta

9 May 2013

In the case of unexpected power loss, planned power loss of for when you need additional power, rental generators are needed. But what types of businesses should invest in commercial rental generators? There are many business and applications where rental commercial generators are necessary.

There are many applications for which a temporary power supply is required. Generators are commonly hired for:

1. Construction companies often need power on the construction site. Almost every construction sites is without power until the project nears completion. However, all construction sites require power.  Rental generators can bring electricity to your construction site.

2. Manufacturing companies often cannot afford the downtime during unexpected or planned power outages. Rental generators can keep production going no matter how long the power is out allowing you to meet all of your deadlines and commitments. Additionally, when production demands are high, manufacturing companies may need additional power to supplement the existing supply.

3. Festivals and events, concerts and fairs all require commercial rental generators to supply temporary power to outdoor venues. Power is needed to run PA systems, lighting, amusements and food courts.

4. Rental generators in Boston and Atlanta are necessary in many businesses to supply standby or backup power to call centers, server rooms, health care facilities and hospitals.

5. Utilities providers often have to cut power for maintenance and repairs. Rental generator can be used by utility companies to keep businesses running.

In Boston and Atlanta rental generators have many uses, contact American Spot Cooling for more information.

Rental Generators for Outdoor Events in Boston and Atlanta

2 May 2013

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and it is certainly the start of continuous outdoor events in both Boston and Atlanta. Many outdoor events, regardless of the type, require rental generators for lights, restrooms, music and food courts.
Once summer starts, hardly a week passes without a music festival, a major cultural event, sporting event or a fair or carnival that is held outdoors. These events all need power to be successful. The venues that host most of these events are not permanent; they are outdoor venues that need power sources brought in. Rental commercial generators are necessary.

Outdoor music festivals and concerts require commercial rental generators to provide electricity for the lights, the instruments, the amps, the food court and the restrooms. This is where a rental generator comes in to either provide more electricity for a venue that does not have enough power, or to provide all of the power at a venue where there is none available.

At a large concert, several rental generators may be required for temporary power in order to deal with the huge demand for power that is necessary to run the event and all the extraneous attractions.

For more information on rental generators in Boston and Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling.

Commercial Rental Generators Keep the Power On - Boston, Atlanta

26 April 2013

Whether you are in Boston or Atlanta, there is always bad weather than can disrupt your power supply which in turn disrupts your ability to conduct business. If you run a business and you need to continue to run your business during a power outage, you need a commercial rental generator.

Hurricane season and spring storms are right around the corner. For power outages as a result of storms, accidents or planned interruptions, your business needs to remain up and running. Rental generators and emergency power plans are the only way to ensure you always have power.

Emergency rental generators can help during those times when the power is out. For temporary, standby, and emergency power, a portable generator is an ideal solution for any type of business. Electricity is critical to every business, rental generators can be used as standby power or for a back- up power source which can be imminent in an emergency.

Rental generators are available in many different sizes. American Spot Cooling can move quickly during an emergency power outage to get you a commercial rental generator as fast as possible to help reestablish electricity to your business.

For business who cannot afford to lose power for long periods of time, renting a generator can help. If you own a business, contact American Spot Cooling. We can help you rent the generator of the appropriate size for your business needs.

Portable Air Conditioning for Businesses in Boston and Atlanta

19 April 2013

Portable air conditioners provide supplemental or emergency back-up cooling to your critical computer, server and electronic equipment. Today there is a trend toward smaller servers. This allows them to get hotter causing more frequent shutdowns. If your current air conditioning is inadequate, portable air conditioners, or spot coolers, may be the right option to keep your company up and running.

Spot Coolers are portable air-conditioners that can be placed where you need them and they can be relocated at any time. Move them from room to room or position them strategically within a server room to cool hot spots, your computer equipment needs to remain at a constant and consistent temperature for peak performance. Portable AC units provide your business with a quick spot cooling solution.

Use spot coolers or portable air conditioners to control energy use and expenses. Portable air conditioners are more economical to run than central air conditioning as well. If you are interested in controlling capital expenses, you can use spot coolers. Spot cooling allows you efficient, low-cost cooling that is much easier on the bottom line.

By using portable air conditioning to cool overheated areas rather than using a centrally controlled air-conditioning system is extremely efficient. Spot cooling is efficient because it directs cool air right where you need it most. Spot Coolers are an effective and efficient solution to difficult cooling problems.

For more information on spot cooling in Boston and Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling.

Commercial Portable Air Conditioners For Many Business Applications

11 April 2013

Commercial portable air conditioners can be used in a situation where there is a server room that needs a constant temperature, in an office or manufacturing setting, in a health care facility or assisted living community or other facility when the central air conditioning has broken or has been turned off for service, or in buildings and offices that house papers or electronic equipment in a basement below ground.

Additionally, if you have a small budget or a small commercial space where the cost of adding a central unit is prohibitive and would fare well with a portable air conditioner, this can be a better alternative than commercial central air conditioning units. Rental air conditioners are compact enough to use in the smallest of spaces, are self-contained, and can cool a small room dropping the temperature by 30 degrees in just a few minutes.

Portable air conditioners, also known as spot coolers, can be easily placed anywhere, and can spot cool areas where office employees work, areas in a manufacturing plant where large equipment generates heat, or server rooms where temperatures need to be very accurately maintained. They do all this with far less energy consumption than central AC units while also decreasing the monthly energy bill.

Portable air conditioners for commercial use can be found in many sizes and models and are mobile and easy to install. American Spot Cooling has units currently available from 1 ton to 50 tons. The size of the space and the job will influence how large a rental air conditioner you need. For assistance in sizing your job, contact American Spot Cooling.

Spot Coolers Save Businesses Money - Boston

4 April 2013

Spot coolers are portable, energy efficient air conditioning units. Spot Coolers let you cool only the rooms and areas of your business that need it. For offices, plants, work sites and data centers, spot coolers are more effective and energy efficient than fixed air conditioning systems because they don't waste energy by cooling down areas that don't need it. Also, when using fixed HVAC units, often cool and hot spots can occur which is dangerous to server rooms or heavy equipment.  If you need to cool down an office area, industrial equipment, or server rooms, or if you need a temporary solution while your HVAC system is shut down for repairs or maintenance, spot coolers offer a very cost effective solution.

Designed for the office environment, spot cooling systems are easy to use because they are mounted on wheels which makes them easy to transport throughout different parts of a building, plant or server room. This also prevents injury to employees while moving them. Spot coolers are also small enough to fit through standard doorways, relatively quiet, and easy to operate.

All around Boston, spot cooling systems are most often used in a business or industrial setting. While the summer month are long and hot, spot cooling systems are used year round in server rooms, data centers, and manufacturing and machine shops where working around industrial equipment can be hot and exhausting.

Spot coolers are well suited for industrial spaces and data centers. Because they can be easily transported, they can be moved around to maintain the proper temperature keeping servers running properly, or they can be moved throughout a manufacturing facility to cool large pieces of equipment.

For more information contact American Spot Cooling.

Multiple Business Uses for Spot Coolers

21 March 2013

At one time or another any number of businesses in Boston like construction, office spaces, data centers and manufacturing,  require portable, temporary temperature control. The most practical, efficient solution is spot cooling.

Spot cooling systems work just like air conditioners circulating cooled air into a given space. But they are better than air conditioners because they are portable, usually on wheels, so they are easy to move. A spot cooler provides cool air concentrated on a particular spot, not necessarily an entire room.

Because they are mobile, spot coolers bring fast service to a business that has a need for immediate temperature control. Spot coolers are perfect for offices where central air conditioning may not be sufficient or for back-up if the main cooling systems break down. This will allow you to keep the office staff or customers comfortable until repairs are made.

In server rooms, computer rooms, and media centers where there are large amounts of electronic equipment that needs specific temperatures to remain functioning properly, spot coolers can make a world of difference where temperature is critical. Spot cooling systems can be dedicated to an individual server to avoid breaking down.

Spot coolers are also perfect for situations that are temporary, but where air conditioning is necessary. Outdoor weddings, business functions, and charity events are perfect examples of where temporary portable spot cooling would be required.

Quick and easy to set up, spot coolers give flexible and efficient solutions to temperature control problems. For more information on spot cooling, contact American Spot Cooling

Data Center Temperature Management

14 March 2013

Data center management responsibilities involve improving the efficiency of IT functions. This includes monitoring computer performance, supervising servers, controlling energy use and maintaining temperature and humidity in data centers.

As it turns out, monitoring the environment is a huge part of data center management. Poor environmental monitoring can be extremely damaging to your servers and your business. Spot cooling is critical to server rooms and these areas that are without cooling units are subject to overheating and failure.

Rack density and rack heat makes data center temperature control difficult. As a result of all this equipment, hot spots in some areas and cooler spots in other areas occur. Temperature sensors and spot cooling systems are important in order to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level throughout the data center. This keeps your business running smoothly. IT administrators can relocate spot cooling systems in order to avoid equipment damage or failure.

Large data centers, in particular, need uniform cooling and air conditioning. It is very important to install temperature and humidity controls and spot cooling systems for data centers to run reliably and efficiently. Portable spot coolers are designed for various environments and are ideal in highly technical applications like data centers.

To minimize equipment downtime, ensure that your business runs smoothly, and ensure that all data is safe, effective data center management needs to be in place. This means adding spot coolers and environmental monitoring controls.

For more information on spot coolers for your data centers in Boston and Worcester, contact American Spot Cooling.

Spot Cooling for Data Centers

7 March 2013

Spot coolers, or portable cooling systems, concentrate cool air to a particular spot or room. Portable and designed with wheels, spot coolers are easy to use and to relocate to areas in your business that need cooling. Spot cooling systems are also less expensive than regular air conditioning systems.

Spot cooling is perfect for data centers in businesses where the temperature needs to be maintained to within degrees of a certain temperature. Spot Cooling help your business save on electricity as well, because rather than using your central air conditioning system, spot coolers cool the air only where you need it.  This is perfect for computer and server rooms where a stable temperature is required to keep everything running efficiently.

American Spot Cooling has the means to keep your important computer and server rooms operational.  For more information, contact us.

Advantages of Spot Cooling Systems

1 March 2013

Keeping your businesses data centers at the correct operating temperatures is not easy. Company servers and computers run your networks and are designed to operate in a specific temperature range. The smallest temperature change can result in disaster. This is where the benefits of spot cooling come into play.

Servers can be replaced, data cannot. Did you know that one of the main causes of server failure is overheating? To keep your business running data centers need to remain at the optimum temperature.

Spot cooling systems are portable, so they can be used anywhere a hot spot occurs. There are other advantages to using spot coolers in data centers:

  1. Easy to install because you can roll them in ad plug them in where you want them.
  2. They are self-contained
  3. They dehumidify on their own  
  4. Provide cooling with the least expense.

When the air conditioning fails in your data center, you need a plan for immediate emergency cooling. American Spot Cooling provides a backup system you can rely on. Contact us for more information.

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