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Advantages of Renting Portable Air Conditioning – Boston, Atlanta

18 July 2013

Rental commercial air conditioners are much more economical in certain situations than purchasing one.  In the hot summer months, your office central AC may be spotty or inconsistent. Renting a portable air conditioner ensures that you have even cooling throughout your office space. Keeping your employees cools can increase the productivity and performance of your employees because they are more comfortable. If you are in office space that does not have central AC, renting a portable air conditioner can be more economical as well.

By renting portable air conditioning systems, you are not responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the system. Renting portable air conditioners only when you need them can save you money. If you expand your space, you can just increase the size of the unit you are renting rather than having to replace a purchased unit.

A lesser cost, but certainly a cost nonetheless, is the cost of installation. When renting a portable air conditioner, you do not pay for installation costs. Therefore, renting does not only save you on the purchase costs, it saves you money on all the related costs.  Often times rental AC systems are more efficient, so are more economical than a central AC system. This will save money on utility expenses.

Are you interested in the benefits of portable air conditioning units? Contact American Spot Cooling for more information.

Portable Air Conditioners for Summer Festivals in Atlanta

12 July 2013

Summer festivals, charity runs and events, road races, and outdoor music events season is here. Every one of these outdoor events needs portable air conditioners. The hot weather is here, and in the heat is on in Atlanta.  If you are concerned about the health and safety of your employees or guests, portable air conditioners can greatly add to the comfort and health.

At outdoor events there are always tented emergency medical areas. These medical areas are invariably used for heat exhaustion and/or dehydration. At charity runs and marathons, a cool, enclosed area is imperative. Portable air conditioners are perfect for these types of events.
State Fairs and festivals, where folks of all generations frequent should also offer areas that are sheltered and cool. An indoor craft market or tented food court with rental portable air conditioners are the answer to providing guests with a safe, entertaining escape from the Atlanta heat.
Portable rental air conditioners come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.  Contact American Spot Cooling for portable rental air conditioners  in Atlanta.  Rental generators are also available.

Portable Air Conditioning Rentals – Atlanta, Boston

2 July 2013

As a manager of a large office or manufacturing company, unexpected emergencies are run-of-the-mill. They can take any form, but in the summer, one situation that is very common is lack of air conditioning from unplanned power outages, a broken central AC, or planned maintenance shut downs.

When your AC fails at work, you need to consider portable air conditioner rentalsAir conditioner rentals are perfect for when your office has a planned shut-down of the central AC for maintenance and repair. Obviously, air conditioner rental is a better option than purchasing this equipment for short term use.

Portable air conditioning rentals is also perfect for unseasonable warm weather, or for when orders increase to the point where equipment on the factory floor runs more hours per day than usual. Manufacturing equipment puts off heat. If your AC system can’t keep up, keep your employees cool with a portable air conditioner.

If your commercial air conditioning system is working too hard, a supplemental rental air conditioner could be rented to cool the warehouses, office spaces and entertainment venues.

Rental portable air conditioning is available in a wide range of capacities for use in Atlanta and Boston. Contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Air Conditioners are Ideal for Server Rooms – Boston, Atlanta

27 June 2013

In any business in Boston and Atlanta, server rooms and data centers are essential.  More important is the proper operation and setup of your server room which is critical in preventing data loss, hardware malfunction and system failure.

Of course, server rooms, full of electronic equipment, generate heat. This generated heat can quickly increase the ambient temperature higher than equipment specifications. This compromises the integrity, functionality and reliability of the servers in the room. Endangering the data stored there which keeps your business running.

This is where portable air conditioners come into play. It is important to keep your server room with in the recommended temperature ranges. The heat generated from the equipment requires more ventilation and cooling in order to maintain the proper temperatures. Portable air conditioners and spot coolers are important in protecting your equipment and ensuring their maximum productivity.

Because today’s server equipment generates so much heat, server rooms are prone to “hot spots”. If hot spots are not addressed, devastating equipment failure can result. Keeping temperatures in server rooms controlled 24 hours a day is very important for efficient operation of your systems. Most commercial AC systems will shut down during weekends, this is another reason why investment in portable commercial air conditioners is ideal in keeping server rooms cool.
For more information on portable air conditioners for your server room in Boston and Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling.

Commercial and Industrial Portable Rental Air Conditioning - Boston and Atlanta

21 June 2013

American Spot Cooling can provide rental portable air conditioning units to businesses in Boston and Atlanta. These units can range in size from the standard office portable air conditioning from 1 ton units to 50 ton units. Portable air conditioners are perfect for emergency cooling situations as well as a planned shut-down of your central AC.

Our portable rental air conditioner packages are specifically designed for commercial and industrial air conditioning applications. If your office central air conditioning system breaks, if you have areas of office space that needs spot cooling, or if you have a planned maintenance on your AC system, you still need a productive work environment. To do this, you need to keep your work force cool in the summer to increase productivity. Portable air conditioner rentals can keep your employees cool in these situations.

Our portable AC units are easily transported. These are also specifically engineered for commercial and industrial applications.  American Spot Cooling offers businesses turnkey support, 24/7 service and rental generators when you also need power for your rental AC units. Contact us.

Air Conditioning Rentals for Office Space – Boston, Atlanta

13 June 2013

If you are running business or managing a large office building or hotel you need to expect unannounced emergencies. In the warm weather, some of these emergencies may involve your central air conditioning system. In these emergencies consider commercial portable air conditioner rentals.
Portable air conditioner rentals can be used to supplement your central AC in areas that don’t get as cool as you need it, when your central AC is turned off for service and maintenance, or in the unfortunate event that your AC system breaks portable AC’s can keep you cool while your system is replaced. For short term use air conditioner rental is a better option than buying this equipment.

In Boston and Atlanta, in the older office space that populates these cities, a supplemental rental AC system is perfect during hot weather when your air conditioning system is working too hard. Supplementing your AC system with a portable unit could save you money over running your central air overtime.

Rental portable air conditioners are available in a wide range of sizes for a wide range of uses. They can also be rented for any length of time from one day to several months. For more information on portable air conditioners in Boston and Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling. Need a rental generator with your AC unit, we can help with that too.

Temporary Cooling Solutions for Businesses in Boston and Atlanta

5 June 2013

Now that the hot weather is here, companies facing heat waves, equipment failures and special events in older buildings in Boston and Atlanta require temporary cooling solutions or portable air conditioners.

This summer is projected to be very hot. As the weather heats up, portable air conditioner rentals are even more important to businesses that need to keep their facilities cool. Portable air conditioners are easy, economical and efficient solutions for cooling down buildings, server rooms and events keeping your employees, customers and equipment safe.
Businesses need temporary cooling from portable air conditioners for many reasons. Summer weather can cause temporary power outages;  equipment failures, emergencies or central AC maintenance and upgrades also creates a need for a portable AC. If you are a building and/or facility manager you may need to arrange for commercial air conditioner rentals.

If your need for a portable air conditioner coincides with a power outage or temporary shutdown American Spot Cooling can also assist in rental generators to simplify your rental solutions. Rental generators are perfect for supplying power to the portable air conditioning.

Power outages and air conditioning issues are common during the summer for any business.  For a  temporary cooling solution, contact American Spot Cooling.  

Rental Generators for Summer Power Demands - Boston, Atlanta

30 May 2013

Faced with the likelihood of another very hot summer in both Boston and Atlanta, rental generators are important in keeping businesses running and workplaces cool as power companies experience brown-outs and an increase in the demand for power. If your business needs a boost in the supply of electricity, rental generators are an economical and efficient solution.

With every size rental generator available, American Spot Cooling can accommodate your company’s power need in any situation including, unexpected power loss, planned power loss, or a temporary need for more power.

Often summer weather and storms can strain power companies setting records for electric load through early July-August, which is typically when temperatures rise and less rain falls.  To keep your business performing at optimum levels this summer an EPSS plan is important. If you have commercial rental generators in place, your business will not be scrambling for power when the need arises.

When the power supply struggles through the summer, rental generators can provide or supplement power to your business. For more information, contact American Spot Cooling.

Commercial Rental Generators for Construction Sites - Atlanta, Boston

23 May 2013

Construction, both commercial and residential, is picking up in both Atlanta and Boston. If you are in the construction business then you realize that every construction site needs power. Commercial rental generators for construction sites will provide power for all of your equipment and tools, lighting and for running your mobile office.

Often construction sites are in remote areas where power is not accessible. Other times, there is simply not enough power available to meet your needs. If you are in charge of the construction project, it is imperative to ensure that there is enough reliable power at your site to operate your power equipment and offices.

Rental generators in Boston and Atlanta are a very efficient and reliable solution to an insufficient supply of power or to no power. There are different sizes of rental generators available with different capabilities. American Spot Cooling will help you select the right size generator to provide the optimal supply of power needed to run all of your equipment to get the job done.

Renting commercial generators gives you dependable power to meet all of your needs at your job site.  For construction companies that need reliable portable electrical power on the job site a rental generator will pay for itself in no time. For more information on rental generators for commercial use, contact American Spot Cooling.

The Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners for Computer Server Rooms – Boston, Atlanta

16 May 2013

Temperature control is one of the most important requirements to keep your computer server room functional and running effectively. Computer servers cannot take drastic temperature fluctuation; in fact the temperature can only change by a few degrees. Considering this is where some of your most important information is stored, where there heart of your business information is, this requirement needs to be taken seriously.

Central air conditioning can meet the needs of your business in keeping your employees comfortable, but portable air conditioners are more capable in keeping your computers and electronic equipment happy. Server rooms suffer from temperature fluctuations and hot spots because electronics generate heat. There are many benefits to portable air conditioners, also known as spot coolers.

Most importantly, portable commercial air conditioners in Boston and Atlanta are affordable. They are more affordable and practical than window units.
Portable air conditioners for commercial use are easy to use, with programmable thermostats, they can maintain a constant temperature easily.

Most portable air conditioners are portable because they are built on wheels which makes them easy to move so you can address hot spots as they occur. Unlike a central unit, these are easy to move from one location to the other. Portable Air Conditioners can provide cool air wherever you need it.

There are no installation issues with portable air conditioners which means no professional installers. Some portable air conditioning units have auto drain technology that removes excess water with no need to drain them letting you use than continuously.  

Most importantly, portable air conditioners are cost effective. Because they only cool the specific areas as needed they are truly energy efficient. This leads to lower operational costs and saves you money.

For more information on portable air conditioners in Boston and Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling.

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