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Portable Commercial Heaters Enhance Your Outdoor Space – Boston, Atlanta

31 October 2013

Are you wondering how to bring a certain uniqueness to your business along with practicality? With portable heaters you can. If you are a hotel, restaurant, bar or nightclub owner in Atlanta or Boston now is the time to sit outside regardless of the chill.

With portable outdoor heaters expanding your sitting area, thus your revenue generating areas, your business makes an impression immediately. Make a statement about your business, its style and its uniqueness. At the same time enhance the aesthetic beauty and ambiance of your space. You business has a personality and you need to get across your value proposition, you can do that with outdoor seating through the use of portable commercial heaters.

Renting portable commercial heaters does not just make your space pleasing aesthetically, portable heaters are also practical. Keep your guests warm while providing an exciting, different way for them to relax and enjoy. Expand your indoor space to the outdoors, adding space to your revenue areas with rental heaters.

Hotels, restaurants and bars can all use more profitable space.  American Spot Cooling can provide you with portable rental heaters, contact us.

Portable Commercial Heaters for Rent – Atlanta, Boston

24 October 2013

Winter is fast approaching. Many different commercial settings and situations will require supplemental heating solutions. Heavy-duty, commercial portable heaters for your warehouse are economical and reliable for situations where temporary heat is required. Portable commercial heaters are durable and are a great value for businesses.

For your warehouse or commercial space, portable heaters for rent are an economical solution. For spaces that are hard to heat like construction sites, manufacturing floors or outdoor patios portable heaters are the perfect solution.

Fueled by electricity, propane, diesel, or natural gas, you can rent portable commercial heaters for any size space and with different levels of BTU output depending on the specific requirements of your business.

Portable commercial heaters are portable and safe with automatic safety shut offs, a tip over safety switch, and protective grates so you can use them in any setting, indoors or out.  Rental portable heaters can heat spaces that are small to very large and can be used for temporary or permanent commercial heating needs.

For a large selection of commercial portable heaters in Boston and Atlanta at competitive prices, contact American Spot Cooling. With our wide range of cost effective and energy efficient portable heaters, we will be able to get you the perfect heating unit to meet all of your commercial heating needs.

Benefits of Portable Commercial Heaters - Boston, Atlanta

17 October 2013

Are you in need of a commercial grade portable heater? If so, there are so many benefits to using our propane or natural gas portable heaters.

  • No open flame
  • No combustion products
  • No moisture – no humidity
  • Heater can be maintained a safe distance from job site
  • No supervision required – temperature to be maintained by remote thermostat
  • Easy Ductwork attachments – more versatility
  • No chemical reactions with epoxies or concrete
  • No ventilation required
  • More even air temperature
  • No residue from combustion products
  • Heat can be easily distributed to where it is required
  • Industrial grade power burner
  • Wheels for easy mobility
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Operates on 120V
  • Dual or single air outlets – for easy duct attachments
  • Independent fan and combustion air feeds ensure quick winter starts
  • Optional remote thermostat to maintain desired temperature levels
  • Available in Propane/Natural

For more information on our portable heaters for your job site, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Heater Rentals in Atlanta For Revenue in Cooler Weather

4 October 2013

The weather is about to start cooling down at night in Atlanta. Do you have a plan in place to maintain warmth in your outdoor seating areas? If you have a bar, restaurant or nightclub with outdoor seating areas, you can keep them open longer with commercial portable heaters. Even during cool weather it is time to increase your revenue streams with outdoor spaces. If you are not interested in shutting down your outdoor space, no problem. In this tight economy keep revenue flowing. If your outdoor sales are soaring why close down your outdoor seating. Portable heater rentals are a way to keep your staff employed, and keep revenue coming in. If you are short in inside space, no problem, add warm and beautiful space outside. Rent portable heaters  and put that outside space to work for your business.
Portable commercial heaters can bring your indoor revenue areas to the outdoors in the fall and early winter in Atlanta. Distinguish your restaurant or bar from all the rest with  ambiance filled, comfortable heated outdoor areas.

Looking to make a statement with your restaurant or bar?  Commercial heaters are an alternative to adding space to your establishment.   Commercial heater rentals provide a welcoming outdoor space where you can add staff, music and a cozy atmosphere while guests enjoy those last days of the outdoors.  Heating outside patios give you added space for your business and cool weather protection for your customers and employees.

For information on portable rental heaters for your Atlanta business, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Commercial Heaters for Construction – Atlanta, Boston

27 September 2013

Construction in Atlanta and Boston is on the upswing. And construction cannot stop for seasonality. For this reason, portable rental heaters are the perfect solution for contractors and construction sites.
Designed for commercial use, portable heaters are budget friendly when renting because you do not have to pay for maintenance, storage during the off season or repairs. For quick spot heating in large areas, nothing can beat commercial portable heater rentals. Specifically designed for industrial areas, portable heaters are made of strong, sturdy material and deliver fast, effective heat. They are available as natural or propane gas and electric heaters.

Portable commercial heaters are also suitable for warehouses, factory floors, commercial garages, and construction sites. Portable heaters deliver consistent heat, keeping workers and equipment warm, eliminating the weather delays.  Commercial portable heaters for construction sites and machine sheds help keep the work area dry and comfortable.

For building or remodeling keep your crew productive and working hard and help your cement cure. A cool work environment can make your company more money faster. Contact American Spot Cooling, a portable heater rental company in Boston and Atlanta, and we can get you a quote right away.

Portable Commercial Heaters Create Atmosphere and Increase Revenue – Boston, Atlanta

20 September 2013

Commercial portable heaters at restaurants, bars and hotel s can distinguish your establishment from others. Setting yourself apart is imperative in the competitive hospitality industry. Warm outdoor spaces can help create your image and make your business distinctive all at once.

Portable rental heaters can provide your restaurant, bar or hotel with additional outdoor dining space that creates a wonderful atmosphere while expanding your outdoor revenue areas further into the spring and fall.

American Spot Cooling has the experience to provide you with rental heaters that will create the warm comforting atmosphere that your guests’ desire which will let them enjoy the fall on your outdoor patio.  Let portable rental heaters give you repeat customers, ambiance, and set you apart from the competition.

Increase revenue channels with portable heaters in Boston and Atlanta.  We have the experience to provide you with right size and amount of portable heaters to create the atmosphere that your desire for all your patrons.
Here are just some of the benefits of portable heaters for your establishment:

  • Create Ambience or atmosphere
  • Distinguishes your restaurant from the rest
  • Expanded dining and event space
  • Added revenue
For more information on portable rental heaters in Boston and Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling.

Commercial Portable Heater Rentals for Factory Settings - Boston, Atlanta

13 September 2013

This winter is going to be cold from coast to coast so say those who are predicting the winter. Factory owners and managers should consider portable heater rentals in order to increase the productivity of their workers.   As you know, factory floors can get cold. Not only are they large warehouse style environments, but oftentimes factory equipment needs to be kept at a cooler temperature to avoid overheating.
By keeping factory floor employees warmer, or by providing an area where they can warm up quickly, you could better meet your production targets. Heating contingency plans are a good idea for any company with an older or unreliable heating system or for business owners with factories or warehouses. If the temperature drops considerably or the HVAC is shut down for repairs or maintenance, heater rental companies will assume the burden. Portable commercial heaters can be on-site and running in no time.

Cold temperatures can impact the performance and production of your staff and machinery. While most factories have a central heating system, some may not have the capacity to warm the air enough when winter temperatures drop.

For more information on commercial portable heater rentals in Boston and Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling.

Commercial Heater Rentals for Construction in Boston

5 September 2013

Do you have an outdoor commercial construction project in the works. Long-terms construction sites in Boston can get cold in the winter. Don’t let heat-related construction delays interfere with the productivity of your company or workers.  Commercial construction runs on tight budgets and time constraints. Don’t waste time or productivity when you can rent portable commercial heaters.
American Spot Cooling rents commercial heaters for events, businesses, construction, and emergencies.  We will evaluate your job site and heating needs and provide you with portable heater specs and pricing.
Whether you are building or remodeling your crew will remain productive and working hard. A heated work environment in the winter can make keep you company moving forward and making more money. In Boston, from fall through winter onto early spring rental heaters can be necessary on building sites.

Commercial construction sites can use rental heaters for processes as well as heating, such as drying out floors and walls, curing concrete, and where sites need to be dried out after flood damage or long periods of rain or snow.

When you need commercial rental heaters for warehouses, industrial plants or outdoor construction sites commercial heater rentals are safe to use. American Spot Cooling provides dependable, efficient, easy to use portable rental heaters. Contact us.

Commercial Heater Rentals for Commercial Use - Boston, Atlanta

29 August 2013

Central commercial heating systems will unfortunately break or need to be shut down for service and maintenance. This is very inconvenient when it happens in the cooler weather. Additionally, commercial heating systems, because they are old or are lacking in capacity, may not generate enough heat, leaving employee areas cool and uncomfortable.
Renting is better than buying

Portable heater rentals are energy efficient, and more economical than buying a portable heater because they can be used immediately and then can be rented with a short contract. Heater rentals are perfect for scenarios when you only need to heat a portion of your workspace or for when the heating system has to be shut down. Additionally, as a business owner, you will not be responsible for installation or repairs.

Having a heating contingency plan in place is important before the cold weather sets in. When you have a contingency plan, a commercial heater rental company in Boston and Atlanta will have a portable heater available for you when you need it

Renting commercial heaters is a quick, affordable and hassle-free. Contact American Spot Cooling for  more information.

Portable Commercial Heaters Provide Temporary Heat for as Long as You Need - Atlanta, Boston

22 August 2013

As the cooler fall winter approaches, it is important for warehouses and construction companies to consider how they are going to keep their sites warm in the winter. Portable commercial heaters are an efficient economical solution.
Portable heaters are designed for efficient, reliable heat with minimal cost.  Rather than purchase a portable heater, portable heating systems provide temporary solutions for short-term and long-term needs.

Portable heaters are designed to work under different situations. American Spot Cooling can help you find a size and model that fits the needs of your business or job site.
Portable commercial heaters are commonly used on construction sites or in temporary workplaces. They are mounted on wheels, making them easy to transport and can run on natural gas, electricity, kerosene or propane. Portable commercial heaters are perfect for construction in cold weather to keep workers warm, or to keep pipes from freezing.

Portable heaters can also be used to heat barns, warehouses, or in situation where office heating systems need service, maintenance or replacement. Additionally, a business that only uses a building or space occasionally, so may not heat it continuously may also have a use for commercial portable heaters.

For more information on portable heaters for commercial applications, contact American Spot Cooling.

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