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Rent or Buy a Portable Commercial Heaters? Atlanta, Boston

9 January 2014

Many offices, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities need additional heat this time of year in Boston and Atlanta. There are two main ways to go about this. Your business can buy one outright or rent a portable heater for the amount of time that you need it.

Whether buying or renting a portable commercial heater is right for your business wiill depend on various factors. Below are some of the things you should think about when deciding which option is best.

Usage - If you’ll use a portable heater for more than half of the year and often need one renting can be a cost-effective option. There is no initial expense of buying the heater, and there are no maintenance or repair costs. Simply paying for the fuel or power to operate it will be your only cost along with your rental fee. Additionally, if you need to upgrade the size, renting is a good option because you only need to replace the heater with larger unit.

Maintenance - One of the main advantages of rental portable heaters is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance for the heater you’re using. Portable heaters need regular service to only make sure they are safe, and to ensure that they are operating efficiently. Make sure you factor this expense into your calculations if you’re considering buying a heater.

Purchasing cost - The type of heater you want to use should also affect your decision. You need to weigh your budget. Will the money you spend buying a heater be more than you will spend renting one for part of the year.

For more information on renting portable heaters, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Heaters To Keep Warm on Construction Sites – Boston, Atlanta

2 January 2014

Most office workers are turning up the thermostats on their heating systems, but this is a luxury most construction workers don’t have. They are often working on sites without power or permanent amenities, so keeping warm can be a challenge.

One of the obvious solutions to this problem is to use portable heaters. Here is a brief guide to the types of portable commercial heaters you can install, as well as how effective they are.

Portable heaters: the main options

There is a surprising selection of portable heaters available for use on construction sites. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but should give you an indication of what’s out there.

  • Diesel-powered heaters – Diesel heaters are well-suited to warming up large spaces as they’re very powerful. Direct models should only be used in well-ventilated spaces as they add moisture to the air, while indirect ones are fine where ventilation is restricted. They’re also good if you don’t have a power source.
  • Electric heaters - There is a variety of electric heaters available, but these don’t tend to be as powerful as their diesel-powered counterparts. They’re better suited to use in small spaces like site offices. Among the different types are ceramic, fan and convection heaters, to name just a few.
  • Propane forced-air heaters - These are another heating device that’s ideally suited to industrial spaces, as they provide a high volume of warm air. They’re also known for their efficient combustion.
  • LPG plaque heaters - These are gas powered, making them perfect onsite if you don’t have an electrical supply. They’re freestanding and easily maneuverable, but are better at providing directional heat than warming a large space.
  • LPG catalytic cabinet heaters - This kind of heater is great if you’re looking for a gas-powered device that’s safe. The main burners are protected by the case and you can add an extra guard for even more safety.
  • LPG bin heaters - The final kind of heater on our list is LPG bin heaters. They’re energy efficient and don’t need electrical power to run. They’re a versatile option as they can warm up a reasonable area (like a small warehouse) and are good for drying out buildings.

For more information on portable heaters for rent in Boston and Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling.

Happy Holidays From Your Friends at American Spot Cooling

23 December 2013

Today's blog post is a simple and sincere note of thanks for allowing our business to be part of your lives. It is our sincere wish that throughout this Holiday season you are surrounded by warmth, family, and friendship. May you and all you hold dear return from the Holiday season safe, rewarded, and rested. Sincere best regards to you all.

Portable Commercial Heaters Keep Employees Productive – Boston, Atlanta

20 December 2013

Many of the workplaces around Boston and Atlanta are in older buildings. These buildings can be cold and drafty in the winter, and many have outdated or inefficient heating systems. If you are a tenant in one of these commercial buildings you don’t have the option of upgrading the central heating system. If you own one of these older commercial buildings, it is not always practical to upgrade the heating system. A portable commercial heater can make all the difference to the comfort and the productivity of your employees.

Replacing central heating systems is not always possible. Turning up the thermostat is a waste of money. Purchasing portable heaters means an initial purchase and continuous repairs and service. Also, if your office grows or relocates, what do you do with the portable heater your own? Renting portable heaters means you can end the contract if you move, or get a larger heating unit if you expand.

Portable heaters are also perfect for the factory floor, auto garage, manufacturing plant, or warehouse which can be uncomfortable in the winter. Staff will be more productive when they are comfortable.

For more information on portable commercial heaters in Boston and Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Air Conditioners for Many Business Applications – Boston, Atlanta

12 December 2013

With portable air conditioners your business can cool the temperature where you need it most to keep equipment, processes, and people cool. Portable air conditioners, or spot coolers, are flexible, portable, and cost-efficient. Commercial portable air conditioners can  go where you need to give you the cooler temperatures you need, anywhere.

For areas of your businesses that need cooler temperatures, like server and telecom rooms or other spaces that contain heat-generating electronics, spot coolers are an economical and easy solution. Rental portable air conditioners are simple to install: just roll it where you need it, plug it in, and turn it on for instant spot cooling. Portable air conditioners have programmable digital controls that are ideal for automatic after-hours and weekend temperature control.

With rental portable air conditioners there is a size to meet any requirement or application and there are units for very precise temperature control. Portable air conditioning units need little or no installation, for immediate cooling whenever and wherever it's needed.

For more information on portable air conditioners for your business or office space in Boston or Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling.

Rent or Buy a Commercial Generator in Boston and Atlanta

5 December 2013

In the winter, no matter where you live, unplanned power outages can hurt businesses. When storms or accidents create issues and problems with electricity, a business owner comes to realize they need a backup commercial generator. Now the decision is to decide if your business should rent or buy a generator. The economics of your business need to be considered of course, but in most cases, rental generators are a better option.

First, understanding what kind- and how much- power you need for your business to run is imperative. American Spot Cooling can help you decide. Once this has been established you can consider your options regarding buying or renting a commercial generator. Understanding your budget is important. Commercial generator rentals are often more economical because there is not initial outlay of money for the purchase. Additionally, there are no maintenance, service or repairs issues. These are all handled by the generator rental company in Boston and Atlanta. Additionally, if your generator requirements are generally seasonal it would make more sense to rent a generator rather than buy.

It is possible to rent generators in all sizes, gas, electric or diesel powered. There are also silent generators available for movie production as well as specialized generators for specific business. For more information on generator rentals, contact American Spot Cooling in Boston and Atlanta.

Happy Thanksgiving To Our Loyal Customers

26 November 2013

Hello Friends of American Spot Cooling

Well Thanksgiving is two days out and we all should be turning our thoughts to blessings, family, and turkey!  Keyword..."should".  Because a very significant percentage of American Spot Cooling is to heat and cool Atlanta-area commercial enterprises,  hospitals, computer server centers, and other commercial industrial applications, we know that for some, work never stops.  

It is our sincere wish that this Thanksgiving blog post finds you all comfortably warm and surrounded by family.  To all of our loyal customers reading this, we simply pass along our most sincere best wishes and thanks for partnering with us for yet another year.  We work hard to earn your continued trust and we want you to know that we do not take your trust for granted.  Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and to all you hold dear. 

Portable Coolers for Data Center Temperature Management – Boston, Atlanta

22 November 2013

As you are getting your business ready for the new year, consider better care and maintenance for you data centers. In fact, at the same time, you can also take better care of your budget. Rental portable air conditioners over purchasing makes more sense.

Keeping servers and data centers cool is the best way to improve its efficiency. Portable spot coolers will help computers and servers maintain performance, control energy use in the server room and maintain the temperature and humidity in the data centers.

The environment in which your servers are held has a huge impact on performance. Poor environmental conditions can damage your servers, your data and, ultimately, your business. Portable air conditioners are critical to maintain the temperature and humidity of your server rooms to keep your business running.

Renting these portable air conditioners makes sense. Not only does it limit your computer repair needs, it also stops your air conditioner repair needs. Rental companies will service and maintain you portable air conditioners. You can get as many as you need, rather than trying to increase AC size or move duct work in order to cool all parts of your server room. Additionally, when your company grows, simply rent a larger- or an additional- portable air conditioner instead of buying a larger unit.

Large data centers need uniform cooling, humidity, and air conditioning. Spot cooling systems for data centers help your computers run reliably and efficiently. For more information on spot coolers or portable air conditioners for your business in Boston or Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling.

Commercial Portable Heaters can Increase Revenue - Atlanta

15 November 2013

If you have a bar, restaurant, or nightclub in Atlanta that has outdoor seating, you can extend the life of those revenue areas by renting portable heaters. Heated outdoor seating for restaurants and bars meet both the practical and design needs of your business.  When you have heated outdoor seating you make an impression with your customers and set yourself apart from your competition.

Besides enhancing the aesthetics and appeal of your bar, restaurant, hotel or nightclub with extended outdoor seating, portable heaters also allow you to extend your revenue areas beyond the traditional season. Heated outdoor seating also makes a statement about your style and your business personality.

But in addition to the aesthetic, there is also the practical.  Commercial portable heaters provide warmth against the cold.  Additionally, by renting portable heaters, you do not need to pay for service, repair, maintenance or storage; just one simple rental fee. Restaurants, bars and nightclubs with outdoor public areas or outdoor dining areas can benefit from portable heaters.

Do you need portable heaters for your Atlanta business? American Spot Cooling can provide you with heating equipment to meet your needs. For more information, contact us.

Commercial Heater Rentals – Atlanta, Boston

8 November 2013

The weather is getting colder. For businesses in Atlanta and Boston than need supplemental heat for heating systems that cannot give you the heat output you need or for heat when the system is being serviced, rental commercial heaters are the efficient solution. Now that it is November, it is certainly not too early to be thinking about supplemental heating for your business, office or warehouse.

Older buildings, warehouses as well as manufacturing floors and loading docks can get cold and drafty in the winter in Boston and Atlanta. Instead of replacing your heating system, commercial heaters for rent are a more economical option. Additionally, when you rent instead of buy, you are not paying for service or maintenance. If your commercial space increases, there is no need to buy a new heating system, you can rent a larger commercial heater.

When you need temporary commercial heaters to keep your business warm and you’re your employees productive, American Spot Cooling offers a wide selection of commercial rental heaters for temporary or emergency heat for whatever application you need.

Contact us for a completely safe, flame-free, emissions-free and moisture-free commercial heating rental solution that will keep your business warmer and your employees more comfortable and more productive this winter. Regardless of if you need heat all the time or for emergency backup, we have the inventory.

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