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MovinCool Portable Air Conditioners for Rent in Atlanta and Boston

17 April 2014

For companies that have a need for portable air conditioning, whether in the server room, the manufacturing floor, the warehouse, or the office, rental air conditioners by MovinCool are the perfect option. By renting, companies have no expense for repairs and maintenance. Additionally, there is no stress if and when the businesses expands and needs a larger portable AC unit. Best of all, renting means no up-front costs for purchase.

MovinCool spot air conditioners are the right choice because they offer the industry’s widest range of spot air conditioners, with the most advanced technology. MovinCool portable air conditioners may be the most popular on the market and it is easy to get information on each of the units, making it easy to compare and evaluate the models that you are most interested in and which may serve your needs best.

MovinCool has pioneered the concept of workspace spot cooling since the 1980s. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial spot air conditioners. MovinCool offers portable and ceiling-mount air conditioning systems for many different applications, including emergency, backup and supplemental cooling, as well as moisture removal.

For more information on renting MovinCool portable air conditioners, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Air Conditioner: What to Look for – Atlanta, Boston

3 April 2014

When you are in need of portable air conditioner rentals, you need high-quality equipment that is designed and manufactured with long-term reliability in mind. When choosing a portable air conditioner for an industrial application, here are some important things to look for:

Quality of manufacturing: In any industrial application, a spot air conditioner must first of all be reliable. Look for a system that is built to the highest quality standards.

Specifically, check to see if the fan motors are fully enclosed in protective housings to prevent dust from building up. Dust that accumulates on the motors can absorb moisture, leading to corrosion or electrical shorts.

Another important area to pay attention to is the refrigeration unit itself. Is it hermetically sealed, or does it have service valves, which are prone to leaks? Also, are the refrigerant pipes connected by reducers and expanders, or by pinching and brazing?

Pinching and brazing restricts the flow of the refrigerant, reducing cooling efficiency and long-term performance. In addition, the connections created using this method are weaker and more subject to vibration-caused stress cracks and subsequent leakage.

Also, examine the casters for their durability. Are they securely attached to the frame by a mounting plate and heavy-duty bolts, or only by the caster stem? The stem is a weak point that can bend and cause a caster to malfunction if it goes over a rough or uneven surface.

Next, look at the sheet-metal panels to see if they have stress-relief notches at the bends. Also, are the panels attached to the frame at load-bearing points by machine screws and weld nuts, or by lighter-duty sheet-metal screws? Is the weight of the fan housing supported by a sturdy interior frame, or only by a lighter cover panel?

Finally, check the drain pan to see if it is fully insulated, not just powder-coated. This ensures that moisture will not come into contact with the metal surface of the pan, protecting it from corrosion and possible leaks.

Your portable air conditioner rental company can help you determine the best spot cooler for your needs. Contact American Spot Cooling for more information.

Where Portable Air Conditioners are Used – Boston, Atlanta

27 March 2014

In many industries and businesses there is a need for portable commercial air conditioners. Not only used for cooling employees and customers, there are a number of ways portable air conditioners are used commercially. Some of the examples of industrial applications in which portable air conditioners can be used include:

Production and assembly lines, warehouses, foundries, etc.: You can bring cool, refrigerated air directly to hot spots in order to keep employees comfortable and reduce the risk of heat exhaustion without having to shift workers around, thereby increasing productivity.

Manufacturing processes: With spot coolers products such as food or plastics can be cooled down faster after they leave a heat-related process, substantially reducing cycle times. Spot cooling, which simultaneously removes moisture from the air, can also prevent product defects caused by warping and condensation due to excess heat and humidity.

Heat-sensitive equipment: Equipment such as computers, servers and control panels used for storing all of your company data and information can be kept from overheating, thus preventing hardware slowdowns or failures and ensuring long-term reliability.

For more information on spot coolers and portable air conditioners in Boston and Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Air Conditioners: Their Benefits and How they Work -Atlanta, Boston

20 March 2014

Portable air conditioners for commercial use that cool a space through a compact, self-contained unit that combines a compressor, condenser and evaporator in a single unit. Refrigerant flows through copper tubing from the compressor to the condenser and then to the evaporator. Portable air conditioners are perfect for spot cooling areas that are not cooled with central air conditioning or for areas that require very consistent temperatures.

A fan blows over the evaporator, pushing out cold air, while a second fan blows over the condenser, pushing out hot exhaust air. Most models are ruggedly built, allowing safe, reliable operation in all kinds of conditions.

In addition to cooling, spot air conditioners are very efficient at cooling air and, at the same time removing excess moisture from the air. The moisture collects either in a drain pan that is emptied by means of a gravity-fed tube, or a condensation tank that can be emptied manually or automatically via a pump.

The benefits of portable spot air conditioners include:

  • Quick, easy installation
  • Compact size
  • Cost-effective—cool only areas that need it
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Easy to move whenever your needs change.

The most important benefit of portable spot air conditioners is their quick and easy installation. In most cases, installation consists of no more than rolling a unit in and positioning the exhaust and cold-air ducts. The compact size of the units allows them to be integrated with other equipment while saving valuable floor space.

Another important benefit of portable spot air conditioners is their flexibility. Whenever needs change a unit’s airflow can be redirected simply by repositioning the cold-air duct, or the unit itself can be quickly and easily moved to a different location.

Depending on the model, the cold-air duct can be positioned wherever it is needed, allowing easy installation on crowded factory floors, or remote cooling of difficult-to-reach areas.

For more information on portable air conditioners in Boston and Atlanta, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Spot Air Conditioners in Industrial Applications - Boston, Atlanta

14 March 2014

In today's highly competitive manufacturing sector, companies are constantly looking for new ways to increase productivity when it comes to cooling people, processes and equipment.

Even when a manufacturing plant or other industrial facility has an efficient, large-capacity central air conditioning system, some areas may still be subject to high ambient temperatures.

Employee productivity in these hot spots can drop substantially, and in some cases, OSHA violations may occur.

Similarly, when products exiting a hot manufacturing process take too long to cool off, product quality and cycle times can suffer, resulting in lower output.

High ambient temperatures can also affect the performance of heat-sensitive equipment, another potential source of reduced productivity.

The traditional solution: Electric fans or evaporative coolers

Often these types of localized heat-management problems are addressed by electric fans or portable evaporative coolers, also called swamp coolers. Both of these methods, however, have serious drawbacks.

Fans are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, but in many cases they do not provide adequate cooling. Doors or windows are sometimes opened to bring in outside air, although this is not always a reliable solution. Cross-ventilating doors or windows are not available in every situation, and even when they are available, leaving them open can create a security problem. Also, the outside air may not be consistently cool enough for the intended application.

Another disadvantage of fans is that they can pick up and blow dust, grit or other foreign matter through the air, contributing to possible eye injuries.

Evaporative coolers, on the other hand, usually have sufficient cooling capacity, but they do not perform well in humid climates. More importantly, they add significant amounts of moisture to the air, which can be detrimental to a wide variety of applications, as well as a cause of shorter equipment life due to corrosion. The excess moisture can also condense on the floor in front of the cooler, creating a slip-fall hazard.

In addition, evaporative coolers require special care to prevent mold buildup, and lack filter systems to protect them from becoming clogged with the dust or other airborne particles found in many industrial environments.

The new solution: Commercial portable spot air conditioners

Fortunately, the introduction of a relatively new class of commercial portable spot air conditioners, also called spot coolers, offers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to both electric fans and evaporative coolers. This type of air conditioner was specifically developed to meet the needs of industrial applications.

Air-cooled vs. water-cooled

Spot air conditioners are available in air-cooled and water-cooled models. Water-cooled air conditioners are more efficient than air-cooled ones, but they require a continuous water supply that makes them less flexible than air-cooled units. Also, few models are available in large enough capacities for most industrial applications.

Spot air conditioners are also available in portable or ceiling-mount configurations. Most portable units can be mounted above a facility work area if needed.

For more information on portable air conditioners and spot coolers, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Air Conditioners for All Business Applications – Boston, Atlanta

7 March 2014

Portable air conditioners, or spot coolers, are innovative, cost-effective cooling solutions for a variety of applications. Today, manufacturing, telecom, computer, and office equipment demands a safe, temperature controlled environment in order to keep your business running and your data secure. Spot air conditioners deliver cooling solutions that are more efficient, more reliable and more cost-effective than ever before.

As technology evolves and more and more customer information, sales and product information and employee information is stored electronically, businesses are reaching unprecedented and unpredictable storage and processing demands. Electronic equipment, computers and servers, are needed to keep all of this information stored and secure. Now, entire rooms or floors of buildings are dedicated to these electronics. With all of this equipment in one area, hot spots develop.  Purchasing a portable air conditioner is an idea, but as your company grows, as the need for more and larger computers and servers increases, you will need a larger air conditioner.

Renting portable air conditioners is an economical solution. When renting portable spot cooling, as your business grows you can exchange your portable air conditioner for one of larger capacity.

For more information on portable air conditioner rentals, contact American Spot Cooling. We are dedicated to being the best solution for a facility manager’s cooling needs.

Portable Air Conditioners for Server Rooms – Atlanta, Boston

28 February 2014

Portable air conditioners are an economical and easy way for businesses to concentrate cool air in your server rooms or data center. Server rooms and data centers are full of electronic equipment which runs hot more often than not. For maximum safety and protection of your equipment, it must run with a minimal of temperature fluctuations and within a very small temperature range window. Spot coolers and portable AC’s can handle these hot spots in server rooms.

As the hot spots mover throughout your data center, portable air conditioners can be relocated as needed. Because they are on wheels they are easily moved, relocated and transported to where you need them most in your business that need cooling. Because they are smaller and efficient to run, portable air conditioners are less expensive to operate than regular air conditioning systems.

Portable commercial air conditioners are perfect for data centers and server rooms where the temperature needs to remain constant. They help your business save on electricity as well. Instead of decreasing the temperature of your central air conditioner portable air conditioning cools the air only where you need it.

If you would like to keep your business running efficiently, contact American Spot Cooling to keep your computer and server rooms operational.

Commercial Heater Rentals for Supplemental Heat – Boston, Atlanta

20 February 2014

It has been unseasonable cold in both Boston and Atlanta this winter. Warehouses and factory floors that may have otherwise seemed ‘warm enough’ in winters past just are not keeping the employees happy this winter. It won’t help to turn up the heat on your permanent heating system. That would only raise the bills and the other parts of your company too warm. This is very inefficient.

Portable commercial heaters are an economical and efficient solution. Because you don’t need commercial heaters year round, or even all winter long, portable heater rentals are often a better solution than buying.

Renting portable heaters less expensive overall than buying a portable heater. First, there is no initial large outlay of cash for the purchase. Commercial portable heater can be rented with a long or short contract and then used immediately. When you rent heaters, there are no maintenance fees. Additionally, if you ever need a portable heater with more heat output, you can just rent a larger heater. No selling, no purchasing. Additionally, as a business owner, you will not be responsible for installation or repairs.

Heater rentals are perfect when you only need to heat part of a workspace, a workspace that needs additional heat, or for when the heating system has to be shut down for repairs and maintenance.

Renting commercial heaters is a quick and affordable. Contact American Spot Cooling for more information.

Emergency Rental Generators for Unplanned Power Outages from Winter Storms – Atlanta, Boston

14 February 2014

It is not too often that Atlanta sees a winter storm like the storm we saw this week. If your business was caught unaware and unprepared, you don’t have to let it happen again. Rental commercial generators keep the power on during unplanned power outages.

At some point this week, about 867,000 customers in Georgia had lost power. Power had been restored to more than 710,000 customers, but  as of late this morning, about 156,000 customers statewide were still without power.

Outages Friday were still being reported across the state from near the Alabama line to Augusta, The areas hardest hit in metro Atlanta earlier were mainly south of Atlanta, including Peachtree City, and Clayton.

A utility ‘customer’ means a home, office or building with a meter. A ‘customer’ is actually a meter. That means that the number of people affected by this week’s storm is vastly greater than the number of customers.

Statewide there is an average of slightly more than two people per electric customer. That would mean that the total affected by the power outages more than 1.7 million.

A rental generator gives businesses standby power. This is an independent power system that allows your business to stay open and continue to operate during a power failure.  Standby power is essential to most businesses. When your business loses power that can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Emergency rental generators keep your business up and running during an unplanned power outage. Contact American Spot Cooling for more information.

Excerpts -

Commercial Portable Heaters for Warehouses and Construction Sites in Boston and Atlanta

6 February 2014

Commercial Portable Heaters are an economical solution for providing a comfortable warm environment to warehouses and construction sites in Boston and Atlanta.  Electric, propane, or gas portable heaters in various sizes can accommodate your space and your fuel source, depending on your requirements. With automatic safety shut-offs, when they reach a specific temperature or if they are tipped over, the automatic switch can turn them off to keep your employees, your building and your business safe. Portable heaters are safe for a variety of situations and applications, so you don’t have to worry.

Winter has hit. Warehouses and construction sites are cold. Commercial heaters can be used inside or out and can be used to heat very small or very large spaces. They are also portable, allowing you to use them when and where needed.  This makes them ideal for any temporary or permanent heating needs your business may have all winter long.

Commercial portable heaters are versatile and can accommodate any environment and budget. Better and more economical than upgrading your existing heating system, the right size portable heater will perform at its maximum potential regardless of if you need to heat an entire warehouse, a  specific area, or a jobsite.

American Spot Cooling offers a large selection of commercial heaters at competitive rental prices. Contact us for more information.

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