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Portable Air Conditioner for Outdoor Special Events - Boston, MA

16 June 2014

Once in a life time moments, like a wedding, should be memorable in every season. So if you are hosting an outdoor wedding this summer, you need a cooling system that can be set-up quickly and efficiently.

No on can control the weather. But, you can make an outdoor event unforgettable with air conditioning rentals in Boston, MA. Guests should be kept cool and comfortable. Not only do you want the guests to be comfortable, but of course you also want the blushing bride to be as well. Additionally, you want guests to be safe. So it is an advantage if there is a space where guests can portable air conditioners keep cool.

A wedding in summer is hot, keep decorations, drinks and flowers presentable as well with a portable air conditioners for rent. Not only flowers and guests need such rental air conditioning on weddings. Caterers of special occasions prefer an air conditioning system in a special event such as weddings as they know how extreme temperatures can cause problems to food before they get even presented and served. American Spot Cooling solutions make air conditioning possible in tents or other temporary structures. Portable air conditioners for rent come in various sizes to fit any size tent or site. Use them for other outdoor gatherings and corporate events as well.

Portable Air Conditioners for the Construction Industry – Boston, MA

13 June 2014

The rental equipment industry is growing fast and the demand of air conditioning does as well. That is why, a full line of American Spot Cooling systems are now conveniently available to be used in almost any environmental condition, even at construction sites.

Construction cooling service involves air conditioners for rent to provide comfort to your crews when the cooling effects of nature are not working enough for them. Cooling the body down is the first course of treatment for all heat stress related disorders. These disorders include exhaustion, fatigue, and stroke due to a very hot working environment.

Air conditioner rentals in Boston, MA can provide a cool environment which is conducive for construction. Renting one on site can prevent overheating of employees and equipment in hot environments. These small AC's can fit to any space that needs to be cooled like a break room or tent for the construction workers.

Building and remodeling in the construction industry have never been this cool. Portable air conditioners for rent help the crew stay productive and industrious during the summer heat. Also, they keep the materials dry and equipment well-ventilated during construction or any related operation. It is therefore optimal to have an additional air conditioning to keep your construction site operational.

Winter won't be a problem for them as there are also heaters for rent to do the same job but on a different temperature such as heating a tent or preheating an equipment. There is always an available specific HVAC system for every  variety of application for whatever weather condition. For more information, contact us.

Portable Spot Coolers: Keeping Server Room Temperature Under Control – Atlanta, GA

13 June 2014

A server room in Atlanta, GA needs the right temperature to work efficiently. It is the part of the office where the computer networks connect and get powered. The absence of cold air circulation or lack of air conditioning could lead to serious damage in equipment or loss of data. To maintain the appropriate temperature, spot coolers or portable air conditioners should be installed in the room.

Portable spot coolers for rent keep your computer network inside the server room working efficiently. They help keep the temperature down to a stable state to safeguard your company's important data.

Strategically position the portable computer cooling units in your server rooms to keep the temperature under control. They can be positioned wherever and whenever you need them. Because spot coolers are portable, the server room does not have to be altered just to have the access to air conditioning. Their portability makes it easier to target certain part or piece of equipment that might be subjected to overheating.

Portable air conditioners in Atlanta, GA provide supplemental and backup cooling to protect your equipment from emergency power outages on regular working days. These are also a convenient standby power solution for your equipment which continue to function even on weekends.

Overheating makes servers fail from doing their duties. The American Spot Cooling system effectively cool off this valuable and highly-sensitive equipment so it would continue serving its purpose. No more server crashes and other heat-related crises could impede your data transfer and storage. For more information, contact American Spot Cooling.

Portable Chillers Can be Rented for Spot Cooling in Atlanta, GA

9 June 2014

Portable chillers are designed to cool and circulate a fluid medium, typically water, using mechanical refrigeration. They can supply the required temperature to achieve a convenient cooling effect, particularly in residential and industrial process cooling applications. They are easy to install and require only simple maintenance to last a long time providing reliable spot cooling in Atlanta, GA.

Portable water chillers use mechanical refrigeration to cool recirculated fluids to service single or multiple cooling points with a less operating expense. They function with fewer interruptions and less waste. Chillers provide satisfactory protection for your investment, particularly to valuable equipment in various industrial applications. Chillers can also be rented to air-condition large office buildings and multiple building campuses.

Today, more and more rental chillers are available which are flexible enough to be fully-customized to meet and exceed demands. Upgrades are now made available to reduce monitoring and optimize process controls. They provide a better way to generate cooling that dissipates heat due to internal loads such as moisture and external loads such as outdoor temperature.

For the most convenient AC from American Spot Cooling, rent portable chillers that have the right design and the most efficient system to fit your needs. The least expensive air conditioning is the one that you do not have to purchase, so choose your rental chillers wisely. Contact Us.

Portable Air Conditioner Rental: Providing Emergency and Temporary Spot Cooling for Office Spaces – Atlanta, GA

2 June 2014

Air conditioning office spaces requires innovation, such as portable air conditioners for rent, as new buildings are now aiming for a cost-efficient and energy-efficient office cooling systems. To maintain the optimal air quality and environmental conditions in commercial spaces, portable aircon units provide a means of keeping clients, customers, and employees comfortable even in extreme temperatures and emergency cases.

Portable air conditioners in Atlanta, GA provide emergency and temporary solutions for both short-term and long-term needs. If you wish to create conducive and productive office space, then invest on an office cooling system that will keep the work space cool and comfortable especially during those unbearably warm days.

Portable air conditioners are versatile, providing emergency and temporary spot cooling solutions when and where you need it. That is why they are widely used in several office spaces whether to cater concerns regarding unplanned power outages or planned system maintenance. They are affordable, reliable, and mobile, focusing the cool air specifically to the spot where it is needed. Portable air conditioners for rent come in different sizes, with a full range of temperature control accessories, all customizable to match any requirement or preference.

American Spot Cooling has been providing emergency and temporary commercial spot cooling solutions on the spot. All solutions are based on job-specific applications. All portable AC units are guaranteed to be simple to set-up and can stand up to any challenge, even in the toughest commercial setting. They will surely keep your work force and other business operations up and running.

When the Going Gets Hot, They Get Going

22 May 2014

LEICESTER — Lee Morse jokes that while other people watch TV shows like "CSI Miami," he and his friend and business partner, Tim Johnson, have their eyes glued to the Weather Channel.

"I think we're the only two people who like the polar vortex," Mr. Morse said with a laugh.

That's because their business, American Spot Cooling in Leicester, relies heavily on keeping customers comfortable during extreme temperatures.

American Spot Cooling rents out portable air-conditioning and heating units primarily to commercial customers including schools, government buildings and hospitals.

Mr. Johnson, the company's president, said post offices are frequent customers.

The post office has an older infrastructure, and "when their systems break down, they can't get parts or replacements for four to six weeks, and that's where we come in," he said.

Similarly, when temperatures soar and restaurants lose their air-conditioning, owners realize that diners won't tolerate eating in 100-degree heat. That's when American Spot Cooling gets a call. Business is generated when establishments are in "emergency crisis mode," Mr. Johnson said, and though his office hours are technically 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., the company is actually an on-call, 24-hours-a-day business.

American Spot Cooling recently renovated the property at 210 Main St. in Cherry Valley that had once housed the Alpine Restaurant but had been vacant and decaying for 25 years. The town had contemplated taking it by eminent domain, but it never happened.

"It was completely run down," the younger Mr. Johnson said, of the building. "We took a concrete shell and transformed it in four months."

They encountered a former bar still intact, complete with booths and two dumpsters' worth of old restaurant equipment. Cleanup required an additional 10 dumpsters for removal. Demolition took up the first month, and the process involved asbestos removal, a complete gutting to concrete and an all-systems overhaul.

Founded in 2011, American Spot Cooling moved to Leicester after outgrowing its previous space in Auburn. Sometimes, the owners had to use their garages, basements and yards for overflow storage.

Storage space at the new Leicester location totals 3,000 square feet, better than the 1,000 square feet in Auburn. It was Mr. Johnson's father, Tom, the third owner, who selected the Leicester property while driving by it daily on Route 9.

What makes American Spot Cooling stand apart from its competitors is its close relationship with customers, Mr. Morse said.

"When people call, they talk to the owners … not some national answering service in the Midwest or a person who redirects them five times before they can get the information they need," he said.

The service area includes New York City and all of New England. A second office in Atlanta services all of Georgia as well as South Carolina, Alabama and a portion of Tennessee. The local facility is in the Cherry Valley portion of Leicester, with four employees, while the Atlanta office has one. Temporary help may be hired during the summer.

Along with servicing commercial enterprises, rentals are available for events like graduation parties or tent weddings. Mr. Morse compared the expense for a cooling system to other wedding costs such as photography or flowers.

Although the units are temporary solutions, the rental time can vary from a few days to several years. For example, a school system near Boston kept three units for two-and-a-half years.

Mr. Morse, a Sturbridge resident, is a National Guard veteran who worked in the field both in the military and across the country. Mr. Johnson, an Auburn resident, brings five years of experience and also serves as a contractor with his father.

"It's an interesting niche business that we got into," Mr. Johnson added. "Other people do it but we figured we could do it better and help customers from A to Z."

"We're a couple of young guys trying to make it," Mr. Morse said.


Air Conditioning Rental Solve Cooling Problems in Atlanta

15 May 2014

Portable rental air conditioners, or cooling tower rentals provide a convenient alternative to problems caused by emergency power outages. They can also be used for supplemental cooling which helps avoid costly down time.

Cooling tower rentals in Atlanta make it possible for industrial plants to recover from untimely air conditioning failure and provide the needed air conditioning for planned system shutdowns. Portable air conditioner rentals should be an integral part of your business plan and are often part of standard operations.

Portable rental air conditioners play a vital role in a contingency plan to reduce the time and cost related to an unexpected AC outage. They can also be temporarily installed to work parallel with existing cooling towers to provide supplemental cooling, needed particularly during periods of increased production when equipment generates too much heat. Renting cooling towers will not only make up for inadequate cooling, but can also make an entire existing system to function better.

To find out more about cooling tower rentals or chillers rental in Auburn, MA, contact American Spot Cooling now.

Why Portable Air Conditioners MA are the way to go?

9 May 2014

Portable air conditioners are often used to keep selected residential and commercial areas at comfortable temperatures. Additionally, they require lesser maintenance. Listed below are other three of the top advantages they have over window and through-the-wall AC's.

Easy to install
Portable air conditioners do not require permanent installation. They can simply be repositioned or redirected whenever there is a need to change airflow, making them perfect for spot cooling rooms such as basements, bed rooms, computer server rooms, and sun rooms. Some units have special features which allow portable air conditioners to be used as stand-alone dehumidifier when not used to cool the air.

Easy to move
With a Portable AC, you are offered the convenience of moving the unit freely, as to where you deem it necessary. They are built with wheels and are compact, making them very versatile and easily be moved from one spot to another.

Easy to store
As seasons change, there are parts of the year when you do not need your air conditioners, particularly end of summer. Portable air conditioners make it easy for their users to store them, ensuring cooling efficiency and prolonging the units' life.

Portable air conditioners MA may not always be the best cooling solutions as they are built to have lower cooling capacities, but their supplemental spot cooling and extra features make them the way to go. Try one for yourself. Contact American Spot Cooling now!

Portable Air Conditioners MA - Lesser Maintenance Requirements

5 May 2014

Portable air conditioners are perfect for spot cooling. What's good about them is that they require lesser maintenance than other AC's.

To get the most out of your portable air conditioners, they must be maintained regularly. But how?

Clean Air Filters
There are units with washable filters. So all you have to do is slide them out, immerse in warm water with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, and replace them back after letting them dry. The air filters of your units should be cleaned every summer. They must be completely defrosted to prevent ice build ups on coils. You can also choose those portable air conditioners which have automatic defrosting mode to defrost their internal components.

Drain Water
Portable air conditioners have water collection buckets or tanks that need to be emptied manually. There are units that will automatically shut off or indicate as to when water is to be drained. So when you see that signal, you must do as required if you want them to last more years.

Wipe Exterior
The surface of your units needs some cleaning too. Get a soft, damp cloth and wipe the exterior while the units are off. Refrain from using detergents. Also, placing your units such that they stay away from direct sunlight helps them maintain their original surface color.

The other benefits of portable air conditioners may go a long list. So both proper use and maintenance are needed when you want to extend the life of your units.

Portable air conditioners MA can be your lifesaver on hot summer days at home or at work. So contact American Spot Cooling now.

Rental Generators for Festivals and Outdoor Events – Boston, Atlanta

25 April 2014

Festival and outdoor event season is fast approaching. Outdoor concerts, movie series, jamborees and festivals start up in the spring and run all through the fall. These outdoor events need power. Rental generators are the way to supply power to vendors and attractions.

Even if the venue you choose has power, most often additional power is required. Portable generators can supply power to food vendors, musicians, for lighting, amusements  or for any other needs.

American Spot Cooling offers a complete line of rental generators in the size to meet your power requirements. Outdoor events, festivals and concerts need a lot of power. If you are an event coordinator, you need a rental commercial generator you can rely on, and that starts with a reliable rental generator company.

Our generator rental services can accommodate home shows, sporting events, festivals, conventions, tent companies and more. For rental generators, contact American Spot Cooling for your outdoor event needs.

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